Operation Iraqi Freedom: Special ReportOperation Iraqi Freedom: Special ReportOperation Iraqi Freedom: Special ReportOperation Iraqi Freedom: Special Report
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For Immediate Release
March 26, 2003

Global Message

Our Coalition is on a steady advance, bound together by the principle of protecting all nations from a brutal regime armed with weapons that could kill thousands of innocent people.

We're fighting an enemy that knows no rules of law and is willing to kill in order to continue Saddam Hussein's reign of fear.

We cannot know the duration of this war. Yet we know its outcome; we will prevail. The Iraqi regime will be disarmed. The Iraqi regime will be ended. The Iraqi people will be free. And our world will be more secure and peaceful.

Our Coalition forces and their families are showing great courage, and some have suffered great loss. America is grateful to all those who have sacrificed in our cause.

Iraq Update
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    Our troops also continue to fight bravely in other fronts of this war on terror. In Afghanistan last week, coalition forces launched Operation Valiant Strike against terrorists and their allies in the southern mountains of Afghanistan.

    This nation and our Coalition partners are committed to making sure that the Iraqi citizens who have suffered under a brutal tyrant have the food and medicine they need as soon as possible. And soon, the Iraqi people will see the great compassion of not only the United States, but other nations around the world who care deeply about the human condition inside that country.