Red Room Historical Photo Essay

Before a performance by Eugene Kohn on the White House Steinway piano, Mrs. Bush hosts an arts discussion called an "operalogue" with guests in the Red Room April 17, 2002. The Red Room was the site of Dolley Madison's music room. Her piano and guitar and the sunflower yellow décor made the room a popular gathering place during her popular Wednesday Drawing Room parties. President George W. Bush speaks to Frank Sesno in the Red Room for a History Channel special on Ronald Reagan May 1, 2002. White House Assistant Chief Florist Wendy Elsasser carefully checks each berry of the Red Room Cranberry. Exacting four days of patient care, the tree is a 19-year White House holiday tradition. The practice of decorating the White House rooms with fresh flowers began in the 1850s. Vice President Dick Cheney and Dr. Condoleezza Rice speak in the Red Room before a press availability by the President of Pakistan Feb. 13, 2002. In contrast to the large East Room, the smaller Red Room has provided a place for quiet conversation over the years.
Betty Ford sits next to General Alexander Haig, a future Secretary of State (1981-82), in the Red Room during a dinner held in General Haig.s honor October 23, 1974. President George H.W. Bush talks with General Colin Powell, during a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Red Room on January 16, 1992. General Powell later served as Secretary of State during President George W. Bush's first term. Rosalynn Carter admires a painting in the Red Room with White House Curator Clem Conger September 28, 1977. With her brother-in-law Edward Kennedy at her side, Jacqueline Kennedy greets guests in the Red Room following the funeral for her husband, President John Kennedy.

Enjoy photographs capturing events and special moments in the Red Room. The top row is a collection taken during President George W. Bush's administration. The bottom row highlights historical events in the Red Room.