Diplomatic Room Wallpaper Essay

 Decorating the walls of this oval room is a panoramic wallpaper called "Views of North America" that was first printed in 1834 by Jean Zuber et Cie. These fanciful scenes portray American landscapes that were admired by Europeans. The first scene to nex t to the door leading into the White House depicts the Natural Bridge of Virginia. Based on engravings of t he 1820s, one of the panels depicts Niagara Falls. One of these colorful panels feat ures West Point in New York.
A closeup of the West Poin t panel shows a conversation among the ladies Printed with wooden blocks on small sheets of paper, another scene shows New York Bay. One panel features a scene o f Boston Harbor. A closeup shows m erchants at work in Boston Harbor.

Take a closer look at Scenic America, the 19th Century wallpaper covering the walls of the Diplomatic Reception Room.