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Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

What's New

"There is no great society which is not a caring society. People who don't have hope can find hope, people who wonder about the American Dream will realize the American experience is meant for them. And one way to ensure that is to unleash the armies of compassion that exist all across the country. As far as I'm concerned, the federal government will be a welcoming agency. We will allow faith-based programs to compete, side-by-side, with secular programs, all aimed at making sure America is the greatest country possible for every single citizen."

~President George W. Bush

The White House, together with the Departments of Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Labor, Education, and Justice, has scheduled a series of conferences to help faith-based and community organizations learn more about President Bush.s initiative. These free, day-long conferences will equip participants with information about the federal programs that are suited to their needs, the federal funding process, and the legal issues that may apply to recipients of federal funds.

These conferences will help your organization decide whether and how partnering with the Federal government could strengthen your organization.s mission.

Check back regularly for registration materials.