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State of the Union-2004-Equal Treatment
President Bush called on Congress to codify the principle of equal treatment for faith-based organizations in the Federal grants process, putting an end to discrimination against these charities.

State of the Union-2004-Reduce Recidivism
President Bush proposed a four-year, $300 million initiative to reduce recidivism and the societal costs of reincarceration by helping inmates find work when they return to their communities. The President.s initiative will harness the resources and experience of faith-based and community organizations in helping returning inmates contribute to society.

More Regulatory and Policy Changes
The Administration eliminated more regulatory and policy barriers that have kept faith-based organizations from partnering with the Federal government to help Americans in need. Changes were made in the Departments of HHS, HUD, ED, DOL, DOJ, and VA. Click here to read more..

Save America's Treasures Historic Preservation Fund Grants Program
On May 27, 2003, Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton announced that the Old North Church of Boston -- known for its part in Paul Revere's ride the night of April 18, 1775 -- received a $317,000 grant under the nation's Save America's Treasures Historic Preservation Fund Grants Program. Until now, historically significant treasures that are also used for religious purposes have been ineligible to receive historic preservation grants. This significant policy change is an important step in ending a discriminatory double-standard that has been applied to religious properties. For more information, click here.

Building a More Compassionate America
Read about the President's substance abuse treatment initiative to help addicted Americans find help from the most effective programs, including faith-based and community organizations.

Presidential actions to level the playing field for faith-based and community organizations
Read about recent Presidential action to further the faith-based and community initiative agenda.

Equal Treatment
Read the Executive Order President Bush signed to eliminate discriminatory practices against faith-based and community organizations.

Unlevel Playing Field: Barrier to Participation by Faith-Based and Community Organizations in Federal Social Service Programs
Read the August 2001 report on the Centers' initial findings on barriers impeding religious and grassroots organizations that seek the common good from collaborating with the federal government.