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Community Correction Centers
Department of Justice

Community Correction Centers (“CCCs”) are residential programs that prepare federal offenders for re-entry into their home communities. There is no restriction on eligibility, and therefore nonprofit, faith-based organizations may apply. Currently, the Bureau of Prisons contracts for approximately 250 CCCs, and about 25 are operated by FBOs. One of the evaluation criteria for awarding the contract is the past performance of the bidder. The Bureau has found that the bidder’s prior record of performing similar services is an excellent indicator of how likely the program will succeed.

Approximately $143,000,000 is appropriated for FY 2003, and the President requested $148,000,000 for the program for FY 2004.

Contact: Stewart Rowles, Federal Bureau of Prisons, 320 First Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20534, 202-307-3171,, CFDA: 16.202

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Going Home Initiative: Serious and Violent Ex-offender Reentry Initiative
Department of Justice

The reentry of serious, high-risk offenders into communities across the country has long been the source of violent crime in the United States. As more than 630,000 offenders are released from prison every year, the problem of their recidivism has become a crisis that affects all parts of a community. For years, innovative professionals at the State and local levels have worked to find solutions that will transition offenders back into communities in ways that help to ensure their success.

The goal of this Going Home Initiative is to build on those innovative ideas that reduce the recidivism of these offenders and, thus, reduce the overall amount of violent and other serious crime that is inflicted on our society. This program encourages citizens, government agencies, social service organizations, and community-based organizations, including faith-based organizations, to make this offender population a priority. These groups should utilize existing resources to collaborate on programs that will protect their communities by providing for the reentry of offenders.

The funds for this Initiative are committed to various State correctional agencies. These State agencies must partner with faith-based or community organizations, since mentoring and other local involvement are essential aspects of each phase of the program (in prison, transition, and release to community).

Approximately $15,000,000 is appropriated FY 2003, and the President requested $15,000,000 for the program for FY 2004. See a list of grantees here

Applications estimated available in March or April.

Contact: Form more information, visit, CFDA: 16.202

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