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  Summer 2003 VOLUME 27 Number 3
From the Director
Meet the 2003-2004 White House Fellows
Fellows Journey to Africa
Get Ready to Recruit!
Education Program
Fellows Corner
Where Are They Now?
Meet the Staff
Highlights of White House Fellows in the News


The 2002-2003 Class Completes a Successful Year

We are about to complete another fantastic year with a class of Fellows. The 2002-2003 Class had a fascinating and successful year, which concluded with their international trip to South Africa and Botswana. This class has performed at the highest levels in their placements, contributing greatly to policy-making in many cases, as described in past newsletters. Similar to past classes, the 2002-2003 Class has continued to elevate the stature of the White House Fellows Program. I am very proud of this class and it has been my honor and privilege to have worked with them. I look forward to seeing them continue to grow and contribute to our country in the future.

Selection Weekend is Another Success

The President.s Commission on White House Fellowships, under the capable and enthusiastic leadership of our Chair, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, has selected another strong class of Fellows. The weekend went very smoothly, with both Commissioners and Finalists enjoying the experience. Following Selection Weekend, President Bush reviewed the biographies of each class member and appointed the new class. The President continues to be supportive of this program. I have no doubt that he looks forward to meeting with the new class. A list and photographs of the twelve members of the class are found later in this newsletter. I look forward to welcoming the new class into the program.

I am pleased to inform you that we have two new members of our Commission: Ronald G. Bellamy, former Deputy Director of Presidential Personnel for President George W. Bush, and Carlos M. de Cespedes, Chairman and CEO, Pharmed Group. Both Ron and Carlos participated in the selecting the 2003-2004 class, and already have demonstrated that they are valuable additions to the Commission.

Placement Week Continues to Be Competitive

This year, twenty-nine Departments, Agencies and White House Offices expressed an interest in participating in Placement Week. The interest in having a Fellow assigned to a Department continues to grow. This is a testament to the exceptional performance of the Fellows in their placements. Several Departments lobbied for two Fellows, which we were not able to provide. Eight Agencies received their first choice Fellow and nine Fellows received their first or second choice placement. With the demand for a Fellow growing each year, this Placement Week was more complicated and difficult than in previous years. The placement experiences have continued to be challenging and substantive, and I expect the 2003-2004 class to have first rate placement experiences as well.

Orientation for the 2003-2004 Class is Just Around the Corner

We are working hard to continue to improve the Fellowship year for each class. We have made changes to the orientation and retreat that we believe will enhance their experience. We also are continuing to enhance the Education Program to provide an even richer learning experience for the Fellows.

The Fellows will begin their year with a reception in honor of their Principals on the former Presidential Yacht Sequoia. They also will meet with Secretary Chao and spend a day at Quantico learning about the Marines in their first weeks.

Recruiting Campaign Underway

The alumni did a fantastic job of recruiting last year, with 25% of applicants hearing about the program from alumni. We plan to build on the recruiting program that we implemented last year. We will be using the same basic format of breaking the alumni out into class groupings. In addition, we will be breaking groups out regionally. Our new materials will be ready for distribution this fall. You will be hearing more from us soon on our recruiting plans. I know that the alumni will "hit the ball out of the park" with their recruiting efforts again this year!

I continue to be pleased with how well the program is running. I also continue to enjoy the honor of serving as the Director of the White House Fellows Program.

Commission Chair Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Program Director Jocelyn White, and the National Finalists at Selection Weekend 2003 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Best wishes,


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