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Keeping America Safe By Fostering The Freedom Agenda
U.S. Is Promoting Liberty As A Hopeful Alternative To Violent Extremism

Tonight, President Bush will reaffirm his commitment to advancing freedom and justice as hopeful alternatives to the violent extremism embraced by America's enemies.  The fight against the forces of violent extremism is the great ideological struggle of our time.  In this fight, free nations have a weapon more powerful than bombs or bullets - the universal desire for freedom and justice.  Expanding freedom is therefore not only a moral imperative but also the only path to a safe and secure America. 

The United States Will Be A Partner In Building A Middle East That Is Growing In Peace And Prosperity 

The U.S. believes that lasting stability is built on freedom and justice.  Advancing the cause of freedom and justice in the Middle East will marginalize extremists by empowering millions of parents who want the same opportunities for their children that we have for ours.  The President has renewed America's strong commitment to the security of the Gulf countries.

The United States Is Supporting Citizens In Iraq, Afghanistan, And Lebanon Who Have Made The Choice For Democracy

America Is Using Its Influence To Foster Peace And Reconciliation In The Holy Land 

The President returned less than two weeks ago from a successful trip to the Middle East, during which he reiterated that the U.S. is committed to helping the Israelis and the Palestinians achieve peace.  The President also reminded leaders in the region that, in order for there to be peace, nations in the Middle East must support both the Palestinians and the Israelis. 

The United States Will Continue To Stand Up For People Suffering Under Dictatorship

President Bush has announced a series of steps to help the Burmese people bring peaceful change to their country, where a military junta has imposed a 19-year reign of fear.  Mrs. Bush also continues to remain active in supporting the Burmese people's demands for reconciliation and basic human rights such as freedom of speech, worship, association, and assembly.  The United States has:

The United States continues to insist on the release of all political prisoners, free speech, free assembly, and ultimately, free and competitive elections in Cuba as the nation transitions from the long dictatorship of Fidel Castro.  In October, President Bush demanded the release of all political prisoners and announced measures to help prepare Cuba for transition to a democratic future, including a new initiative to develop an international multi-billion dollar Freedom Fund to help the Cuban people rebuild their economy and make the transition to democracy.

The United States continues to call for freedom for the people of Zimbabwe.  President Robert Mugabe's government has cracked down violently on peaceful calls for reform and forced millions to flee their homeland. 

The United States reaffirms its commitment to helping the victims of genocide in Sudan.  The U.S. has provided more than $2 billion in humanitarian and peacekeeping aid to Darfur since 2005 and has responded to the repression in Sudan and genocide in the Darfur region with tough sanctions against those responsible for the violence. 

President Bush Remains Committed To Supporting The Foundations Of Freedom By Advancing An Agenda Of Compassion Worldwide

It is in the best interests of our Nation to alleviate the despair that allows extremism to take hold by fighting hunger and disease, supporting basic education initiatives, and advancing global economic development.  The United States leads the world in food assistance and is taking unprecedented steps to fight disease through the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the President's Malaria Initiative.  In addition, the United States continues to support free trade as the best mechanism to lift people out of poverty and has expanded support for basic education initiatives.

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