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The Alexander Hamilton Award
October, 2003 - Inspectors General are committed to being agents of positive change, as evidenced by the work of the nominees for the Alexander Hamilton Award, the IG community's highest award for individuals or teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in improving the integrity, efficiency or effectiveness of Executive Branch agency operations. Click here to view the nominees. 

Andy Card Discusses Ethics in Government
"First of all, I appreciate everyone who is working so hard for the American people and President Bush's administration. That applies to everyone, whether they're a political appointee or they've been a wonderful career employee."

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Judge Gonzales Discusses Records Management
"Part of your job, as a government employee, is to preserve and maintain documents that you create as a government employee. These documents have a very historical value, they represent the work of this administration. We should be proud of the work that we do and should ensure that the documentation that we create, as evidence of the work of this administration, is preserved in the matter that it should be."

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