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The Alexander Hamilton Award Nominees

The Alexander Hamilton Awards
The Nominees

Our Inspectors General are committed to being agents of positive change, as evidenced by the work of the nominees for the Alexander Hamilton Award, the IG community's highest award for individuals or teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in improving the integrity, efficiency or effectiveness of Executive Branch agency operations.

  • The IGs at Treasury helped demonstrate to the entire Federal government that it was possible for a cabinet department to close its books within 45 days of year-end, a goal which all other departments and agencies are working to achieve by the end of FY2004. EPA's IGs helped the agency provide its managers more accurate financial information with which to manage program efficiency.

  • The IGs at Energy helped the department better secure its facilities and develop a coordinated response plan. The IGs at Transportation helped the department address the need to better secure aircraft at 21 aircraft repair stations in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Education's IGs successfully stopped and prosecuted a major extortionist activity.

Inspectors General assist agency management to make the federal government more results oriented, to make it more accountable to the citizens and the taxpayers for the way tax monies are spent.

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