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Appointee Directory

First Name Last Name Title
Walter Kansteiner Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Theodore Kassinger General Counsel of the Department of Commerce
Kevin Keane Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Public Affairs
James Kelly Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian & Pacific Affairs
Paul Kelly Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs
John Keys Commissioner of Reclamation at the Department of the Interior
Claude Kicklighter Assistant Secretary for Policy & Planning in the Department of Veterans Affairs
Charles Kincannon Director of the Bureau of the Census
Dale Klein Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Programs
George Kourpias Director of The Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Randall Kroszner Member, Council of Economic Advisers
Alan Larson Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business & Agricultural Affairs
William Lash Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access & Compliance
Dave D. Lauriski Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety & Health
Conrad Lautenbacher Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans & Atmosphere
Steven Law Chief of Staff of the Department of Labor
Ken Lawson Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement
Jay Lefkowitz Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy
Hilda Legg Administrator of the Rural Utilities Services
Bill Leidinger Assistant Secretary of Education for Management
Leslie Lenkowsky CEO, The Corporation for National and Community Service
Daniel Levinson Inspector General of the General Services Administration
Scooter Libby Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Victoria Lipnic Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment Standards Administration
Michael Liu Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public and Indian Housing
Susan Livingstone Under Secretary of the Navy
Jim Lockhart Deputy Commissioner Of Social Security
Anthony Lowe Federal Insurance Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Jim Loy Undersecretary of Transportation for Security
Jake Lozada Assistant Secretary for Human Resources & Administration in the Department of Veterans Affairs
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