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Lawrence Warder -- Department of Education
Chief Financial Officer

President George W. Bush nominated Lawrence A. Warder as the Department's chief financial officer on April 25, 2006. He was confirmed by the Senate on July 26 and sworn in two days later. He serves as the secretary's principal adviser on the agency's annual financial audit, its financial management systems and internal controls, and the resolution of any audit findings. He also provides her with advice on the agency's agreements, contracts and discretionary grants and its procurement policies. Warder joined the Department after undertaking two education-related projects since he retired from Deloitte & Touche in 2002. From his home in Spicewood, near Austin, Texas, he worked with the Dallas-based O'Donnell Foundation and the Austin Independent School District to promote increased opportunities for Advanced Placement classes in the Austin schools. He also served for three years as an unpaid consultant to University of Texas System Chancellor Mark G. Yudof and the system's Institutional Audit and Compliance Committee. After graduating from high school, Warder, a native of Akron, Ohio, attended college full-time for a year at the University of Akron before shouldering the additional responsibility of a full-time job as pilot plant operator for the General Tire and Rubber Co. He worked full-time while earning his bachelor of science degree in mathematics at the University of Akron. During his six years with the tire company, he was promoted to supervisor for financial systems while completing his master of business administration degree at nearby Kent State University. In 1969, with his master's degree in hand, he joined the growing 400-employee consulting division of the accounting firm of Touche Ross & Co. in Cleveland, transferring with the company to Detroit in 1970. He made partner in 1977, and in 1981 took a post in Dallas, where he became managing director of the Central-Southwest Group. In 1992, he was offered the opportunity to manage the New York, and later the company's Northeast Region from his New York City office. In 1996, he began work as the director of operations consulting for Deloitte Consulting LLP. For two years, he worked to set up the company's global consulting operations, moving to London in 1998 to run European operations for two years. He became global director of operations in 2000, and returned to New York in late 2001, where he worked until retiring in December 2002. In addition to his many duties during his 33-year tenure, he served on the boards of both Deloitte & Touche U.S. and Global Deloitte Consulting. Warder, who is still a certificated public accountant, also maintained certification throughout his career as both a management accountant and management consultant. While living in New York City, he served on the Lincoln Center's leadership council, and since his first retirement, he has served as the treasurer for the Bee Creek United Methodist Church in Spicewood. Warder and his wife, Dianne, have two children and seven grandchildren. They split their time between their home near Austin, Texas, and an apartment in Washington, D.C.

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