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Robert Holland -- Department of the Treasury
U.S. Alternate Executive Director of the International Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Holland was a Managing Partner of Texas Limited, a Dallas strategic consulting firm. From 1993 to 1999, Mr. Holland served as General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Triton Energy Limited, an international exploration company. In these positions, Mr. Holland negotiated capital market and other financial transactions, oil and gas concessions, pipeline financings, and mergers, acquisitions and investments involving energy assets throughout the world. Additionally, as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Holland implemented the company’s financial and exploration portfolio restructuring that made possible its later sale to Amerada Hess Corporation. Mr. Holland practiced law from 1977 to 1994 in the Dallas office of Jackson Walker LLP, a regional law firm with offices across Texas. Mr. Holland was the youngest member of the firm appointed to its management committee. Mr. Holland graduated from Stanford University in 1974 with an A.B. in economics. He earned his law degree from the University Of Texas School Of Law in 1977.

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