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President Bush delivers remarks to Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet Members in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 16, 2002.  White House photo by Paul Morse.
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Keith Hennessey -- White House
Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director, National Economic Council

Keith Hennessey is Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council at the White House. He advises the President on economic policy and coordinate domestic economic policy issues for the White House. Previously he served as Policy Director for the Senate Majority and Republican Leader Trent Lott from February 1997 to August 2002. During that time Mr. Hennessey helped Senator Lott enact the following major legislation: the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and all budget resolutions since 1997; the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and all tax legislation since 1998; Trade Promotion Authority; all health legislation; the Transportation Equity Act (TEA-21); FAA authorization (AIR-21); and many other smaller bills. Prior to joining Senator Lott, Mr. Hennessey worked as a Health Economist for the Senate Budget Committee, from January 1995 to February 1997. Mr. Hennessey was a research assistant for the Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform from June 1994 to January 1995. From 1990 and 1992 he designed and tested the database program Q&A for Symantec Corporation in Cupertino, California. Mr. Hennessey received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard, where he wrote a thesis, Unintended Consequences: Critical Assumptions in the Clinton Health Plan. He also has a B.A.S. in Mathematics and Political Science from Stanford University.

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