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Nancy Goodman Brinker -- Department of State
Chief of Protocol

Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker was sworn in as Chief of Protocol of the United States on September 14, 2007. In this role, Ms. Brinker advises, assists and supports the President of the United States, the Vice President and the Secretary of State on official matters of diplomatic procedure. She accompanies the President on official visits abroad and serves as the President's personal representative and liaison to the foreign Ambassadors in Washington. Under her direction, the Office of the Chief of Protocol is responsible for activities including the planning, hosting and officiating of ceremonial events for visiting chiefs of state and heads of government, as well as coordinating logistics for the visits. The office also manages Blair House, the President's guesthouse. In 2001, President Bush appointed Ms. Brinker to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Hungary, where she advanced a broad range of U.S. security and economic interests. Specific successes include expanded security cooperation, development of a closure strategy for the Hungarian Fund, resolving commerce transparency issues, and for the first time, holding a conference on the trafficking and exploitation of workers that Health Ministers from the neighboring Balkan States attended. Ms. Brinker is the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, named after her only sister, Susan, who died from the disease in 1980. Today, the foundation is recognized as the nation's leading catalyst in the fight against breast cancer. Currently, the Komen Foundation boasts more than 100,000 volunteers working through a network of 125 U.S. and international affiliates. Ms. Brinker also founded the Susan G. Komen for the Cure's signature program - the Race for the Cure®, the largest series of 5K run/fitness walks in the world. Since its origin in 1983 in Dallas, Texas, the Race for the Cure® Series has grown from one local race with 800 participants to a national series of 112 races with over a million participants.

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