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Messages From The President

August 1, 2002
Welcome Message from President George W. Bush

Welcome to web site. We're all here to make a difference -- a big difference -- to tackle big issues like creating economic security for all Americans, protecting the homeland, and strengthening our national defenses.

Another issue that is critical to the success of this administration is the implementation of my management agenda.

We're interested in results, and to be effective, we have to work together and learn from each other. This site will help us do that.

You're all here because you understand that we must uphold the highest possible ethical standards. There are no corners to be cut. There are no excuses to be made when it comes to setting an example for our fellow Americans.

As you carry out your duties, keep in mind that we work for the American people. When we spend taxpayers' money, we must remember that this is the people's money.

I'm very proud of how we are performing as a team. I want to thank all of you for your hard work on behalf of the American people. They're counting on us now more than ever.

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