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April 21, 2008
President Bush Attends United States Chamber of Commerce Reception
President Bush on Monday said, "I want to thank the U.S. Chamber for hosting this reception in honor of the North American Leaders' Summit between Canada, the United States and Mexico. And for all of you here from Canada and Mexico, welcome to New Orleans, one of America's greatest cities."

April 21, 2008
President Bush Meets with President Calderon of Mexico
President Bush on Monday said, "We've had a very long and very good discussion on a variety of issues. U.S. and Mexican relations are very important. And sometimes we in America take those relations for granted, but we share a large border, we share the same values, we've got people on both sides of the border, we've got friends and family members. And it is fitting that you and I have this kind of conversation."

April 21, 2008
President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Harper of Canada
President Bush on Monday said, "Canada and the United States have got a very unique and important relationship, and I really appreciate the chance to spend time with you and visit about these -- about the issues of concern."

April 21, 2008
President Bush Attends Opening of Mexican Consulate
President Bush on Monday said, "We celebrate the enduring and close partnership between our countries. Mexico and the United States are working together to build a future of prosperity and opportunity for people on both sides of the border. And at this ceremony, we also celebrate the comeback of a great American city. You know, I chose New Orleans for our meetings with Mexico and Canada because I wanted to send a clear signal to the people of my country that New Orleans is open for business, and it's a good place to visit, and that after the devastation of Katrina, it's become a hopeful city."

April 19, 2008
President Bush Participates in Joint Press Availability with President Lee Myung-Bak of the Republic of Korea
President Bush on Saturday said, "We've had great visits. And this is an important visit for me to get to know you. I heard about your background -- I admire your strength of character, and this is an important visit to strengthen the relationship between our two countries and I believe we have done so. ...A good relationship is based upon common values, and our countries share common values -- values of the rights of each individual to live in a free society. We believe in human dignity and justice."

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