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General Information on HIV and AIDS

If you are interested in obtaining general information on HIV and AIDS, please contact the National AIDS Hotline.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers the most current information on the impact HIV/AIDS is having on the United States. CDC offers:

The National Prevention Information Network , sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , serves as a clearinghouse for information related to HIV, STDs, and TB.

NPIN also offers reference and referal services by telephone (English and Spanish) at the following numbers:

  • 1-800-458-5231
  • 1-800-243-7012 TTY
  • 1-301-562-1098 International
  • 1-301-588-1589 International TTY

or Fax to:

  • 1-888-282-7681 Fax
  • 1-301-562-1050 International Fax

Healthfinder is a service of the Department of Health and Human Services that provides access to a broad array of health information from Federal agencies.

It includes a special section on information related to HIV and AIDS.


The National Women's Health Information Center is a one-stop gateway for women seeking health information. NWHIC is a free information and resource service on women's health issues designed for consumers, health care professionals, researchers, educators, and students.

Information is also available by telephone at (800) 994-WOMAN.

It is operated by the Office of Women's Health and the Department of Health and Human Services .


AEGiS offers a comprehensive web site that provides information on the basics of HIV treatment, and links to a wide variety of organizations and media sources.

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) at the University of California at San Francisco

  • helps disseminate information on HIV prevention, including fact sheets on HIV prevention for specific populations
  • produces a wide variety of publications on HIV prevention programming and research
  • assists in administering a Visiting Scholars Program in AIDS prevention research
  The HIV Infoweb is operated by the Justice Resource Institute's Health Division , with funding from the AIDS Bureau of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health . It offers links to an extensive array of HIV-related information.

The HIV InSite , operated by the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), has sections on the medical, prevention, policy, and statistics related to HIV and AIDS.


The Body is an AIDS and HIV information resource web site operated by Body Health Resources Corporation. It offers chat rooms, references services, on-line libraries, and links to other information sources.





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