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March 29, 2002 U.S. Government Releases FY 2001 Financial Report; Importance of Financial Reporting Highlighted (77k)

March 25, 2002 OMB Director to Address United States Chamber of Commerce Wednesday

March 21, 2002 News Release - President Submits $27.1 Billion Emergency FY 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Request Provides Resources for the War on Terrorism, Homeland Security and Economic Recovery
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  • March 19, 2002 News Release - Seeking Public Participation in Regulatory Reform, OMB Releases Draft Cost-Benefit Report

    March 14, 2002 News Release - OMB Releases Benefit-Cost Report of Executive Order on Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency

    March 12, 2002 SAP - Section 245(i) Extension Act

    SAP - Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002

    SAP - Class Action Fairness Act of 2002

    March 5, 2002 SAP - S517 Energy Policy Act of 2002

    March 4, 2002 News Release - OMB Urges EPA to Accelerate and Simplify Distribution of Widely Used Toxic Release Inventory Data

    February 28, 2002 News Release - Annual Audits Released Today: Five Major Agencies Show Improved Results; Two Deteriorate

    February 27, 2002 E-Government Strategy

    OMB Media Advisory - OMB to Report Results of FY 2001 Agency Financial Audits

    OMB Media Advisory - New E-Government Strategy is Roadmap to Better Service, 24 New Initiatives Help Millions Who Access the Government Online

    M-02-04, Year 2002 Inventory of Commercial Activities

    February 26, 2002 OMB Media Advisory - Vice President to Announce Re-launch of FirstGov and Release the E-Government Strategy

    February 22, 2002 OMB Media Advisory - AICPA, AGA and JFMIP Back Full-Cost Accounting in FY 2003 Budget

    February 15, 2002 Press Release - Nancy Dorn Confirmed as the Deputy Director of OMB

    February 13, 2002 Press Release - OMB Asks NHTSA for Better Tire-Safety Analysis

    Press Release - OMB Issues First Annual Report on Federal Information Technology Security

    February 7, 2002 Federal Register Notice - Transmittal of the Final Sequestration Report for Fiscal Year 2002 to the President and Congress

    February 5 2002 SAP - HR622 - Hope for Children Act

    SAP - HR3394 - Cyber Security Research and Development Act

    February 4 2002 Press Briefing on the Budget, Director Mitch Daniels

    January 31, 2002 OMB Final Sequestration Report to the President and Congress for Fiscal Year 2002 (484k)

    January 30, 2002 News Release - OMB To Release the FY 2003 Budget

    News Release - OMB Director to Conduct Media Briefing on FY 2003 Budget

    January 29, 2002 M-02-03 - 2002 Discount Rates for OMB Circular No. A-94

    Jaunuary 28, 2002 News Release - Trent Duffy Named Associate Director for Communications

    January 25, 2002 Letter to GSA re contracts with the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen, LLP, and the Enron Corporation (54k)

    Jaunuary 15, 2002 Speech by John Graham - An Overview of the U.S. Regulatory System

    January 11, 2002 Speech - The Role of Precaution in Risk Assessment and Management: An American's View

    January 3, 2002 Federal Register Notice - Public Availability of Year 2001 Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1988 (Public Law 105-270) ("FAIR Act") (88k)

    Federal Register Notice - Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by Federal Agencies

    December 26, 2001 Federal Register Notice - Cost of Hospital and Medical Care Treatment Furnished by the United States (382k)

    December 21, 2001 Making Sense of Regulation: 2001 Report to Congress on the Cost and Benefits of Regulations and Unfunded Mandates on State, Local and Tribal Entities (1mb)

    December 19, 2001 SAP - HR2869 - Small Business Liability Relief & Brownfields Revitalization Act

    SAP - HR3275 - Implementing Certain International Terrorism Conventions

    December 6, 2001 SAP - HR3338 - Department of Defense Appropriations, FY 2002

    December 5, 2001 SAP - S1731 - Agriculture, Conservation, and Rural Enhancement Act of 2001

    December 5, 2001 - SAP - HR3005 - Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2001

    November 28, 2001 News Release - Mitch Daniels Delivers Remarks To The National Press Club

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