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Current Permanent Vacancies at OMB

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Announcement Number/Title/Grade

Apr 14 - May 13 OMB-08-52-SR - Associate Administrator for Acquisition Workforce Programs, ES-0301 (5 pages, 85 kb)
Apr 15 - May 5 OMB-08-51-SR - Program Technician, GS-0303-05/06/07/08/09 (6 pages, 92 kb)
Apr 9 - May 7 OMB-08-50-SR - Deputy Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, ES-0301 (5 pages, 82 kb)
Mar 20 - Apr 18 OMB-08-48-SR - Chief, Budget Review Branch, ES-0301 (4 pages, 74 kb)

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