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Office of Management and Budget
News Release



President Bush Releases Additional $1.8 Billion in Emergency Funds
to Provide for National Security Needs

Washington, DC, September 28, 2001 -- President George W. Bush today released $1.8 billion in emergency funds to provide for the national security, recovery, and humanitarian needs related to the attack on America. This is the second installment from the $40 billion in emergency funds enacted recently. With this installment, the total amount released from the emergency fund is $6.9 Billion.

The $1.8 billion in funding will be used by the Department of Defense, the Executive Office of the President, and the Legislative and Judicial Branches to address consequences of the attacks, including funding for security enhancements and initial crisis and recovery operations of the Department of Defense, and other national security operations.

OMB will continue to work with the agencies to determine additional needs. No further congressional action is required for these transfers.

Allocation of Emergency Funding by Agency

Department of Defense -- Military $1,736,000,000

These funds will provide the Department of Defense (DOD) with the funds necessary to continue the following activities: upgrading intelligence and security; enhancing force protection; improving command and control; increasing full readiness; supporting initial crisis response; and providing for other needs. DOD has stepped up its operations worldwide, implemented stricter security measures, and deployed forces to support law enforcement and recovery activities around the United States. The Department requires an immediate release of funds to ensure that the Military Services can continue increased efforts against global terrorist activities, sustain protective deployments, and protect the safety and health of service members and the public.

Executive Office of the President

Office of Administration
Salaries and Expenses

These funds will provide for the relocation of Eisenhower Executive Office Building personnel and other security needs.

Federal Drug Control Programs

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas $2,300,000

These funds will be used by the New York High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas task forces to replace destroyed equipment in order to ensure continued operations.

Legislative Branch

House of Representatives
Office of the Attending Physician
Capitol Police
Architect of the Capitol
Library of Congress

These funds will support increased security measures, including paying overtime compensation for the Capitol Police, preparing for possible future terrorist events, and performing actions that can be taken to reduce the risk and potential damage to life and property caused by future terrorist events.

Judicial Branch

Court of Appeals, District Courts, and other Judicial Services
Court Security

These funds will be used for heightened security in courthouses, including covering the costs of converting part-time court security officers to full-time and the costs required to maintain enhanced perimeter patrols and the visual inspection of vehicles that enter courthouse facilities.