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OMB Announces Science-Based Regulatory Review Framework

Washington, DC, September 25, 2001 -- The Office of Management and Budget today released a September 20th memorandum, outlining science-based "principles and procedures" that OMB will use to evaluate regulatory proposals advanced by federal agencies. The memorandum, issued to the President's Management Council by OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator John D. Graham, calls for high-quality cost-benefit analyses, science-based risk assessments, peer review, consultation with state and local governments, and specific consideration of the welfare of small businesses.


"Our goal is to improve the regulatory process, adopting cost-effective rules when they are needed, modify existing rules to make them more effective and/or less costly, and rescind outmoded rules," Dr. Graham said.


The President's Management Council, chaired by OMB Deputy Director Sean O'Keefe, is comprised of the deputies from more than 20 federal departments and agencies. OMB-OIRA is using the Council as a vehicle to communicate to agencies the Administration's approach to implementing science-based improvements of the regulatory process.


Specifically, the memorandum calls for an OIRA review of significant regulations, including a regulatory impact analysis; risk assessments; a peer review; and impact statements regarding state, local, and Indian tribal governments, energy supply, production and consumption, other federal agencies, and small businesses. The memorandum also outlines clearance procedures, public disclosure details, and the mechanics of OIRA’s use of "prompt" and "return" letters.


The memorandum is attached. (44k)


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