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March 13, 2008
Contact: OMB Communications, 202-395-7254

Nussle Raises Objections to Reconciliation Instructions in House Budget
Protections Misused to Push Tax Hike, More Spending

Washington, DC — Today, OMB Director Jim Nussle raised objections to the reconciliation instructions included in the House Budget.

“The House Budget misuses fast-track procedures designed to protect taxpayers in an attempt to sneak through a tax hike on the American people and ram through policy and spending that would not otherwise pass Congress.

“It uses these fast track procedures to hold an AMT patch hostage to a tax increase. Given the economic challenges our country faces, we need to keep taxes low for middle-class families and small businesses, not increase the burden on the hard-working individuals who fuel economic growth.

“It also abuses reconciliation to pursue a package of partisan policies that don’t have a prayer of approval from Congress without these protections – instead of doing the responsible work of protecting the next generation from the steep wave of entitlement spending.”


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