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Office of the Press Secretary

(Sydney, Australia)

For Immediate Release
September 5, 2007


I thank the Senate for its strong bipartisan vote confirming Jim Nussle as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Jim’s confirmation comes at a critical time for our Nation’s budget as Congress considers this year's annual spending bills.  With less than a month until the new fiscal year begins, Congress has not sent any of the twelve appropriations bills to my desk.  We must work together quickly to get the people’s work done on time.  Jim is a strong advocate for fiscal discipline and pro-growth economic policies, and he will help lead efforts to balance the budget by 2012 by restraining federal spending and keeping taxes low.  And as OMB Director, he will work to provide transparency regarding federal spending and earmarks, strong accountability in government, and better results for taxpayers.  I congratulate Jim and his family on today's confirmation and thank him for his continued service to our Nation.

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