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  • Faster public-private competitions reducing time from three years to one year.
  • Save taxpayers 30% of the cost of current government functions.
  • Helps small business since according to the Department of Defense 79% of the time when the private sector wins, the competition is won by a small business.
  • Open up jobs to all Americans from members of the construction trades to computer programmers.


Federal agencies rely on a mix of public and private sector sources to perform a wide variety of recurring commercial activities that are needed to conduct the business of government. These activities range all the way from custodial services to data collection, computer services and research, testing, and maintenance of equipment used by our nation's war fighters. A-76 establishes the policies and procedures for identifying commercial activities and determining the best provider of the services.

The Revised A-76 will:

  • Create a level playing field for all offerors
  • Create an easy, fair and well-understood process
  • Eliminate excessive delays that have plagued process in the past
  • Achieve major savings for taxpayer
  • Foster innovation and improves performance
  • Demand accountability for results