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April 27, 2000




FROM: Sylvia M. Mathews
Deputy Director
SUBJECT: Year 2000 Inventory of Commercial Activities


The "Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998," P.L.105-270 (the FAIR Act), requires Federal agencies to prepare and submit to OMB, by June 30 th of each year, inventories of their commercial activities performed by Federal employees. OMB is required to review each agency's inventory and consult with the agency regarding its content. Upon completion of this review and consultation, the Agency Head must transmit a copy of the inventory to the Congress and make it available to the public. The FAIR Act then establishes a two-step administrative challenge and appeals process under which an interested party may challenge the omission or the inclusion of a particular activity on the inventory as a commercial activity. While the FAIR Act does not require agencies to privatize, outsource or compete its commercial activities, it does require the Agency Head to review the final inventory. Each time that the Agency Head considers outsourcing to the private sector a competitive process is required.


As in the case of any new process, the first round of implementation reveals areas where improvements can be made. As OMB completed its review of the 1999 inventories and began looking towards the 2000 inventory process, OMB asked interested parties from Congress, the private sector, the Federal employee unions and the agencies to provide their views and recommendations on how the process could be improved. As a result, OMB is making several supplemental changes for the upcoming Year 2000 inventory process.


Agencies are requested to prepare their Year 2000 Inventory of Commercial Activities in accordance with the FAIR Act, OMB Circular A-76 Transmittal Memorandum No. 20 and the attached supplemental guidance.


Attachment 1 Year 2000 FAIR Act Commercial Activities Inventory Data Call
Attachment 2 Year 2000 Reporting Instructions and Definitions
Attachment 3 Reason Code Clarifications
Attachment 4 Year 2000 Revised/Updated Function/Activity Codes


Attachment 1





a. Standard Format .


1. OMB believes that a standard format would provide a significant benefit to agency managers and to the public, while imposing a relatively minor burden on the agencies. Thus, agencies are requested to identify all workload performed by Federal employees, as expressed by Full-Time Equivalents (FTE), that is potentially commercial in nature, in accordance with the format and in the order provided by Attachment 2.


2. If an agency determines that it has no potential commercial activities, it shall submit an inventory stating this determination.

b. Reason Codes


OMB believes that the agencies, interested parties and other members of the public, would benefit from additional explanation on the use of the "Reason Codes." Accordingly, OMB has developed additional explanatory material concerning the "Reason Codes." This material is found in Attachment 3.

c. Function Codes


OMB has provided additional Function Codes to facilitate agency development of their inventories. Attachment 4 is an expanded list of approved commercial-activity function codes.

d. Public Access


OMB believes that posting the inventories on agency Web sites would provide a significant benefit to the public, while imposing a relatively minor burden on the agencies. Many agencies, in fact, posted their 1999 inventories on their Web sites. Accordingly, each agency is requested to construct an electronic template of the required format and make the inventory available through their worldwide web site, upon OMB's notification of the release of the inventory to the public in the Federal Register . The template should be in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or similar formats. OMB will include the agency's Web site address (URL), along with the name and telephone number of the central point-of-contact in OMB's Federal Register notice announcing that the inventory is publicly available.

e. Annual Management Report

As provided at Appendix 2, paragraph I of the A-76 Revised Supplemental Handbook (Transmittal Memorandum No. 20), the Year 2000 Inventory's Annual Report on Agency Management of Commercial Activities should: include a brief description of the Year 1999 Inventory Process; the number of FAIR Act administrative challenges and appeals; a brief description of the agency's Year 2000 Inventory Process; and a description of the agency's review process.



As a part of Transmittal Memorandum No. 20 to implement the FAIR Act, OMB stated that the statutory 30-day challenge and 28-day agency challenge response periods would be calendar days, while the 10-day appeal period would be working days. OMB is aware that the 30-day and 28-day deadlines were difficult to meet and is proposing to change the two periods to working days. As a proposed permanent change to the A-76 Revised Supplemental Handbook, this change is being implemented separately, as a proposed rule for agency and public comment, through the Federal Register .



Agencies are reminded to recognize the sensitivity of these inventories to Federal employees and to keep them informed. Agencies are requested to notify their Partnership Councils and agency labor relations specialists as to the availability of the inventories upon publication of the Federal Register notification, and the challenge and appeal process.



a. OMB received a number of suggestions that the public's ability to understand the inventories would be improved if the public had access to a "user friendly" summary of the FAIR Act and its implementation. OMB agrees with this recommendation and will include an "Inventory Users Guide" at the OMB homepage.


b. To further facilitate the use of the Year 2000 inventories, each agency's inventory should be accompanied by a cover letter that summarizes the inventory in terms of total agency FTE (Full-Time Equivalents), commercial FTE, and other information as the agency believes will assist the public in understanding the agency's inventory. This could include, for example, the percent of budgetary resources already committed to service contract support, the name and phone number of the agency's central point-of-contact for the inventory, agency challenge and appeal filing instructions, etc.

Attachment 2

Year 2000 Commercial Activities Inventory Reporting
Instructions & Definitions



For the 1999 FAIR Act inventory, OMB identified the minimum data elements that needed to be included in FAIR Act submissions, but did not impose a specific report format (sequence and sorting order). The idea was to seek out alternative approaches and to permit the agencies to incorporate their inventory reporting requirement into existing management systems. A specific common format and data order is required for the Year 2000 Inventory submission. Accordingly, each agency is requested to construct an electronic template in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or similar formats. The required information should be in the exact sequence, as well as the level of detail specified below.


Upon OMB's notification of the release of the inventory to the public in the Federal Register , agencies are requested to make their inventory available through their worldwide web site.

Instructions and Definition of Terms

  1. Organization Unit. - Enter an alpha designation for the agency, sub-agency and/or bureau (alphanumeric codes will be accepted, if warranted) and provide a full list of all codes attached to the agency's inventory.

  3. State(s) - Enter States within the United States by their common two letter mail code.

  5. Location(s) - Enter the place where the activity is performed.

  7. FTE - Enter the number of full-time equivalents (FTE) for Federal employees performing the commercial activity.

  9. Activity/Function Code - Enter the Function Code that best describes the type of activity performed.

  11. Reason Code - Enter the Reason (Status) Code that best describes the status of the commercial FTE. Attachment 3 provides expanded definitions and usage.


  12. Year the Activity First Appeared on the Commercial Activities Inventory - Enter all four digits of the fiscal year the activity first appeared on the FAIR Act inventory. All entries that appeared in the 1999 Inventory should be entered as 1999. Activities that first appear in the 2000 Inventory should be entered as 2000.

  14. Responsible Official - Enter the name, position title and phone number of the Federal employee responsible for the activity or the agency contact person from whom additional information about the activity may be obtained.


  15. Year of Cost Comparison or Conversion (if applicable) - Enter all four digits of the most recent fiscal year that an A-76 cost comparison or direct conversion was completed.

  17. FTE Savings ( if applicable ) - Enter the FTE savings generated by a cost comparison (including MEO savings), a direct conversion to contract, a termination or a privatization decision.

  19. Estimated Annualized Cost Comparison Dollar Savings ( if applicable ) - Enter the estimated annual savings that reflect the difference between the in-house bid MEO and the low contract offer.

  21. Date of Completed Post MEO Performance Review ( if applicable ) - enter the date that the most recent Post MEO performance review was completed.

Attachment 3



Reason Codes applicable to commercial activities included on the 2000 Inventory of Commercial Activities are the same as those used in the 1999 Inventory. Additional clarification is provided to avoid confusion and facilitate consistency among agencies. The Reason Codes provided by OMB Circular A-76 Transmittal Memorandum No. 20 are provided, followed by a clarification narrative in italics.


Code Explanation
A Indicates that the function is performed by Federal employees and is specifically exempt by the agency from the cost comparison requirements of the Circular and this Supplement.

This Reason Code is designed to permit the Agency Head to identify specific commercial activities as those that he/she does not believe should be subjected to privatization, outsourcing or competition. Certainly, these are core mission activities that are commercial in nature. Many core activities may however, be achieved through contract support and may also be found in Reason Code "B" or "C." Functions assigned Reason Code "A" are commercial functions that the Agency Head has determined must remain in-house.


B Indicates that the activity is performed by Federal employees and is subject to the cost comparison or direct conversion requirements of the Circular and this Supplement.

This Reason Code should be applied to any Function or Activity where the decision as to who should perform the work is a quality and cost based decision and the agency would expect that this decision would be based upon the results of a direct conversion competition (when authorized), or a cost comparison, conducted in accordance with OMB Circular A-76 and its Supplemental Handbook.


C Indicates that the activity is performed by Federal employees, but is has been specifically made exempt from the provisions of the Circular and this Supplement by Congress, Executive Order or OMB.

This Reason Code should be applied to any Function/Activity where the decision as to who should perform the work is not primarily a cost-based decision and a cost comparison would be inappropriate. This code applies to the Supplemental Handbook's exemption from the cost comparison requirements of the Circular, including, for example, national defense related activities, direct patient care, core and research and development activities. Here the decision to convert to or from in-house or contract performance is not primarily a cost-based decision. The problem is to get the right people, the right skills, the right knowledge at the right place and at the right time. Small functions that involve 10 or fewer FTE are also exempt from the cost comparison requirements of the Circular. These commercial activities are currently performed by Federal employees and may be outsourced, but, they do not enjoy the cost comparison protections afforded by the Circular; cost is a secondary consideration.


D Indicates that the function is currently performed by in-house Federal employees and is in the process of being cost compared or converted directly to contract or inter-service support agreement performance.

Employees in Functions/Activities listed under this code have been advised that the work performed is undergoing formal A-76 cost comparison or the agency is preparing for the direct conversion of work to contract or ISSA performance, in accordance with the Supplement.


E Indicates that the function is retained in-house as a result of a cost comparison.
F Indicates the function is currently being performed by Federal employees, but a review is pending force restructuring decisions (i.e., base closure, realignment, consolidation, etc.).


G Indicates that the function is prohibited from conversion to contract because of legislation.


H Waiver issued.
I Indicates the function is being performed in-house as a result of a cost comparison resulting from a decision to convert from contract to in-house performance

Attachment 4




The following list of Function/Activity Codes will be used to complete the Year 2000 Commercial Activities Inventory. The Function Codes provide a standardized way for an agency to describe those activities which the agency has determined are commercial in nature, based on the agency's application of the criteria in OFPP Policy Letter 92-01. Given the wide range of activities described in the following list, the inclusion of a particular Function Code in the list does not mean that work which might be described by that Code should necessarily be viewed as "commercial" -- again, to determine whether an activity is "commercial," the agency must evaluate the work under Policy Letter 92-01, and in so doing take into consideration the context in which the work is performed. While agencies may augment these Function Codes for internal use , by adding to the existing alphanumeric codes provided, agencies my not create new codes or add additional codes in the submission to OMB. Agencies are to use only the following approved Function Codes in their June 2000 submission, unless otherwise approved in advance by OMB."

A - Recurring Testing and Inspection Services

A100  Electronic
A200  Health Care
A300  Safety
A400  Transportation
A500  Food and Drug
A600  Other Technical Testing or Inspection
A700  Systems Certification Services
A000  Administrative Support

B - Personnel Management

B100  Classification
B102  Classification Reviews
B200  Employee Development
B300  Staffing Reviews
B301  Processing
B302  Manpower Research and Analysis
B303  Manpower Development
B400  Employee Relations
B400  Employee Relations support
B401  Benefits Reviews and Analysis
B500  Labor Relations and Support
B501  Agency Equal Employment Opportunity Reviews
B502  Negotiated Dispute Resolution
B600  Examining
B700  Personnel Management Specialist
B701  Personnel Operations Management
B702  Personnel IT Support
B000  Personnel Administrative Support

C - Finance and Accounting

C100  Voucher Examining
C200  Cash Receipt
C300  Accounting Technicians
C301  Accounts Payable
C302  Travel Processing
C303  Fixed Assets
C304  Accounts Receivable
C305  Collections
C306  Customer Billings
C307  General Accounting
C308  Financial Report Generation
C309  Cost Accounting
C310  Payroll Processing
C311  Claims Analysis
C312  Payments Issuance Support/Processing
C313  Financial Systems Support
C314  Financial Management and Program Planning
C315  Financial Management Operations
C316  Financial Systems Development and Planning
C317  Financial Systems Operations
C400  Budget Support
C401  Financial Analysis
C402  Cash and Debt Management
C403  Financial Program Management
C404  Business Performance Reporting
C405  Business Performance Analysis
C406  Cost Analysis
C407  Mortgage Analysis
C408  Asset Management and Disposal
C405  Property Oversight
C500  External Auditing
C501  Internal Auditing
C000  Administrative Support

D - Regulatory and Program Management Support Services

D100  Regulatory Activities Support
D101  Regulatory Economists/Statisticians
D102  Regulatory Audits
D103  Salary/wages Reviews
D104  Labor Wage and Hour Compliance Reviews
D105  Education Benefits and Entitlements Analysis
D106  Loan Guaranty Benefits and Entitlements Analysis
D107  Vocational Entitlements Analysis
D200  Data Collection and Analysis
D201  Customer Surveys and Evaluations
D300  Statistical Analysis
D400  Compliance Surveys and Inspections
D410  Compliance Operations
D411  Compliance Assessments
D500  Benefits and Entitlements Services
D501  Customer Services
D502  Administrative Reviews
D503  Compensation Claims Reviews
D504  Insurance Analysis
D505  Compensation Claims Examining
D604  Customer Service Contacts
D606  Asset Appraisal and Valuation
D700  Systems Design, Testing and Certification
D701  Program Marketing and Outreach
D702  Program Planning and Support
D703  Application Receipt and Processing
D704  Program Monitoring and Evaluation
D705  Program Marketing and Outreach
D706  Program Monitoring
D707  Program Evaluation
D708  Application Receipt/Processing
D709  Mortgage Underwriting
D710  Field Inspection Services
D711  External Equal Employment Opportunity Reviews
D712  Safety and Occupational Health Management
D713  Safety and Occupational Health Inspections
D720   Independent Appeals Reviews
D800  Air Traffic Control
D801  Air Traffic Systems Inspections
D900  Maritime Traffic Control
D910  Operation of Locks and Dams
D920  Buoy Maintenance
D930  Mine Safety and Health
D000  Administrative Support

E - Environment

E100  Hazardous Waste Management
E101  Environmental Restoration Analysis
E102  FIFRA/FDCA Risk Analysis
E103  FSCA Risk Analysis
E104  Environmental Clean-up Services
E200  Solid Waste Data Collection/Analysis
E300  Pollution Prevention
E400  Air Pollution Data Collection/Analysis
E401  Clean Air Act Pollution Prevention
E500  Water Data Collection/Analysis
E501  Clean Water Act Compliance/Pollution Prevention
E502  Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance/Pollution Prevention
E503  Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance
E600  Environmental Planning/NEPA
E601  Environmental Impact Statements
E602  Environmental Impact Statement Reviews
E700  Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Compliance/Pollution Prevention
E800  Multimedia Compliance/Pollution Prevention
E801  Trusteeship
E000  Administrative Support

F - Procurement

F100  Quality Assurance
F200  Contracting (Operational)
F300  Contracting (Analysis)
F400  Recurring Purchasing
F000  Administrative Support

G - Social Services

G001  Care of Remains of Deceased Personnel & Funeral Services
G008  Commissary Store Operation
G009  Clothing Sales Store Operations
G010  Recreational Library Services
G011  Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Services
G012  Community Services
G100  Disaster Relief Applications Services
G101  Disaster Relief Services
G102  Librarian Services
G103  Library Operations and Management
G104  Technical/Professional/Legal Library Information Services
G900  Chaplain Activities and Support Services
G901  Housing Administrative Services
G904  Family Services
G905  Community Relations
G999  Other Social Services
G000  Administrative Support

H - Health Services

H101  Hospital Care
H102  Surgical Care
H103  Surgical Services
H105  Nutritional Care
H106  Pathology Services
H107  Radiology Services
H108  Pharmacy Services
H109  Physical Therapy
H110  Materiel Services
H111  Orthopedic Services
H112  Ambulance Services
H113  Dental Care
H114  Dental Laboratories
H115  Clinics and Dispensaries
H116  Veterinary Services
H117  Medical Records
H118  Nursing Services
H119  Preventive Medicine
H120  Occupational Health
H121  Drug Rehabilitation
H201  Medical Services
H202  Psychiatric and Psychology Services
H203  Ambulatory Care Services
H204  Domiciliary Care
H205  Extended Care Services
H206  Social Work
H207  Field Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
H208  Audiology & Speech Pathology Services
H209  Nuclear Medicine Services
H210  Pediatric Services
H211  Optometric Services
H212  Spinal Cord Injury Services
H213  GRECC Services
H214  Neurology Services
H215  Dermatology Services
H216  Radiation Therapy Services
H217  Mental Illness Research, Education & Clinic
H218  Rehabilitation Medicine Services
H219  Nutrition &Food Production Services
H220  Blind Rehabilitation Services
H221  Recreation Services
H222  Prosthetics & Sensory Aides Services
H223  Ambulatory Care Administration
H224  Learning Resource Centers
H225  Federal Employee Health Services
H226  VISN Services & VISN Support Service Center
H227  Veterans Canteen Service
H300  Emergency Medical Services Management Planning
H301  Emergency Medical Services
H400  Medical Evaluation Services
H401  Medical Officers
H402  Industrial Hygiene Reviews and Analysis
H403  Health Inspections
H404  Health Services Administration and Management
H500  Dialysis Services
H501  Anesthesiology
H502  Diagnostic Radiology H503  Geriatrics
H504  Geriatric Research
H505  Geriatric Clinical Centers
H506  Orthopedic Shoe Services
H507  Orthotics Laboratory
H600  Hospital Administration
H601  Ward Administration
H602  Income Verification
H603  Claims Analysis
H604  Hospital Supply and Distribution
H605  Ambulatory Care Administration
H606  Information Resource Management Services
H607  Voluntary Services Administration
H608  Records Administration
H609  Bed Services and Patient Assistance
H610  Waste Management
H999  Other Health Services
H000  Administrative Support

I - Investigations

I100  Inspector General Services
I200  Safety
I415  Non-field Technical Support to Criminal Investigations
I416  Non-Field Administrative Support Criminal Investigations
I420  Financial Audits
I430  Performance Audits
I440  Management Evaluations/Audits
I441  Logistics Audits
I500  Background investigations
I501  IG Data Collection and Analysis
I502  Case Assessment/Management/Disposition
I000  Administrative Support

J - Intermediate, Direct or General Repair and

Maintenance of Equipment

J501  Aircraft Maintenance
J502  Aircraft Engine Maintenance
J503  Missiles
J504  Vessels
J505  Combat Vehicles
J506  Noncombat Vehicles
J507  Electronic and Communication Equipment Maintenance
J510  Railway Equipment
J511  Special Equipment
J512  Armament
J513  Dining Facility Equipment
J514  Medical and Dental Equipment
J515  Containers, Textile, Tents, and Tarpaulins
J516  Metal Containers
J517  Training Devices and Audiovisual Equipment
J519  Industrial Plant Equipment
J520  Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
J521  Other Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
J522  Aeronautical Support Equipment
J999  Maintenance of Other Equipment
J000  Administrative Support

K - Depot Repair, Maintenance, Modification, Conversion

or Overhaul of Equipment

K531  Aircraft
K532  Aircraft Engines
K533  Missiles
K534  Vessels
K535  Combat Vehicles
K536  Noncombat Vehicles
K537  Electronic and Communication Equipment
K538  Railway Equipment
K539  Special Equipment
K540  Armament
K541  Industrial Plant Equipment
K542  Dining and Facility Equipment
K543  Medical and Dental Equipment
K544  Containers, Textile, Tents, and Tarpaulins
K545  Metal Containers
K546  Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
K547  Other Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
K548  Aeronautical Support Equipment
K999  Other Depot Repair, Maintenance, Modification, Conversion or

  Overhaul of Equipment
K000  Administrative Support

L - Grants Management

L100  Application Services
L101  Application Reviews and Evaluations
L102  Independent Grant Review Appeals
L200  Grants Monitoring and Evaluation
L000  Administrative Support

P - Base Maintenance/Multifunction Contracts

P100  Installation Operation Contracts (Multi-function)
P000  Administrative Support

R - Research, Development, Test, and

Evaluation (RDT&E)

R100  Theoretical Research
R103  Biomedical Research
R104  Animal Research
R200  Basic R&D
R300  Developmental
R400  Testing
R500  Acceptance
R600  Applied Research
R660  RDT&E
R900  Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant
R901  Building & Grounds Maintenance
R902  Models Design and Construction
R000  Administrative Support

S - Installation Services

S700  Natural Resource Services
S701  Public Affairs/Relations
S702  Financial and Payroll Services
S703  Debt Collection
S706  Bus Services
S708  Laundry and Dry Cleaning
S709  Custodial Services
S710  Pest Management
S712  Refuse Collection and Disposal Services
S713  Food Services
S714  Furniture Repair
S715  Office Equipment Maintenance and Repair
S716  Motor Vehicle Operation
S717  Motor Vehicle Maintenance
S718  Fire Prevention and Protection
S719  Military Clothing
S720  Prison Plant Operations and Maintenance
S721  Prison Security Operations (Guards)
S723  Other Prison Operations (Food, Administrative)
S724  Other Guard Services
S725  Electrical Plants and Systems Operation and Maintenance
S726  Heating Plants and Systems Operation and Maintenance
S727  Water Plants and Systems Operation and Maintenance
S728  Sewage and Waste Plants Operation and Maintenance
S729  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Plants
S730  Other Utilities Operation and Maintenance
S731  Supply Operations
S732  Warehousing and Distribution
S733  Building Services
S734  Leasing Services
S735  Engineering Services
S736  Plumbing Craft Support Services
S737  Electrical Craft Support Services
S739  Locksmithing
S740  Transportation Management Services
S741  Supply, Warehousing and Distribution Services Management
S742  Inventory Analysis and Management
S743  Vehicle Acquisition Support Services
S744  Fleet Management Services
S745  Security and Protection Services
S750  Museum Operations
S751  Curator Services
S752  Exhibits Management and Planning
S753  Facility Security Management
S760  Contractor-Operated Parts Stores & Civil Engineering Supply Stores
S999  Other Installation Services
S000  Administrative Support

T - Other Non-Manufacturing Operations

T600  Real Property Management
T601  Real Property Disposal
T602  Property Development
T603  Real Property Acquisition Support Services
T700  Miscellaneous Program Management
T800  Ocean Terminal Operations
T801  Storage and Warehousing
T802  Cataloging
T803  Acceptance Testing
T804  Architect-Engineering
T805  Operation of Bulk Liquid Storage
T806  Printing and Reproduction
T807  Visual Information
T808  Mapping and Charting
T809  Administrative Telephone Services
T810  Air Transportation Services
T811  Water Transportation Services
T812  Rail Transportation Services
T813  Engineering and Technical Services
T814  Aircraft Fueling Services
T815  Scrap Metal Operation
T816  Telecommunication Centers
T817  Other Communications and Electronics Systems
T818  Systems Engineering and Installation of Communications Systems
T819  Preparation and Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property
T820  Administrative Support Services
T821  Special Studies and Analysis
T822  Operations Research
T823  Actuarial Services
T830  Interior/Facility Design
T831  Drafting Services
T832  Construction Management
T833  Civil Engineering & Analysis Services
T834  General Engineering & Analysis Services
T835  Chemical Engineering & Analysis Services
T836  Electrical Engineering & Analysis Services
T837  Fire Protection Engineering & Inspection
T838  Safety Engineering & Analysis Services
T839  Mining Engineering & Analysis Services
T840  Geodetic Engineering and Analysis Services
T841  Geological Analysis
T850  Forestry Management Support
T851  Forestry Operations
T852  Soil Conservation Evaluation & Analysis
T853  Soil Conservation Operations
T854  Royalty Management Operations.
T855  Industrial Engineering
T900  Training Aids, Devices, and Simulator Support
T999  Other Non-Manufacturing Operations
T000  Administrative Support

U - Education and Training

U100  Recruit Training
U200  Officer Acquisition Training
U300  Specialized Skill Training
U301  Training Management
U302  Training Administration
U303  Training Technical Support
U304  Vocational Training
U305  Vocational Rehabilitation
U400  Flight Training
U500  Professional Development Training
U501  Management Training
U502  Medical & Health Training
U503  Engineering & Architectural Training
U504  Legal Training
U505  Business/Financial/Budget Training
U506  Inspection (IG) Training
U510  Professional Military Education
U520  Graduate Education, Fully Funded, Full-time
U530  Other Full-time Education Programs
U540  Off-Duty (Voluntary) and On-Duty Education Programs
U600  Civilian Education and Training
U610  Law Enforcement Training
U700  Dependent Education
U800  Training Development and Support
U999  Other Training Functions
U000  Administrative Support

W - Automatic Data Processing

W500  Data Maintenance
W501  Report Processing/Production
W600  Data Center Operations
W601  Information Technology Management
W824  Data Processing Services
W825  Maintenance of ADP Equipment
W826  Systems Design, Development and Programming Services
W827  Software Services
W828  Seat Management Services
W829  Client Services
W999  Other ADP Functions
W000  Administrative Support

X - Products Manufactured and Fabricated In-House

X931  Ordnance Equipment
X932  Products Made From Fabric or Similar Materials
X933  Container Products and Related Items
X934  Preparation of Food and Bakery Products
X935  Liquid, Gaseous and Chemical Products
X936  Rope, Cordage, and Twine Products; Chains and Metal Cable Products
X937  Logging and Lumber Products
X938  Communications and Electronic Products
X939  Construction Products
X940  Rubber and Plastic Products
X941  Optical and Related Products
X942  Sheet Metal Products
X943  Foundry Products
X944  Machined Parts
X999  Other Products Manufactured and Fabricated In-House
X000  Administrative Support

Y - Other Selected Functions

Y130  Intelligence
Y150  Classified Activities
Y160  Corporate Planning
Y400  Legal Services
Y401  General Attorney's Services
Y403  Paralegal
Y410  Criminal Investigation Y440 Federal Licensing and Permitting
Y450  Maritime Activities
Y451  Search and Rescue
Y452  Aids to Navigation
Y453  Marine Safety/Inspection
Y510  Budget and Financial Program Management
Y511  Budget Execution Support Services
Y520  Public Works and Real Property Maintenance Program Management
Y530  Personnel, Community Activities and Manpower Program Management
Y540  Maintenance and Logistics Program Management
Y550  Information and Telecommunications Program Management
Y651  Identifying and Developing Consumer/Customer Information Services
Y650  Acquisition (Equipment and Weapons Systems)
Y999  Other Functions
Y000  Administrative Support

Z - Maintenance, Repair, Alteration, and Minor Construction of Real Property

Z991  Maintenance and Repair of Family Housing Buildings and Structures
Z992  Maintenance and Repair of Buildings and Structures Other Than Family Housing
Z993  Maintenance and Repair of Grounds and Surfaced Areas
Z997  Maintenance and Repair of Railroad Facilities
Z998  Maintenance and Repair of Waterways
Z999  Other Maintenance, Repair, Alteration, and Minor Construction of Real Property
Z000  Administrative Support

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