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Subject: Public Availability of Fiscal Year 2003 Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270)
(“FAIR Act”).
Agency: Office of Management and Budget
Executive Office of the President
Action: Notice of Public Availability of Agency Inventories of Activities That Are Not Inherently Governmental and of Activities That Are Inherently Governmental

In accordance with the FAIR Act, agency inventories of activities that are not inherently governmental are now available to the public from the agencies listed below for FY 2003. The FAIR Act requires that OMB publish each fiscal year an announcement of public availability of agency inventories of activities that are not inherently governmental. After review and consultation with OMB, agencies are required to make their inventories available to the public. Agencies have also included activities that are inherently governmental. This is the second release of the FAIR Act inventories for FY 2003. Interested parties who disagree with the agency’s initial judgment can challenge the inclusion or the omission of an activity on the list of activities that are not inherently governmental and, if not satisfied with this review, may demand a higher agency review/appeal.

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has made available a FAIR Act User's Guide through its Internet site: /omb/procurement/fair-index.html. This User's Guide will help interested parties review FY 2003 FAIR Act inventories and gain access to agency inventories through agency web-site addresses.


Joshua Bolten





American Battle Monuments Commission

Mr. William Athas, (703) 696-6869

Arlington National Cemetery

Mr. Rory Smith, (703) 614-5060

Armed Forces Retirement Home

Mr. Steve McManus, (202) 730-3533

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Mr. Stephen Smith, (202) 619-1088

Department of Defense

Mr. Paul Soloman, (703) 602-3666

Department of Energy

Mr. Dennis O'Brien, (202) 586-1690

Department of Health and Human Services

Mr. Michael Colvin, (202) 690-7887

Department of Homeland Security


Mr. David Childs, (202) 772-9785

Department of Labor

Mr. Al Stewart, (202) 693-4028

Department of State

Mr. Eugene Batt, (202) 663-2308

Department of Transportation (Inspector General)

Ms. Jackie Weber, (202) 366-1495

Environmental Protection Agency

Ms. Barbara Stearrent, (202) 564-4496

Environmental Protection Agency (Inspector General)

Ms. Elissa Karpf, (202) 566-2604

Farm Credit Administration

Mr. Philip Shebest, (703) 883-4146

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

Mr. Richard White, (202) 942-1633

General Services Administration Mr. Paul Boyle, (202) 501-0324
Intelligence Agencies Mr. Jim Meehan, (703) 482-5886
No website available.
International Trade Commission Mr. Stephen McLaughlin, (202) 205-3131
Kennedy Center Mr. Jared Barlage, (202) 416-8731
National Transportation Safety Board Ms. Barbara Czech, (202) 314-6169
Office of Personnel Management Mr. Alfred Chatterton III, (202) 606-1004
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Ms. Susan Buck, (202) 395-9412
Peace Corps Mr. George Schutter, (202) 692-1630
Railroad Retirement Board Mr. Henry Valiulius, (312) 751-4520
Railroad Retirement Board (Inspector General) Ms. Henrietta Shaw, (312) 751-4345
Selective Service System Mr. Calvin Montgomery, (703) 605-4038
Small Business Administration Mr. Robert J. Moffitt, (202) 205-6610
Small Business Administration (Inspector General) Ms. Janis Coughlin, (202) 205-7373
U.S. Trade Development Agency Ms. Barbara Bradford, (703) 875-4357


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