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Annual Management Report
Fiscal Year 2003 Inventory of Commercial Activities

This is the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) report detailing its management of the performance of commercial activities reported in our FY 2002 Inventory of Commercial Activities.

OMB's FY 2002 Inventory of Commercial Activities

OMB prepared for its 2002 inventory of Commercial Activities in June 2002 by reviewing all FTE/positions in the institution. Each position was reviewed to determine whether it was inherently governmental or commercial. For positions that were determined to be commercial activities, OMB verified the FTE numbers and assigned the proper function and reason code.

For FY 2002, OMB began with the 19 positions on its FY 2001 FAIR Act inventory. OMB did a complete review of its staff. The June FY 2002 list included 18 of the 19 positions on the FY 2001 list. One position was successfully competed. The June FY 2002 list included: one (1) printing officer and seventeen (17) computer specialists/information management specialists OMB approved its inventory in June 2002 and made it available to the public through its internet web site. A copy was also sent to Congress.

Reassessing its inventory in November 2002, OMB included an additional position — one (1) accountant — to its initial June 2002 report, making its total 19.


No challenge or appeal was received to OMB's FY 2002 FAIR Act inventory report.

FY 2003 Inventory Process

For FY 2003, OMB began with the 19 positions on its FY 2002 FAIR Act inventory. During FY 2003, three of these positions became vacant – the Information Resource Management Specialist in the Legislative Reference Division, a Computer Specialist in the Budget Review Division, and the Accountant in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. As of June 2003, OMB has completed review of two of the three vacated positions on its inventory.

After a thorough analysis and assessment of the positions in the Legislative Reference and Budget Review Divisions, the positions were abolished.

Summarizing, OMB’s FY 2003 list includes 17 of the 19 positions from its FY 2002 list. It includes: one (1) printing officer, fifteen (15) computer specialists/information management specialists and one (1) accountant.

Agency Review of Inventory

In FY 2004, OMB will review whether it would be more economical to have its commercial activities performed by commercial sources or other agencies.

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