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Procurement Policy Analyst
Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Juliana Basile manages the business data on $400B worth of Federal procurement.

Ms. Basile is the lead Procurement Policy Analyst with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy responsible for Federal procurement data reporting, completeness, and accuracy.  She provides the Administration's vision and guidance on the government's use of electronic procurement tools (e-procurement).

Ms. Basile ensures the government can accurately account for and use the data about these procurement obligations for decision-making and policy purposes. In addition, she is the OMB liaison to the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) program.  The IAE program provides critical shared services to all Federal agencies.  Ms. Basile is a member of the IAE governance board that provides direction and goals, and approves expenditures of the IAE’s $40B budget for acquisition projects.  She advises on several  agency budget issues relative to procurement and contracting affecting funding and establishing priorities for their Presidential Management Agenda scorecard.  Primarily focusing on those agencies who contribute the most data, funds, or program management such as DOD, GSA, SBA, and DOL.

Prior to OFPP, Ms. Basile worked for the US Department of Navy for whom she worked in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and in other locations.

Ms. Basile is Past President of two National Contract Management Association chapters, is an NCMA Fellow, and was awarded NCMA’s designation as a Certified Professional Contract Manager.

Ms. Basile co-authored an article on the implementation of E-Gov for purchasing and payments with Mathew Blum from OFPP for the Procurement Lawyer.

Ms. Basile is a member of the Department of Defense Acquisition Professional Community and is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level III certified.

Ms. Basile received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland.
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