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2003 Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Training

Training sessions that provide a general introduction to the PART will be held in early May 2003.

  • OMB Training is scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, 2003, 10 a.m.-12 noon in the Truman Room of the White House Conference Center. Because of space limitations, this session is limited to OMB staff.

  • Government-wide Training is scheduled for Thursday, May 8, 2003, and Friday, May 9, 2003. Both sessions will be held from 10 a.m.-12 noon in the Department of Commerce auditorium. Agencies may send as many staff as are interested to these sessions. OMB analysts who would prefer to attend one of these sessions are welcome. Attendees should enter through Commerce’s main entrance on 14th Street and must have a government ID. The auditorium is on the first floor.

  • All of the two-hour sessions will be identical and staff should attend only one. They will consist of a general introduction to the PART and performance measurement issues, with time for questions and answers.

To ensure that there are enough spaces for attendees, all OMB and agency staff interested in attending one of these sessions should notify Patricia Cain at

  • OMB attendees should send an e-mail with the subject line being the session they plan to attend (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday) and indicate that they are OMB staff. Please indicate if you could attend on a different day, if we cannot accommodate your first choice.

  • Agency attendees should send an e-mail with the subject line being the session they plan to attend (Thursday or Friday) and indicate which agency they represent. The Commerce auditorium is large and we anticipate that there will be no problem accommodating interested staff. However, please indicate if you could attend on either day, if we cannot accommodate your first choice.

If you do not notify Patricia that you will be attending, we cannot guarantee you a space at the session.

These sessions are intended primarily for OMB and agency staff that are new to the PART process this year or would like additional training. Because the PART has not changed substantially from last year, examiners and agency staff who are familiar with the process do not need to attend this year’s training; however, they are welcome to attend and may find the session useful.

Members of the Performance Evaluation Team (PET) will be available to OMB staff to answer questions, as needed, throughout this year’s process. To ensure clear communication, agency staff should consult with their OMB examiners rather than contacting PET members directly.