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2008 Agency Performance Improvement Officers (PIO)

Organization Performance
Improvement Officer
Agency for International Development Angelique Crumbly
Corps of Engineers-Civil Works Gary Loew
Corps of Engineers-Civil Works (backup) Mary Gauker
Consumer Product Safety Commission Jacqueline Elder
Department of Homeland Security John Whitley
Department of Commerce Neil K. Shapiro
Department of Defense--Military Beth McGrath
Department of Energy Jay Hoffman
Department of the Interior Rich Beck
Department of the Interior (backup) Paul Hoffman
Department of Justice Jolene Lauria Sullens
Department of Labor Richard French
Department of Transportation Quintin Kendall
Department of Education Hudson LaForce
Environmental Protection Agency Marcus Peacock
Federal Energry Regulatory Commission Thomas Herliehy
Federal Energry Regulatory Commission (backup) Elizabeth Hensley
General Services Administration Kimber Boyer
Department of Health and Human Services Andrew W. Baldus
Department of Housing and Urban Development James Martin
National Archives and Records Administration Adrienne Thomas
National Archives and Records Administration (backup) Susan Ashtianie
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Scott Pace
National Credit Union Administration James Patrick
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Williams McCabe
National Science Foundation Thomas Cooley
National Transportation Safety Board David L. Mayer
Office of Director of National Intelligence Monica Hayes
Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Myrtle Habersham
Office of Management and Budget Dustin Brown
Office of Personnel Management Daniel K. Marella
Peace Corps Ruben Hernandez
Postal Regulatory Commission Judith M. Grady
Railroad Retirement Board Dorothy Isherwood
Small Business Administration Jennifer Main
Smithsonian Institution Kenneth Johnson
Social Security Administration Mary Glenn-Croft
Department of State Sid Kaplan
Department of the Treasury Martin "Marty" Melone
Department of Agriculture Scott Steele
United States International Trade Commission Robert Rogowsky
United States Postal Service Linda Kingsley
Department of Veterans Affairs Daniel Tucker


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