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Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund – Guaranteed Loans
B&I Guaranteed Loan Program
Cochran Fellowship Program
Conservation Security Program
Direct Crop Payments
Food Safety Inspection Service
Plant and Animal Health Monitoring

Department of Commerce
Federal Communications Commission – Salaries and Expenses
    (regulatory program)
International Trade Administration – Trade Promotion and United Stated Foreign
    and Commercial Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Tsunami Monitoring,
    Forecasting, and Warning Program
United States Patent and Trademark Office – Intellectual Property Protection Activities
United States Patent and Trademark Office – Patents

Department of Education
Academic Competitiveness Grants/SMART Grants
Federal Student Loan Reserve Fund
IDEA Grants to States
Impact Aid Basic and Disability Payments
National Institute for Literacy
Smaller Learning Communities
Strengthening Institutions
Student Aid Administration
Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants
Training and Advisory Services
Transition to Teaching

Department of Energy
Nuclear Power 2010
National Nuclear Security Administration
    Directed Stockpile Work
    Facilities Infrastructure Recapitalization Program
    Inertial Confinement Fusion Campaign
    Nonproliferation and International Security (includes GIPP)

Department of Health and Human Services
Adolescent Family Life Program
Division of Global Migration and Quarantine
Drug Courts
Health Information Technology Research (AHRQ)
Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals

Department of Homeland Security
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement: Automation Modernization Program
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Emergency Management
    Performance Grants
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Grants and Training Office State Homeland
    Security Grants
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Urban Area Security Initiative Grants
Science and Technology: Chemical and Biological
Science and Technology: SAFETY ACT
Transportation Security Administration: Federal Air Marshal Service
Transportation Security Administration: Passenger & Baggage
    Screening Technologies
Transportation Security Administration: Surface Transportation Security

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Housing for the Elderly
Housing for Persons with Disabilities
Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)
Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency (ROSS)

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Indian Affairs – Operation and Maintenance of Roads
Fish and Wildlife Service – Migratory Bird Management and Conservation
National Park Service – Facility Maintenance

Department of Justice
Arson and Explosives Program
Cyber Crime
Drug Courts
US Marshals Service – Protection of the Judicial Process

Department of Labor
Federal Employees Compensation Act
Workforce Investment Act – Youth Activities

Department of Transportation
FAA Air Traffic Organization – Technical Operations
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Grant Program
Federal Transit Administration New Starts

Corps of Engineers
Flood Damage Reduction
Inland Waterways Navigation

General Services Administration
Real Property Disposal

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Earth Science
Innovative Partnerships
International Space Station
NASA Education Program

National Science Foundation
K–12 Science Education

Office of Personnel Management
Leadership Capacity

Other Independent Agencies

Broadcasting Board of Governors
Broadcasting in Arabic

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service