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Meeting Record Regarding: Hours of Service

Date: 8/16/2007

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Fumie Griego OMB  
Kevin Neyland OMB  
Susan Dudley OMB  
Lisa Branch OMB  
Suzanne Te Beau DOT/FMCSA  
Tom Keane DOT/FMCSA  
Bob Bergman UPS  
Bill Graves American Trucking Associations  
Dave Osiecki American Trucking Associations  
Rick Holcomb American Trucking Associations  
Nikesh Jindal OMB  
Dom Mancini OMB  
Rich Theroux OMB  
David A. Morris OMB  
Alex Hunt OMB  
John Morrall OMB  

Materials provided to OMB (3 pages, 222 kb)

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