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Meeting Record Regarding: Clean Air Mercury Rule

Date: 3/ 2/2005

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Jack Snyder Annapolis Center  
Mark Whitenton NAM  
John Bukowski Words World  
Bill Kovacs US Chamber of Commerce  
Randy Randol Valis Associates  
Michael Formica US Chamber of Commerce  
Hilary Sills Sills Associates FMEA, JEA, MEAG Power
Paul Noe OMB/OIRA  
Nancy Beck OMB/OIRA  
Jashua Graff-Zivin CEA  
John Graham OMB/OIRA  
Walt Buchholtz Exxon Mobil  
Art Fraas OMB/OIRA  
Edmond Toy OMB/OIRA  

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