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Meeting Record Regarding: Clean Air Interstate Rule

Date: 12/ 8/2004

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Seth Voyles Colorado Spring Utilities  
Rob Talley Tally & Associates  
Charles Manning MEAG Power  
Bill Neal Omaha Public Power District  
Stephen Fotis Van Ness Feldman LPPC (Large Public Power Council)
Henry Eby Lower Colorado River Authority  
Janet Anderson Van Ness Feldman LPPC
Bud Para JEA  
Brad Spooner MEAG Power  
Dave Lock Platte River Power Authority  
Shelley Fidler Van Ness Feldman LPPC
Elizabeth Stolpe CEQ  
Art Fraas OMB/OIRA  
John Graham OMB/OIRA  
Amy Flynn OMB/OIRA  
Edmond Toy OMB/OIRA  

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