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Meeting Record Regarding: Meeting to Discuss EPA Water Transfer Rule

Date: 12/20/2007

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Jim Laity OMB/OIRA  
Art Fraas OMB/OIRA  
Kristy Bulleit H&W for US Surgeon  
Michael Arceneaux Assn. Metro Water Agencies  
Keith Jones NACWA  
Don Parrish AFBF  
Michael Lee EPA  
Gary Mast USDA  
Job Serebrov USDA  
Virginia Garelick USEPA  
Louis Eby U.S. EPA  
Allen Freemyer NWRA  
Guy Martin Perkins Colg for Western Urban Water Coalition  
Marc Himmelstein NES/for PG&E  
Rich Bozek EEI  
John Knepper OMB  

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