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Meeting Record Regarding: Meeting w/Public to Discuss EPA/Army Corps of Engineers Mitigation Rule

Date: 8/28/2007

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Jim Laity OIRA/OMB  
Kevin Neyland OIR/OMB  
Jim Mietus OMB/ESWD  
Brian Kleinman OMB/NRD  
Peggy Strand Venable LLP  
Don Ewoldt National Mitigation Bankers Assoc.  
Craig Denisoff National Mitigation Bankers  
David Urban National Mitigation Bankers Assoc.  
George Kelly National Mitigation Bankers Assoc.  
George Howard NMBA  
Stephen M. Collins NMBA  
Sheri Lewin National Mitigation Banking Assoc.  
John Ryan NMBA  
Chip Smith Army Civic Works  
David Olson Corps Headquarters-Regulatory  
Jennifer McCarthy COE HQ-Reg  
Stephanie Kavanaugh EPA Headquarters (Grantee)  
Palmer Hough EPA Headquarters  
Lisa Branch OIRA/OMB  

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