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Meeting Record Regarding: REAL ID NPRM

Date: 2/ 5/2007

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Alex Hunt OMB/OIRA  
John Knepper OMB  
Hillary Jaffe OMB/OIRA  
Jeff Rosen OMB  
Nikesh Jindal OMB  
Dom Mancini OMB/OIRA  
Michael Nefach HSC  
George Valverde California/DMV  
Bernard Soriano California/DMV  
Anne L. Collins Massachusetts/Registry of Motor Vehicles  
Terry L. Dillinger IA/DOT  
David Lewis MA RMV  
Bonnie L. Rutledge Vermont DMV & AAMVA  
Judy Brown Texas Department of Public Safety  
Renato Donato New York State DMV  
John Morrall OMB  
Victoria Allred OMB  
Kamela White OMB  
Steve Poulin OVP  
Doug Baker HSC  
Steve Aitken OMB/OIRA  
Lisa Branch OMB/OIRA  
Michael Bopp OMB  
Toby Levin DHS/Privacy Office  
Darrell Williams DHS/Policy  
Erica Bomsey DHS-OGC  
David M. Frost DHS-OGC  
Philippe Guiot AAMVA  
Daniel Greenwood MIT-DHS  

Meeting matarials provided to OMB (562k)

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