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Meeting Record Regarding: Retention and Reporting of Information for F, J, and M Nonimmigrants; Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)

Date: 4/25/2002

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Wayne Griffith - Department of State Tim Smith - Department of State  
Stanley Colviin - Department of State Edward Elmendorf - American Assoc. State Colleges' Univ.  
Bob Andringa - Council for Christian Colleges & Univ. Elina Koretsky - Counsel of Graduate Schools  
Wendy Hall - Office of Science & Technology Policy Michelle Rodgers - American Assoc. of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officials  
Robert J. Brennan - American Institute for Foreign Study Michael McCarry - Alliance for International Educational Cultural Exchange  
Victor C. Johnson - NAFSA: Association of International Educators Terry Hartle - American Council on Education (ALE)  
Courtney Klein-Faust - NAFSA: Association of International Educators Jim Griffin - OSTP-EOP  
John Graham - OMB-OIRA Stuart Shapiro - OMB-OIRA  
David Rostker - OMB-OIRA Michael Cassidy - OMB-Justice Branch  
Seema Ahmad - OMB-OIRA John Morrall - OMB-OIRA  
Lauren Wittenberg - OMB-OIRA Phillip Juengst - OMB-Education  
Bruce Leftwich - Career College Association Mollie Benz - Association of American Universities  
Christian West - National Assoc. of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges Crystal Williams - INS-Office of Policy & Planning  
Eric Gormsen - DOJ/OLP Lauren Baxter - DOJ/Office of Deputy Attorney General  
Chase Garwood - INS/SEVIS Tom Cook - INS/AND  
John Fuller - National Assoc. of Independent Colleges & Universities Jim Hermes - American Association of Community Colleges  
Mary Bachinger - Natinal Association of Colleges & University Business Officers Diana Gourlay - University of California  
Scott S. Fleming - Georgetown University Nan Nixon - Duke University  
Catheryn Cotten - Duke University, Medical Center, & Health System Kathy Bellows - Georgetown University  
Jim Burns - American Council on Education Karen F. Lee - OMB-OIRA