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Meeting Record Regarding: Right Whale Ship Strike

Date: 3/28/2007

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
David Rostker OMB/OIRA  
David Cottingham NOAA/NMFS  
Julia Hathaway IFAW-Internation Fund for Animal Welfare  
Jeff Pike Sher& Blackwell IFAW
John Morrall OMB  
Rich Theroux OMB  
Ted Boling CEQ  
Shannan Bettridge NOAA-NMFS  
Triua Choe DOC/OGC  
Gregory Silber NOAA-NMFS  
Emily Woglom OMB  
Michael Bopp OMB  
Steve Aitken OMB/OIRA  

Materials provided to OMB (149k)

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