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Department of Veterans Affairs
OMB NO: 2900-0001    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:395,000        HOURS:592,500        COSTS(000):$0
  Veteran's Application for Compenstion and/or Pension
FORMS: 21-526

OMB NO: 2900-0002    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:104,440        HOURS:104,440        COSTS(000):$0
  Income-Nat Worth and Employment Statement
FORMS: 21-527

OMB NO: 2900-0003    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:300,000        HOURS:100,000        COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Burial Benefits
FORMS: 21-530

OMB NO: 2900-0004    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:63,309         HOURS:76,736         COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC),
  Death Pension and Accrued Benefits by a Surviving Spouse or
  Child (death Compensation...); Application for DIC by a....
FORMS: 21-534 21-534A

OMB NO: 2900-0005    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:3,600          HOURS:4,320          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for DIC by Parent(s) (Including Accrued Benefits and
  Death Compensation)
FORMS: 21-535

OMB NO: 2900-0009    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:67,844         HOURS:16,961         COSTS(000):$0
  Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation and
  38 CFR 21.30
FORMS: 28-1900

OMB NO: 2900-0011    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:3,000          HOURS:875            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Reinstatement
FORMS: 29-352 29-353

OMB NO: 2900-0012    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:29,636         HOURS:4,939          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Cash Surrender or Policy Loan
FORMS: 29-1546 29-1546-1

OMB NO: 2900-0013    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:650,000        HOURS:162,500        COSTS(000):$0
  Application for United States Flag for Burial Purposes
FORMS: 21-2008

OMB NO: 2900-0014    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:82,000         HOURS:6,833          COSTS(000):$0
  Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Reentrance into
  Rehabilitation and Certification of Status
FORMS: 28-1905

OMB NO: 2900-0016    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:8,100          HOURS:14,175         COSTS(000):$0
  Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits, Government Life
FORMS: 29-357

OMB NO: 2900-0017    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:44,000         HOURS:20,250         COSTS(000):$0
  Court Appointed Fiduciary's Account (letter size), Federal
  Fiduciary's Account, Account Book, and Court Appointed
  Fiduciary's Account, Certificate of Balance on Deposit and....
FORMS: 21-4706 21-4706B 21-4706C 21-4718 21-4718A

OMB NO: 2900-0018    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:2,400          HOURS:600            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Accreditation as Service Organization

OMB NO: 2900-0020    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:83,500         HOURS:13,917         COSTS(000):$0
  Insurance, Life Insurance
FORMS: 29-336

OMB NO: 2900-0021    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:279,000        HOURS:66,166         COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Default; Notice of Default & Intention to Foreclose:
  Notice of Intention to Foreclose
FORMS: 26-6850 26-6850A 26-6851

OMB NO: 2900-0024    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:3,732          HOURS:622            COSTS(000):$0
  Insurance Deduction Authorization (For Deduction From Benefit
FORMS: 29-888

OMB NO: 2900-0028    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:196,200        HOURS:22,700         COSTS(000):$0
  Application of Service Representaive for Placement on Mailing
  List, Request for & Consent to Release of Infor. from Claimant's
  Records, Requests to Correspondent for Identifying Infor., 38 CFR
FORMS: VA-3215 VA-3288 VA-70-2

OMB NO: 2900-0029    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:108,000        HOURS:35,250         COSTS(000):$0
  VA Forms 26-6705, Offer to Purchase and Contract of Sale, VA
  Form 26-6705b, Credit Statement of Prospective Purchase, VA Form
  26- 6705d, Addendum to VA Form 26-6705 (Virginia)
FORMS: VA-26-6705 VA-26-6705B VA-26-6705D

OMB NO: 2900-0031    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:600            HOURS:150            COSTS(000):$0
  Veteran's Supplemental Application for Assistance in Acquiring
  Specially Adapted Housing
FORMS: 26-4555C

OMB NO: 2900-0034    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:30,000         HOURS:7,500          COSTS(000):$0
  Trainee Request for Leave - Chapter 31, Title 38 U.S.C.
FORMS: 28-1905H

OMB NO: 2900-0036    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:10             HOURS:28             COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Disappearance
FORMS: 21-1775

OMB NO: 2900-0038    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:334            COSTS(000):$0
  Information from Remarried Widow(er)
FORMS: 21-4103

OMB NO: 2900-0041    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:31,500         HOURS:7,875          COSTS(000):$0
  Compliance Inspection Report
FORMS: 26-1839

OMB NO: 2900-0042    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:28,440         HOURS:28,440         COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Accredited Representative in Appealed Case
FORMS: 646

OMB NO: 2900-0043    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:226,000        HOURS:56,500         COSTS(000):$0
  Declaration of Status of Dependents
FORMS: 21-686C

OMB NO: 2900-0045    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:300,000        HOURS:60,000         COSTS(000):$0
  VA Request for Determination of Reasonable Value
FORMS: 26-1805

OMB NO: 2900-0046    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:312            HOURS:78             COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Heirs for Payment of Credits Due Estate of Veteran
FORMS: FL-29-596

OMB NO: 2900-0047    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:10,000         HOURS:7,500          COSTS(000):$0
  Financial Statement
FORMS: 26-6807

OMB NO: 2900-0049    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:177,500        HOURS:37,792         COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Approval of School Attendance (VA Form 21-674 and VA
  Form 21-674c) School Attendance Report (VA Form 21-674b)
FORMS: 21-674 21-674B 21-674C

OMB NO: 2900-0051    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:236            HOURS:236            COSTS(000):$0
  Quarterly Report of State Approving Agency Activities

OMB NO: 2900-0052    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:180,000        HOURS:45,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Medical Examination for Disability Evaluation
FORMS: 21-2545

OMB NO: 2900-0055    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:250            COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Determination of Loan Guaranty Eligibility -
  Unmarried Surviving Spouses
FORMS: 26-1817

OMB NO: 2900-0059    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:400            HOURS:800            COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Person Claiming to Have Stood in Relation of Parent
FORMS: 21-524

OMB NO: 2900-0060    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:84,350         HOURS:8,787          COSTS(000):$0
  Claim for One Sum Payment (Government Life Insurance), VA Form
  29-4125, Claim for Monthly Payments (National Service Life
  Insurance), VA Form 29-4125a, and Claim for Monthly Payments...
FORMS: 29-4125 29-4125A 29-4125K

OMB NO: 2900-0061    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:12,000         HOURS:12,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Supplies (Chapter 31 - Vocational Rehabilitation)
FORMS: VA-28-1905M

OMB NO: 2900-0065    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:60,000         HOURS:15,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Employment Information in Connection with Claim for
  Disability Benefits
FORMS: 21-4192

OMB NO: 2900-0066    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:5,167          HOURS:862            COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Employment Information in Connection with a Claim
  for Disability Benefits
FORMS: 29-459

OMB NO: 2900-0067    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:1,552          HOURS:388            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Autmobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive
  Equipment (Under 28 U.S.C. 3901-3904)
FORMS: VA-21-4502

OMB NO: 2900-0068    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:4,250          HOURS:2,833          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance
FORMS: 29-4364 29-0151

OMB NO: 2900-0073    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:916,160        HOURS:137,424        COSTS(000):$0
  Enrollment Certification
FORMS: 22-1999 22-1999-1 22-1999-2 22-1999-3 22-1999-4 22-1999-5

OMB NO: 2900-0074    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:80,000         HOURS:16,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (For
  Veterans, Servicepersons, & Members of the Selected Reserve)
FORMS: 22-1995

OMB NO: 2900-0075    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:752,000        HOURS:188,000        COSTS(000):$0
  Statement in Support of Claim
FORMS: 21-4138

OMB NO: 2900-0079    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:130,000        HOURS:10,833         COSTS(000):$0
  Employment Questionnaire
FORMS: 21-4140 21-4140-1

OMB NO: 2900-0080    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:434,250        HOURS:31,546         COSTS(000):$0
  Claim for Payment of Cost of Unauthorized Medical Services;
  Funeral Arrangements; Authority and Invoice for Travel by
  Ambulance or Other Hired Vehicle; Authorization and Invoice...
FORMS: 10-583 10-2065 10-2511 10-7078

OMB NO: 2900-0085    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:54,281         HOURS:51,899         COSTS(000):$0
  Appeal to Board of Veterans' Appeals, VA Form 9; Withdrawal of
  Services by a Representative; Filing of Representative's Fee
  Agreements and Motions for Review of Such Agreements; Motion...

OMB NO: 2900-0086    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:442,500        HOURS:110,625        COSTS(000):$0
  Request for a Certificate of Eligibility for VA Home Loan
FORMS: 26-1880

OMB NO: 2900-0089    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:8,000          HOURS:4,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Dependency of Parent(s)
FORMS: 21-509

OMB NO: 2900-0090    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:32,000         HOURS:8,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Voluntary Service
FORMS: 10-7055

OMB NO: 2900-0091    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:1,900,000      HOURS:1,005,000      COSTS(000):$0
  Application and Renewal for Health Benefits
FORMS: 10-10EZ 10-10EZR

OMB NO: 2900-0092    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:60,000         HOURS:45,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Counseling Record - Personal Information
FORMS: 28-1902 28-1902W

OMB NO: 2900-0094    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:250            COSTS(000):$0
  Supplement to VA Forms 21-526, 21-534, and 21-535 (For
  Philippine Claims)
FORMS: 21-4169

OMB NO: 2900-0095    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:2,075          HOURS:1,038          COSTS(000):$0
  Pension Claim Questionnaire for Farm Income
FORMS: 21-4165

OMB NO: 2900-0098    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:40,000         HOURS:28,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Aplication for Survivors' and Dependents' Assistance (Under
  Provisions of Chapter 35, Title 38, U.S.C.), VA Form 22-5430
FORMS: 22-5490

OMB NO: 2900-0099    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:17,600         HOURS:4,400          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Survivors'
  and Dependents' Education Assistance (Under Provisions of
  Chapter 35, Title 38 U.S.C.)
FORMS: 22-5495

OMB NO: 2900-0101    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:219,000        HOURS:113,075        COSTS(000):$0
  Eligibility Verification Reports
FORMS: 21-0510 21-0512S-1 21-0512V-1 21-0513-1 21-0514 21-0514-1
21-0516 21-0516-1 21-0518 21-0518-1

OMB NO: 2900-0104    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:4,408          HOURS:2,204          COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Accidental Injury in Support of Claim for Compensation
  or Pension/Statement of Witness to Accident
FORMS: 21-4176-PARTS-A 21-4176-PARTS-B

OMB NO: 2900-0107    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:4,316          HOURS:863            COSTS(000):$0
  Certificate as to Assets
FORMS: 21-4709

OMB NO: 2900-0108    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:7,000          HOURS:3,500          COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Income from Property or Business
FORMS: 21-4185

OMB NO: 2900-0110    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:3,000          HOURS:500            COSTS(000):$0
  Application For Assumption Approval and/or Release From Personal
  Liability To The Governmeont On a Home Loan
FORMS: 26-6381

OMB NO: 2900-0111    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:7,500          HOURS:1,875          COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Purchaser or Owner Assuming Seller's Loan
FORMS: 26-6382

OMB NO: 2900-0112    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:2,400          HOURS:400            COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Holder or Servicer of Veteran's Loan
FORMS: 26-559

OMB NO: 2900-0113    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:6,200          HOURS:2,067          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Fee Personnel Designation
FORMS: 26-6681

OMB NO: 2900-0114    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:6,500          HOURS:2,708          COSTS(000):$0
  Statement of Marital Relationship
FORMS: 21-4170

OMB NO: 2900-0115    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:2,400          HOURS:800            COSTS(000):$0
  Supporting Statement Regarding Marriage
FORMS: 21-4171

OMB NO: 2900-0116    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:1,664          HOURS:416            COSTS(000):$0
  Notice to Department of Veterans Affairs of Veteran or
  Beneficiary Incarcerated in Penal Institution
FORMS: 21-4193

OMB NO: 2900-0117    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:12,500         HOURS:3,125          COSTS(000):$0
  Inquiry Concerning Application for Employment

OMB NO: 2900-0118    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:21,300         HOURS:3,550          COSTS(000):$0
  Transfer of Scholastic Credit (Schools)
FORMS: 22-315

OMB NO: 2900-0119    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:20,277         HOURS:4,055          COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Treatment in Hospital
FORMS: 29-551

OMB NO: 2900-0120    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:20,277         HOURS:5,069          COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Treatment by Attending Physician
FORMS: 29-551A

OMB NO: 2900-0121    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:244            HOURS:61             COSTS(000):$0
  Obtaining Supplemental Information from Hospital or Doctor
FORMS: 29-551B

OMB NO: 2900-0128    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:23,352         HOURS:4,459          COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Lapse & Application for Reinstatement
FORMS: 29-389 29-389-1

OMB NO: 2900-0129    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:6,570          HOURS:548            COSTS(000):$0
  Supplemental Disability Report
FORMS: FL-29-30A

OMB NO: 2900-0130    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:40,000         HOURS:20,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Status of Loan Account - Foreclosure or Other Liquidation
FORMS: 26-567

OMB NO: 2900-0131    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:9,000          HOURS:3,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Supplemental Information on Medical and Nonmedical
FORMS: 29-615

OMB NO: 2900-0132    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:3,000          HOURS:500            COSTS(000):$0
  Veteran's Application in Acquiring Specially Adapted Housing or
  Special Home Adaptation Grant (Title 38 U.S.C. Section 2101(a)
  or 2101(b))
FORMS: 26-4555

OMB NO: 2900-0138    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:22,800         HOURS:5,700          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Details of Express
FORMS: 21-8049

OMB NO: 2900-0139    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:1,200          HOURS:300            COSTS(000):$0
  Notice - Payment Not Applied
FORMS: 29-4499A

OMB NO: 2900-0143    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:100            HOURS:33             COSTS(000):$0
  Offer to Rent on Month-To-Month Basis and Credit Statement of
  Prospective Tenant
FORMS: 26-6725

OMB NO: 2900-0144    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:200,000        HOURS:20,000         COSTS(000):$0
  HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application and
  Uniform Residential Loan Application

OMB NO: 2900-0149    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:4,500          HOURS:1,125          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Conversion
FORMS: 29-0152

OMB NO: 2900-0153    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:60,000         HOURS:15,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Disability Benefits Questionnaire
FORMS: 29-8313 29-8313-1

OMB NO: 2900-0154    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:200,000        HOURS:187,500        COSTS(000):$0
  Application for VA Education Benefits
FORMS: 22-1990

OMB NO: 2900-0156    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:370,000        HOURS:50,570         COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Change in Student Status (Under Chapter 30, 32, or 35,
  Title 38 U.S.C.; Chapters 1606 and 1607, Title 10 U.S.C.; or
  Section 901 and 903 of Public Law 96-342; the National Call to...
FORMS: 22-1999B

OMB NO: 2900-0159    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:8,600          HOURS:2,867          COSTS(000):$0
  Matured Endowment Notification
FORMS: 29-5767

OMB NO: 2900-0160    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:45,521         HOURS:15,127         COSTS(000):$0
  Title 38, Parts 51 and 52, State Home Program
FORMS: 10-10SH 10-3567 10-5588 10-0143 10-0143A 10-0144 10-0144A

OMB NO: 2900-0161    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:96,400         HOURS:48,200         COSTS(000):$0
  Medical Expense Report
FORMS: 21-8416

OMB NO: 2900-0162    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:14,630         HOURS:7,315          COSTS(000):$0
  Monthly Certification of Flight Training
FORMS: 22-6553C

OMB NO: 2900-0165    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:45,553         HOURS:45,553         COSTS(000):$0
  Financial Status Report
FORMS: 5655

OMB NO: 2900-0166    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:15,400         HOURS:1,284          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Ordinary Life Insurance (Age 65 and 70)
FORMS: 29-8700A-E 29-8701A-E 29-8485 29-8485A

OMB NO: 2900-0171    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:800            HOURS:400            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance (Under
  Chapters 30, 32 and 35 Title 38 U.S.C.; Chapter 1607 Title 10
  U.S.C.; Section 903 of Public Law 96-342, and the Omnibus...
FORMS: 22-1990T

OMB NO: 2900-0176    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:4,800          HOURS:1,200          COSTS(000):$0
  Monthly Record of Training and Wages
FORMS: 28-1905C

OMB NO: 2900-0178    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:94,500         HOURS:15,750         COSTS(000):$0
  Monthly Certification of On-The-Job and Apprenticeship Training
FORMS: 22-6553D 22-6553D-1

OMB NO: 2900-0179    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:28             HOURS:14             COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Change of Permanent Plan (Medical)
FORMS: 29-1549

OMB NO: 2900-0180    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:1              HOURS:155            COSTS(000):$0
  Compliance Report of Proprietary Institutions
FORMS: 20-4274

OMB NO: 2900-0188    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:697,200        HOURS:48,522         COSTS(000):$0
  Claim, Authorization & Invoice for Prosthetic Items & Services
FORMS: 10-90 10-426 10-0103 10-1394 10-2421 10-2520 10-2914

OMB NO: 2900-0198    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:6,720          HOURS:1,120          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Annual Clothing Allowance Under 38 U.S.C. 1162
FORMS: 10-8678

OMB NO: 2900-0205    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:320,466        HOURS:123,894        COSTS(000):$0
  Applications & Appraisals for Employment for Title 38 Positions
  and Trainees
FORMS: 10-2850 10-341

OMB NO: 2900-0208    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:21,955         HOURS:5,341          COSTS(000):$0
  Daily Log (Contract Progress Report - Formal Contract),
  Architect-Engineer Fee Proposal and Contract Progress Report
FORMS: 10-6131 10-6298 10-6001A

OMB NO: 2900-0209    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:73,000         HOURS:11,984         COSTS(000):$0
  Applications for Work-Study Allowance, Student Work-Study
  Agreement (Student Services), Extended Student Work-Study
  Agreement, Work-Study Agreement (Student Services)
FORMS: 22-8691 22-8692 22-8692A 22-8692B

OMB NO: 2900-0212    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:450            HOURS:113            COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance Statement
FORMS: 29-8636

OMB NO: 2900-0215    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:20             HOURS:3              COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Information to Make Direct Payment to Child Reaching
FORMS: 21-863

OMB NO: 2900-0216    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:4,600          HOURS:2,300          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Accrued Amouts Due a Deceased Beneficiary
FORMS: 21-601

OMB NO: 2900-0219    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:2,375,500      HOURS:394,667        COSTS(000):$0
  CHAMPVA Benefits - Application, Claim, Other Health Insurance &
  Potential Liability
FORMS: 10-10D 10-7959A 10-7959C 10-7959D

OMB NO: 2900-0222    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:334,000        HOURS:83,500         COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker for
  Installation in Private or State Veterans Cemetery
FORMS: 40-1330

OMB NO: 2900-0227    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:546,600        HOURS:207,287        COSTS(000):$0
  Nation-wide Customer Satisfaction Surveys
FORMS: 10-0142B 10-1465-1 10-1465-3 10-5387

OMB NO: 2900-0249    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:40,000         HOURS:16,667         COSTS(000):$0
  Loan Service Report
FORMS: 26-6808

OMB NO: 2900-0251    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:175,000        HOURS:29,167         COSTS(000):$0
  VA Form 26-8778, Request to Lender for Status of Loan Account-LCS
FORMS: 26-8778

OMB NO: 2900-0252    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:120            HOURS:50             COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Authority to Close Loans on an Automatic Basis -
  Nonsupervised Lenders
FORMS: 26-8736

OMB NO: 2900-0253    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:3,000          HOURS:1,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Nonsupervised Lender's Nomination and Recommendation of Credit
FORMS: 26-8736A

OMB NO: 2900-0260    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:1,000,000      HOURS:33,333         COSTS(000):$0
  Request for and Authorization to Release Medical Records or
  Health Information, Individual's Request for a Copy of Their Own
  Health Information
FORMS: 10-5345 10-5345A

OMB NO: 2900-0261    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:50,000         HOURS:8,333          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Refund of Educational Contributions
FORMS: 24-5281

OMB NO: 2900-0262    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:2,000          HOURS:333            COSTS(000):$0
  Designationof Certifying Official
FORMS: 22-8794

OMB NO: 2900-0265    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:417            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Counseling
FORMS: 28-8832

OMB NO: 2900-0270    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:3,750          COSTS(000):$0
  Financial Counseling Statement
FORMS: 26-8844

OMB NO: 2900-0300    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:75             HOURS:25             COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans Application for Assistance in Acquiring Special Housing
FORMS: 26-4555D

OMB NO: 2900-0317    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:2,400          HOURS:200            COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Identifying Information RE: Veteran's Loan Records
FORMS: 26-626

OMB NO: 2900-0319    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:17,600         HOURS:1,467          COSTS(000):$0
  Fiduciary Agreement
FORMS: 21-4703

OMB NO: 2900-0320    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:1,250          HOURS:625            COSTS(000):$0
  Escrow Agreement for Postponed Exterior Onsite Improvements
FORMS: 26-1849

OMB NO: 2900-0321    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:331,400        HOURS:27,616         COSTS(000):$0
  Appointment of Veterans Service Organization as Claimant's
  Representative 'and' Appointment of Individual as Claimant's
FORMS: 21-22 21-22A

OMB NO: 2900-0324    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:1,440          HOURS:1,080          COSTS(000):$0
  Supplemental Physical Examination Report
FORMS: 29-8146 29-8158 29-8160

OMB NO: 2900-0325    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:13,600         HOURS:1,133          COSTS(000):$0
  Certificate of Delivery of Advance Payment and Enrollment
FORMS: 22-1999V

OMB NO: 2900-0335    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:12,460         HOURS:4,153          COSTS(000):$0
  Dental Record Authorization and Invoice for Outpatient Service
FORMS: 10-2570D

OMB NO: 2900-0342    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:300            HOURS:300            COSTS(000):$0
  'Other On-the-Job Training and Apprenticeship Training Agreement
  and Standards' and 'Employer's Application to Provide Job
FORMS: 22-8864 22-8865

OMB NO: 2900-0353    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:7,200          HOURS:1,200          COSTS(000):$0
  Certification of Lessons Completed (Under Chapters 30, 32, and
  35, Title 38, U.S.C.; Chapter 31, 110, 1606 and 1607, Title 10,
  U.S.C., and Section 903, Public Law 96-342)
FORMS: 22-6553B 22-6553B-1

OMB NO: 2900-0355    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:84,000         HOURS:14,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Verification of Pursuit of Course (Leading to a Standard College
FORMS: 22-6553

OMB NO: 2900-0358    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:18,300         HOURS:9,150          COSTS(000):$0
  Supplemental Information for Change of Program or Reenrollment
  After Unsatisfactory Attendance, Conduct or Progress
FORMS: 22-8873

OMB NO: 2900-0362    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:26,806         HOURS:26,139         COSTS(000):$0
  VA Form 26-1874, Claim Under Loan Guaranty, and VA Form 1874a,
  Claim Form Addendum - Adjustable Rate Mortgages
FORMS: 26-1874 26-1874A

OMB NO: 2900-0365    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:329            HOURS:55             COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Disinterment
FORMS: 40-4970

OMB NO: 2900-0368    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:3,600          HOURS:1,800          COSTS(000):$0
  Monthly Statement of Wages Paid to Trainee
FORMS: 28-1917

OMB NO: 2900-0376    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:36,000         HOURS:12,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Agent Orange Registry Code Sheet
FORMS: 10-9009

OMB NO: 2900-0377    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:480            HOURS:240            COSTS(000):$0
  Claim for Repurchase of Loan
FORMS: 26-8084

OMB NO: 2900-0379    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:129,000        HOURS:10,750         COSTS(000):$0
  Time Record (Work-Study Program)
FORMS: 22-8690

OMB NO: 2900-0381    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:25,000         HOURS:4,167          COSTS(000):$0
  Notice for Election to Convey and/or Invoice for Transfer of
FORMS: 26-8903

OMB NO: 2900-0386    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:40,000         HOURS:6,667          COSTS(000):$0
  Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan Worksheet
FORMS: 26-8923

OMB NO: 2900-0390    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:1,800          HOURS:600            COSTS(000):$0
  Application of Surviving Spouse or Child for REPS Benefits
  (Restored Entitlement Program for Survivors)
FORMS: VA-21-8924

OMB NO: 2900-0393    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:20,845         HOURS:20,845         COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation (VAAR)
  Part 813

OMB NO: 2900-0394    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:1,200          HOURS:300            COSTS(000):$0
  Certification of School Attendance-REPS
FORMS: VA-21-8926

OMB NO: 2900-0399    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:5,300          HOURS:1,767          COSTS(000):$0
  Student Beneficiary Report - REPS (Restored Entitlement Program
  for Survivors)
FORMS: VA-21-9038 VA-21-8938-1

OMB NO: 2900-0404    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:24,000         HOURS:18,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Veteran's Application for Increased Compensation Based on
FORMS: 21-8940

OMB NO: 2900-0405    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:1,200          HOURS:300            COSTS(000):$0
  REPS Annual Eligibility Report (Under the Provisions of Section
  156, Public Law 97-377)
FORMS: 21-8941

OMB NO: 2900-0406    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:75,000         HOURS:6,250          COSTS(000):$0
  Verification of VA Benefit-Related Indebtedness
FORMS: 26-8937

OMB NO: 2900-0408    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:110            HOURS:36             COSTS(000):$0
  Manufactured Home Loan Claim Under Loan Guaranty (Manufactured
  Home Unit Only)/Manufactured Home Loan Claim Under Loan Guaranty
  (Manufactured Home Unit and Lot or Lot Only)
FORMS: 26-8629 26-8630

OMB NO: 2900-0418    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:1,600          HOURS:530            COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation Sections
  809.106-1 and 809.504(d) and Clause 852.209-70

OMB NO: 2900-0422    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:4,025          HOURS:5,584          COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation Clauses
  852-236-72, Alternate I to 852.236-80, 852.236-82, 852.236-83,
  852.236-84, and 852.236-88

OMB NO: 2900-0427    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:1,050          HOURS:1,575          COSTS(000):$0
  Former POW Medical History
FORMS: 10-0048

OMB NO: 2900-0455    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:228            HOURS:247            COSTS(000):$0
  Equal Opportunity Compliance Review Report and Supplement to
  Equal Opportunity Compliance Review Report
FORMS: 20-8734 20-8734A

OMB NO: 2900-0458    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:70,000         HOURS:11,667         COSTS(000):$0
  Certification of School Attendance or Termination
FORMS: VA-21-8960 VA-21-8960-1

OMB NO: 2900-0463    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:21,000         HOURS:3,500          COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Waiver of VA Compensation or Pension to Receive
  Military Pay and Allowances
FORMS: 21-8951 21-8951-2

OMB NO: 2900-0465    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:2,000,000      HOURS:45,575         COSTS(000):$0
  Student Verification of Enrollment
FORMS: 22-8979

OMB NO: 2900-0469    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:2,078          HOURS:1,039          COSTS(000):$0
  Certificate Showing Residence and Heirs of Deceased Veteran or
FORMS: 29-541

OMB NO: 2900-0474    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:425,000        HOURS:14,167         COSTS(000):$0
  Create Payment Request for the VA Funding Fee Payment System (VA
  FFPS); A Computer Generated Funding Fee Receipt
FORMS: 26-8986

OMB NO: 2900-0492    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:3,000          HOURS:1,500          COSTS(000):$0
  VA MATIC Authorization
FORMS: 29-0532-1

OMB NO: 2900-0495    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:2,270          HOURS:189            COSTS(000):$0
  Marital Status Questionnaire
FORMS: 21-0537

OMB NO: 2900-0500    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:84,500         HOURS:14,083         COSTS(000):$0
  Status of Dependents Questionnaire
FORMS: 21-0538

OMB NO: 2900-0501    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:540            HOURS:45             COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) Inquiry
FORMS: 29-0543

OMB NO: 2900-0503    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:240            HOURS:240            COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance Change of Address Statement
FORMS: 29-0563

OMB NO: 2900-0510    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:2,700          HOURS:2,025          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Exclusion of Children's Income
FORMS: 21-0571

OMB NO: 2900-0518    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:30,000         HOURS:15,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Income Verification
FORMS: 21-0161A

OMB NO: 2900-0519    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:450            HOURS:338            COSTS(000):$0
  Locality Pay System for Nurses and Other Health Care Personnel
FORMS: 10-0132

OMB NO: 2900-0521    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:650,000        HOURS:125,000        COSTS(000):$0
  Credit Underwriting Standards and Procedures for Processing VA
  Guaranteed Loans
FORMS: 26-1820 26-8497 26-8947A

OMB NO: 2900-0523    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:200,000        HOURS:100,000        COSTS(000):$0
  Loan Analysis
FORMS: 26-6393

OMB NO: 2900-0524    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:1,500          HOURS:250            COSTS(000):$0
  VA Police Officer Pre-Employment Screening Checklist
FORMS: VA-0120

OMB NO: 2900-0525    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:1,250          COSTS(000):$0
  VA MATIC Change
FORMS: 29-0165

OMB NO: 2900-0539    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:10,000         HOURS:3,333          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Supplemental Service Disabled Veterans Insurance
FORMS: 29-0188 29-0189 29-0190

OMB NO: 2900-0545    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:1,500          HOURS:1,125          COSTS(000):$0
  Report of Medical, Legal, and Other Expenses Incident to
  Recovery for Injury or Death
FORMS: 21-8416B

OMB NO: 2900-0546    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:16,500         HOURS:2,750          COSTS(000):$0
  Gravesite Reservation Survey (2 Year)
FORMS: FL-40-40

OMB NO: 2900-0548    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:859            HOURS:86             COSTS(000):$0
  Customer Satisfaction with Hearing Survey Card
FORMS: 0745

OMB NO: 2900-0554    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:1,015          HOURS:14,340         COSTS(000):$0
  Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program
FORMS: 10-0361

OMB NO: 2900-0556    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:256,253        HOURS:128,127        COSTS(000):$0
  Advanced Directive - Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney
FORMS: 10-0137

OMB NO: 2900-0559    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:65             HOURS:65             COSTS(000):$0
  State Cemetery Data Sheet
FORMS: 40-0241

OMB NO: 2900-0564    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:96,000         HOURS:3,200          COSTS(000):$0
  Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
FORMS: 24-0296 24-0296IDD

OMB NO: 2900-0565    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:3,100          HOURS:1,550          COSTS(000):$0
  State Application for Interment Allowance Under 38 U.S.C.
  Chapter 23
FORMS: 21-530A

OMB NO: 2900-0567    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:44,363         HOURS:1,479          COSTS(000):$0
  Presidential Memorail Certificate (PMC)
FORMS: 40-0247

OMB NO: 2900-0568    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:8,000          HOURS:2,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Submission of School Catalog to the State Approving Agency

OMB NO: 2900-0569    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:131,587        HOURS:22,912         COSTS(000):$0
  VA Voluntary Customer Surveys to Implement E.O. 12862

OMB NO: 2900-0570    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:377,541        HOURS:108,617        COSTS(000):$0
  Generic Veterans Health Administration Customer Satisfaction

OMB NO: 2900-0571    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:30,090         HOURS:13,398         COSTS(000):$0
  Generic Clearance for NCA, and IG Customer Satisfaction Surveys

OMB NO: 2900-0572    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:430            HOURS:72             COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Benefits for Certain Children with Disabilities
  Born of Vietnam and Certain Korea Service Veterans
FORMS: 21-0304

OMB NO: 2900-0576    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:2,700          HOURS:135            COSTS(000):$0
  Certificate of Affirmation of Enrollment Agreement -
  Correspondence Course (Under Chapters 20, 32, & 35, Title 38
  U.S.C. Section 903 of PL 96-342, or Chapter....
FORMS: 22-1999C

OMB NO: 2900-0577    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:75             HOURS:19             COSTS(000):$0
  Award Attachment for Certain Children with Disabilities Born of
  Vietnam and Certain Korea Service Veterans
FORMS: 21-0307

OMB NO: 2900-0578    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:31,400         HOURS:3,400          COSTS(000):$0
  Health Care for Certain Children of Vietnam Veterans - Spina
  Bifida and Covered Birth Defects - Regulation
FORMS: 10-7959E

OMB NO: 2900-0579    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:60             HOURS:15             COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Vocational Training Benefits - Certain Children of
  Vietnam (Title 38 CFR 21.8014)

OMB NO: 2900-0580    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:600            HOURS:63             COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Transportation Expense Reimbursement (Title 38 CFR

OMB NO: 2900-0583    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:376,000        HOURS:94,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Regulation for Informed Consent for Patient Care (Title 38 CFR

OMB NO: 2900-0585    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:10,000         HOURS:1,666          COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Clause 852.211-77, Brand Name or Equal
  (was 852.210-77)

OMB NO: 2900-0586    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:100            HOURS:50             COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Provision 852.211-75, Technical
  Industry Standards

OMB NO: 2900-0587    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:15,000         HOURS:2,500          COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Clause 852.211-70, Service Data Manual
  (previously 852.210-70)

OMB NO: 2900-0588    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:30             HOURS:150            COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Provision 852.211-74, Special Notice
  (previously 852.210-74)

OMB NO: 2900-0589    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:17             COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Provision 852.270-3, Shellfish

OMB NO: 2900-0590    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:2,030          HOURS:1,015          COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations Clauses
  852.237-7, 852.237-71, and 852.207-70

OMB NO: 2900-0593    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:346,000        HOURS:960            COSTS(000):$0
  VA Acquisition Regulation Provision 852.214-70, Caution to
  Bidders - Bid Envelopes

OMB NO: 2900-0594    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:1,668          COSTS(000):$0
  Election to Apply Selected Reserve Service to Either Montgomery
  GI Bill - Active Duty or to the Montgomery GI Bill - Selected
  Reserve - 38 CFR 21.7042 and 21.7540

OMB NO: 2900-0600    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:101,652        HOURS:50,826         COSTS(000):$0
  Regulation for Reconsideration of Denied Claims

OMB NO: 2900-0601    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:78             HOURS:39             COSTS(000):$0
  Loan Guaranty: Requirements for Interest Rate Reduction
  Refinancing Loans

OMB NO: 2900-0605    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:20             HOURS:15             COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Accreditation as a Claims Agent

OMB NO: 2900-0606    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:400            HOURS:800            COSTS(000):$0
  Regulation for Submission of Evidence - Title 38 CFR 17.1C1(a)(2)

OMB NO: 2900-0609    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:42,200         HOURS:10,900         COSTS(000):$0
  Survey of Veteran Enrollees' Health and Reliance Upon VA
FORMS: 10-21034G

OMB NO: 2900-0610    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:10             HOURS:8              COSTS(000):$0
  Ecclesiastical Endorsing Organization, Request to Designate
  Ecclesiastical Endorsing Official
FORMS: VA-10-0379

OMB NO: 2900-0613    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:1,800          HOURS:600            COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping at Flight Schools

OMB NO: 2900-0616    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:1,500          HOURS:250            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Furnishing Nursing Home and Residential Home Care
FORMS: 10-1170 10-2407

OMB NO: 2900-0618    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:200            HOURS:40             COSTS(000):$0
  Application by Insured Terminally Ill Person for Accelerated

OMB NO: 2900-0619    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:30,000         HOURS:5,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Inquiry Routing and Information System (IRIS)

OMB NO: 2900-0620    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:294,373        HOURS:147,187        COSTS(000):$0
  Payment/Reimbursement for Emergency Services for
  Nonservice-Connected Conditions in Non-VA Facilities, 38 U.S.C.

OMB NO: 2900-0621    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:1,350          HOURS:2,750          COSTS(000):$0
  National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Regulations & VAF
  10-0376a, Credentials Transfer Brief
FORMS: 10-0376A

OMB NO: 2900-0622    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:40             HOURS:20             COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation (VAAR)
  Clause 852.236-89, Buy American Act

OMB NO: 2900-0623    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:1,536          HOURS:778            COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation Clause
  852.236-91, Special Notes

OMB NO: 2900-0624    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:372,209        HOURS:31,017         COSTS(000):$0
  Obligation to Report Factors Affecting Entitlement (38 CFR
  3.204(a)(1), 38 CFR 3.256(a) and 38 CFR 3.277(b))

OMB NO: 2900-0629    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:6,000          HOURS:9,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Extended Care Services
FORMS: 10-10EC

OMB NO: 2900-0630    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:500,000        HOURS:83,333         COSTS(000):$0
  Regulation on Application for Fisher Houses and Other Temporary
FORMS: 10-0408

OMB NO: 2900-0635    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:1,200          HOURS:200            COSTS(000):$0
  Suspension of Monthly Check
FORMS: 29-0759

OMB NO: 2900-0636    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:21,727         HOURS:1,086          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Accelerated Payment; Certifications Required from
  Individuals Electing Accelerated Payments; and Agreement with
  Educational Institution

OMB NO: 2900-0646    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:181,723        HOURS:30,287         COSTS(000):$0
  Medication Prescribed by Non-VA Physicians
FORMS: 10-0411

OMB NO: 2900-0648    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:19,920         HOURS:3,652          COSTS(000):$0
  Claim Cover Sheet for Foreign Medical Program
FORMS: 10-7959F

OMB NO: 2900-0649    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:3,822          HOURS:1,808          COSTS(000):$0
  VA Cooperative Study Project #500A, National Registry of
  Veterans with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
FORMS: 10-21047(NR) 10-21047A(NR) 10-1086

OMB NO: 2900-0652    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:50,000         HOURS:8,333          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Nursing Home Information in Connection with Claim
  for Aid and Attendance
FORMS: 21-0779

OMB NO: 2900-0653    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:7,382          HOURS:1,760          COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans Survey on Bio-Terrorism
FORMS: 10-21074(NR)

OMB NO: 2900-0654    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:14,000         HOURS:5,834          COSTS(000):$0
  Annual Certification of Veteran Status and Veteran-Relatives
FORMS: 20-0344

OMB NO: 2900-0655    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:1,250          HOURS:417            COSTS(000):$0
  Residency Verification Report-Veterans and Survivors
FORMS: 21-914

OMB NO: 2900-0657    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:150            HOURS:25             COSTS(000):$0
  Conflicting Interests Certification for Proprietary Schools
FORMS: 22-1919

OMB NO: 2900-0658    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:83             COSTS(000):$0
  Lender Appraisal Processing Program Certification
FORMS: 26-0785

OMB NO: 2900-0659    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:15,240         HOURS:17,780         COSTS(000):$0
  Statement in Support of Claim for Service Connection for
  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Statement in Support of
  Claim for Service Connection for Post-Traumatic Stress...
FORMS: 21-0781 21-0781A

OMB NO: 2900-0660    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:1,250          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Contact Information
FORMS: 21-30

OMB NO: 2900-0661    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:60             HOURS:360            COSTS(000):$0
  Forms and Regulatons for Grants to States for Construction and
  Acquisition of State Home Facilities
FORMS: 10-0388

OMB NO: 2900-0662    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:183            HOURS:46             COSTS(000):$0
  Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint
FORMS: 10-0381

OMB NO: 2900-0663    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:7,000          HOURS:1,167          COSTS(000):$0
  Pay Now Enter Info Page

OMB NO: 2900-0665    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:30,000         HOURS:10,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change
FORMS: 29-0309

OMB NO: 2900-0666    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:25,000         HOURS:12,500         COSTS(000):$0
  Information Regarding Apportionment of Beneficiary's Award
FORMS: 21-0788

OMB NO: 2900-0668    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:120            HOURS:30             COSTS(000):$0
  Supplemental Income Questionnaire (For Philippine Claims Only)
FORMS: 21-0784

OMB NO: 2900-0669    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:13,501         HOURS:3,375          COSTS(000):$0
  Claim for Credit of Annual Leave
FORMS: 0862

OMB NO: 2900-0670    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:7,500          HOURS:1,875          COSTS(000):$0
  Fiduciary Statement in Support of Appointment
FORMS: 21-0792

OMB NO: 2900-0671    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:950            HOURS:475            COSTS(000):$0
  Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) Regulation

OMB NO: 2900-0673    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:100,000        HOURS:8,333          COSTS(000):$0
  Request for One-VA Identification Card
FORMS: 0711

OMB NO: 2900-0674    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:108,931        HOURS:108,931        COSTS(000):$0
  Clarification of a Notice of Disagreement

OMB NO: 2900-0675    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:6,000          HOURS:2,500          COSTS(000):$0
  VetBiz Vendor Information Pages

OMB NO: 2900-0676    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:83             COSTS(000):$0
  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Acquisition Center
  Customer Response Survey
FORMS: 0863

OMB NO: 2900-0677    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:1,200          HOURS:1,200          COSTS(000):$0
  Contract for Training and Employment (Chapter 31, Title 38 U.S.
FORMS: 28-1903

OMB NO: 2900-0678    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:600            HOURS:150            COSTS(000):$0
  Agreement to Train On The Job Disabled Veterans
FORMS: 28-1904

OMB NO: 2900-0679    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:120            HOURS:20             COSTS(000):$0
  Certification of Change or Correction of Name
FORMS: 29-586

OMB NO: 2900-0680    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:24,739         HOURS:12,703         COSTS(000):$0
  Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission Survey


239 23,870,176 6,243,008 $0

Environmental Protection Agency
Policy Planning and Evaluation
OMB NO: 2010-0026    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:30             HOURS:888            COSTS(000):$0
  Regulatory Pilot Projects (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-1755.07

OMB NO: 2010-0032    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:277            HOURS:113,439        COSTS(000):$0
  Implementation of Incentives Designed for EPA's National
  Environ- mental Performance Track Program (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1949.03

OMB NO: 2010-0039    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:18,190         HOURS:2,871          COSTS(000):$0
  Obtaining Feedback on Public Involvement Activities and Processes
FORMS: 2151.01


3 18,497 117,198 $0
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
OMB NO: 2020-0003    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:1,101          HOURS:6,521          COSTS(000):$0
  Confidentiality Rules
FORMS: 1665.06

OMB NO: 2020-0007    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:22             HOURS:1,548          COSTS(000):$4
  Environmental Impact Assessment of Nongovernmental Activities in
  Antarctica (Renewal)
FORMS: 1808.04

OMB NO: 2020-0015    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:25,776         HOURS:3,973          COSTS(000):$0
  Assessment of Compliance Assistance Projects (Renewal)
FORMS: 1860.03

OMB NO: 2020-0020    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:56             HOURS:4,480          COSTS(000):$0
  Annual Public Water Systems Compliance Report (Renewal)
FORMS: 1812.03

OMB NO: 2020-0029    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:150            HOURS:225            COSTS(000):$0
  Region 7 Lead Education and Awareness Project in St. Louis, MO.
FORMS: 2161.01

OMB NO: 2020-0031    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:13             HOURS:5,122          COSTS(000):$0
  State Review Framework
FORMS: 2185.01

OMB NO: 2020-0032    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:3,600          HOURS:1,800          COSTS(000):$0
  Tips and Complaints Regarding Environmental Violations
FORMS: 2219.01


7 30,718 23,669 $4
Office of Environmental Information
OMB NO: 2025-0003    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:220,826        HOURS:151,963        COSTS(000):$5,115
  Cross-Media Electronic Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule (Final
FORMS: 2002.03

OMB NO: 2025-0006    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:450            HOURS:450            COSTS(000):$0
  Exchange Network Performance Survey
FORMS: 2207.01


2 221,276 152,413 $5,115
Administration and Resources Management
OMB NO: 2030-0005    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:4,356          HOURS:121,968        COSTS(000):$44
  Monthly Progress Reports (Renewal)
FORMS: 1039.11

OMB NO: 2030-0006    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:981            HOURS:219,015        COSTS(000):$0
  Invitation for Bids and Request for Proposals (IFBs and RFPs)
FORMS: 1038.11

OMB NO: 2030-0016    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:47             HOURS:32             COSTS(000):$1
  Contractor Cumulative Claim and Reconciliation (Renewal)
FORMS: 0246.09 1900-10

OMB NO: 2030-0020    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:6,105          HOURS:108,887        COSTS(000):$0
  General Administrative Requirements for Assistance Programs
FORMS: 0938.11 4700-4 5700-53 5700-54 5770-2 5770-3 5770-4 5770-5
5770-7 5770-8

OMB NO: 2030-0023    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:80             HOURS:145,640        COSTS(000):$0
  Conflict of Interest, Rule #1
FORMS: 1550.06

OMB NO: 2030-0043    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:1,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Background Checks for Contractor Employees (Renewal)
FORMS: 2159.02

OMB NO: 2030-0044    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:450            HOURS:450            COSTS(000):$0
  Drug Testing for Contractor Employees (Renewal)
FORMS: 2183.02


7 13,019 596,992 $45
OMB NO: 2040-0004    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:583,987        HOURS:14,164,582     COSTS(000):$0
  NPDES and Sewage Sludge Monitoring Reports (Renewal)
FORMS: 0229.16 3320-1

OMB NO: 2040-0009    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:103,148        HOURS:1,945,459      COSTS(000):$10
  National Pretreatment Program: Streamlining Final Rule
FORMS: 0002.12

OMB NO: 2040-0027    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:147            HOURS:26,588         COSTS(000):$0
  Construction Grants Program
FORMS: 0827.06

OMB NO: 2040-0042    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:478,189        HOURS:1,336,057      COSTS(000):$89,415
  Information Collection Request for the Revision to Federal UIC
  Requirements for Class I Municipal Wells in Flordia (Final Rule)
FORMS: 0370.20

OMB NO: 2040-0049    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:264            HOURS:260,714        COSTS(000):$0
  Water Quality Standards Regulation (Renewal)
FORMS: 0988.09

OMB NO: 2040-0050    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:1,550          COSTS(000):$0
  Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (Renewal)
FORMS: 0318.10

OMB NO: 2040-0057    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:19,226         HOURS:966,966        COSTS(000):$0
  NPDES and Sewage Sludge Management State Programs
FORMS: 0168.08

OMB NO: 2040-0068    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:13,137         HOURS:303,997        COSTS(000):$0
  NPDES Modification and Variance Requests
FORMS: 0029.08

OMB NO: 2040-0071    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:59             HOURS:3,740,017      COSTS(000):$0
  National Water Quality Inventory Reports (Clean Water Act
  Sections 305(b), 303(d), 314(a) and 106(e))
FORMS: 1560.07

OMB NO: 2040-0086    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:291,898        HOURS:1,399,981      COSTS(000):$0
  Applications for NPDES Discharge Permits and the Sewage Sludge
  Management Permits
FORMS: 0226.17 3510-1 3510-2A 3510-2B 3510-2C 3510-2D 3510-2E 3510-2F
3510-2S 3510-6

OMB NO: 2040-0088    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:116            HOURS:61,377         COSTS(000):$0
  Modification of Secondary Treatment Requirements for Discharges
  into Marine Waters
FORMS: 0138.08

OMB NO: 2040-0090    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:499,506        HOURS:3,226,027      COSTS(000):$20,630
  Public Water System Supervision Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 0270.42

OMB NO: 2040-0095    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:42             HOURS:2,071          COSTS(000):$0
  Construction Grants Delegation to States
FORMS: 0909.07

OMB NO: 2040-0101    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:290            HOURS:2,030          COSTS(000):$0
  Questionnaire for Nominees for the Annual National Clean Water
  Act Recognition Awards Program
FORMS: 1287.07

OMB NO: 2040-0110    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:446,224        HOURS:1,809,580      COSTS(000):$0
  NPDES Compliance Assessment/Certification Information (Renewal)
FORMS: 1427.07

OMB NO: 2040-0118    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:3,009          HOURS:339,405        COSTS(000):$0
  Clean Water Act State Revolving Fund Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 1391.07

OMB NO: 2040-0138    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:65             HOURS:6,113          COSTS(000):$0
  National Estuary Program
FORMS: ICR-1500.05

OMB NO: 2040-0153    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:22             HOURS:3,250          COSTS(000):$0
  Approval of State Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Programs
  (CZARA Section 6217)
FORMS: 1569.05

OMB NO: 2040-0164    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:136            HOURS:389            COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting Requirements under EPA's Water Alliances for Voluntary
  Efficiency (WAVE) Program
FORMS: 1654.04

OMB NO: 2040-0168    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:20,006         HOURS:101,360        COSTS(000):$0
  Clean Water Act Section 404 State-Assumed Programs
FORMS: 0220.09

OMB NO: 2040-0170    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:1,286          HOURS:400,542        COSTS(000):$156
  Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy (Renewal)
FORMS: 1680.04

OMB NO: 2040-0180    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,257          HOURS:122,863        COSTS(000):$0
  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Great Lakes
  Water Quality Guidance
FORMS: 1639.04

OMB NO: 2040-0185    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:1,428          HOURS:194,935        COSTS(000):$0
  Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program
FORMS: 1803.04

OMB NO: 2040-0187    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:16             HOURS:2,207          COSTS(000):$2
  Establishing No-Discharge Zones (NDZs) Under Clean Water Act
  Section 312(Renewal)
FORMS: 1791.04

OMB NO: 2040-0188    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:201,259        HOURS:7,920,245      COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Intent for Storm Water Discharges Associatd with
  Construction Activity under a NPDES General Permit
FORMS: ICR-1842.04 3510-9

OMB NO: 2040-0189    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:130            HOURS:312            COSTS(000):$1
  National Health Protection Survey of Beaches
FORMS: 1814.03

OMB NO: 2040-0197    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:52             HOURS:150,931        COSTS(000):$1,523
  EPA Strategic Plan Information on Source Water Assessment and
  Protection (Renewal)
FORMS: 1816.03

OMB NO: 2040-0202    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:29             HOURS:1,418          COSTS(000):$0
  Milestones Plans for the Bleached Papergrad Kraft and Soda Sub-
  category of the Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing Category
FORMS: 1877.03

OMB NO: 2040-0204    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:17,570,596     HOURS:6,427,048      COSTS(000):$194,768
  Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts, Chemical and Radionu-
  clides Rule (Renewal)
FORMS: 1896.05

OMB NO: 2040-0205    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:11,263,556     HOURS:8,624,865      COSTS(000):$96,939
  Microbial Rules (Renewal)
FORMS: 1895.03

OMB NO: 2040-0207    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:128            HOURS:60,262         COSTS(000):$0
  Best management Practices (BMP) for the Bleached Papergrade
  Kraft and Soda Subcategory and the Papergrade Kraft Sulfite Sub-
  category of the Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Point Source Category.
FORMS: 1829.03

OMB NO: 2040-0211    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:205,862        HOURS:4,958,353      COSTS(000):$0
  NPDES Storm Water Program Phase II
FORMS: 1820.03

OMB NO: 2040-0226    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:92             HOURS:3,565          COSTS(000):$1
  National Listing of Advisories
FORMS: 1959.02

OMB NO: 2040-0235    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:183            HOURS:17,869         COSTS(000):$0
  Pollution Prevention Compliance Alternative; Transportation
  Equipment Cleaning (TEC) Point Source Category (Renewal)
FORMS: 2018.02

OMB NO: 2040-0238    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:138            HOURS:322            COSTS(000):$0
  National Wastewater Operator Training and Technical Assistance
  Program - CWA 104(g)(1)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1977.02

OMB NO: 2040-0239    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:88             HOURS:7,245          COSTS(000):$0
  Baseline Standards and Best Management Practices for the Coal
  Mining Point Source Category - Coal Remining Subcategory and
  Western Alkaline Coal Mining Subcategory (Renewal)
FORMS: 1944.03

OMB NO: 2040-0241    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:373            HOURS:76,268         COSTS(000):$1,942
  Cooling Water Intake Structures - New Facility (Renewal)
FORMS: 1973.03

OMB NO: 2040-0242    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:80             HOURS:480            COSTS(000):$0
  Certification in Lieu of Chloroform Minimum Monitoring Require-
  ments for Direct and Indirect Discharging Mills in the Bleached
  Papergrade Kraft and Soda Subcategory of the Pulp, Paper and ....
FORMS: 2015.02

OMB NO: 2040-0243    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:104            HOURS:37,544         COSTS(000):$13,819
  Minimum Monitoring Requirements for Direct and Indirect
  Discharg- ing Mills in the Bleached Papergrade Kraft and Soda
  Subcategory and the Papergrade Sulfite Subcategory of the Point
  Source ...
FORMS: 1878.02

OMB NO: 2040-0244    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:40             HOURS:94,947         COSTS(000):$3,750
  BEACH Act Grant Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 2048.02

OMB NO: 2040-0246    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:65             HOURS:3,980          COSTS(000):$109
  Laboratory Quality Assurance Evalution Program for Analysis of
  Cryptosporidum Under the Safe Drinking Water Act
FORMS: 2067.03

OMB NO: 2040-0250    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:100,879        HOURS:1,890,000      COSTS(000):$7,900
  Final NPDES and ELG Regulatory Revision for Concentrated Animal
  Feeding Operations
FORMS: 1989.02

OMB NO: 2040-0253    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:22,499         HOURS:2,913,929      COSTS(000):$82
  Title IV of the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Pre-
  paredness and Response Act of 2002: Drinking Water Security and
FORMS: 2103.02

OMB NO: 2040-0257    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:2,699          HOURS:1,700,392      COSTS(000):$20,999
  Cooling Water Intake Structures Phase II Existing Facility
  (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2060.02

OMB NO: 2040-0258    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:88             HOURS:45,000         COSTS(000):$0
  Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production Effluent Guidelines
  (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2087.02

OMB NO: 2040-0260    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:30             HOURS:1,270          COSTS(000):$1
  Survey Questionnaire to Determine the Effectiveness, Costs, and
  Impacts of Sewage and Graywater Treatment Devices for Large
  Cruise Ships Operating in Alaska.
FORMS: 2133.01 7500-64

OMB NO: 2040-0265    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:51,171         HOURS:228,529        COSTS(000):$9,800
  The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations; Stage 2 Dis-
  infectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2068.02

OMB NO: 2040-0266    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:226,029        HOURS:141,295        COSTS(000):$7,016
  The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations; Long Term 2
  Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2097.02

OMB NO: 2040-0267    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:763            HOURS:39,496         COSTS(000):$8
  Survey of Airport Deicing Operations
FORMS: 2171.01

OMB NO: 2040-0268    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:22             HOURS:11,238         COSTS(000):$576
  Cooling Water Intake Structures at Phase III Facilities (Final
FORMS: 2169.02


50 32,111,413 65,774,863 $469,447
Solid Waste and Emergency Response
OMB NO: 2050-0009    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:74             HOURS:12,209         COSTS(000):$2,468
  Part B Permit Application, Permit Modifications and Special
  Permits (Renewal)
FORMS: 1573.10

OMB NO: 2050-0021    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:623,288        HOURS:2,385,701      COSTS(000):$51,759
  Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
FORMS: 0328.11

OMB NO: 2050-0024    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:569,273        HOURS:165,252        COSTS(000):$30
  2005 Hazardous Waste Report (Renewal)
FORMS: 0976.12 8700-13A/B

OMB NO: 2050-0028    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:55,915         HOURS:100,307        COSTS(000):$235
  Notification of Regulated Waste Activity (Renewal)
FORMS: 0261.15 8700-12

OMB NO: 2050-0033    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:824            HOURS:95,197         COSTS(000):$17,302
  Facility Ground-Water Monioring Requirements (Renewal)
FORMS: 0959.12

OMB NO: 2050-0034    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:34             HOURS:402            COSTS(000):$1
  RCRA Hazardous Waste Permit Application and Modification, Part A
FORMS: ICR-0262.11 8700-23

OMB NO: 2050-0035    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:124,382        HOURS:453,083        COSTS(000):$55
  Hazardous Waste Generator Standards (Renewal)
FORMS: 0820.09

OMB NO: 2050-0039    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:1,762,276      HOURS:3,264,991      COSTS(000):$2,660
  Requirements for Generators, Transporters, and Waste Management
  Facilities under the RCRA Hazardous Waste Manifest System (Final
FORMS: 0801.15 8700-22 8700-22A

OMB NO: 2050-0041    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:50             HOURS:19,968         COSTS(000):$0
  Final Authorization for Hazardous Waste Management
FORMS: 0969.07

OMB NO: 2050-0046    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:24,082         HOURS:98,736         COSTS(000):$0
  Notification of Episodic Releases of Oil and Hazardous
  Substances (Renewal)
FORMS: 1049.10

OMB NO: 2050-0050    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:8,170          HOURS:668,574        COSTS(000):$4,384
  Hazardous Waste Specific Unit Requirements and Special Waste
  Processes and Types (Renewal)
FORMS: 1572.06

OMB NO: 2050-0053    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:37,690         HOURS:75,929         COSTS(000):$8,932
  Identification, Listing and Rulemaking Petitions (Final Rule for
  Wastewater Treatment Exemptions for Hazardous Waste Mixtures)
FORMS: ICR-1189.17

OMB NO: 2050-0062    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:1              HOURS:3,168          COSTS(000):$0
  Land Disposal Restrictions No-Migration Variances
FORMS: 1353.07

OMB NO: 2050-0068    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:500,000        HOURS:6,132,237      COSTS(000):$343,507
  Underground Storage Tanks: Technical and Financial Requirements,
  and State program Approval Procedures (Renewal)
FORMS: 1360.07 7530-1

OMB NO: 2050-0072    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:563,500        HOURS:2,028,700      COSTS(000):$6,390
  Community Right-to-Know Reporting Requirements Under Sections
  311 and 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community
  Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1352.10 8700-29 8700-30

OMB NO: 2050-0073    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:1,969          HOURS:238,785        COSTS(000):$27,059
  Information Requirements for Boilers and Industrial Furnances:
  General Hazardous Waste Facility Standards, Specific Unit
  Requirements, and Part B Permit Application and Modifications ...
FORMS: 1361.10

OMB NO: 2050-0077    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:200            HOURS:1,800          COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Reimbursement to Local Governments for Emergency
  Response to Hazardous Substance Releases Under CERCLA section
  123 (Renewal)
FORMS: 1425.06 9310-1

OMB NO: 2050-0078    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:357            HOURS:3,483          COSTS(000):$0
  Trade Secret Claims for Emergency Planning and Community Right-
  to-Know (EPCRA Section 322)
FORMS: 1428.06 9510-1

OMB NO: 2050-0085    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:142,008        HOURS:822,994        COSTS(000):$61,442
  Land Disposal Restrictions (Renewal)
FORMS: 1442.18

OMB NO: 2050-0086    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:25,657         HOURS:284,154        COSTS(000):$86
  Continuous Release Reporting Regulations (CRRR) under CERCLA
  1980 (Renewal).
FORMS: 1445.06

OMB NO: 2050-0092    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:84,815         HOURS:183,347        COSTS(000):$27
  Emergency Planning and Release Notification Requirements under
  Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Sections 302,
  303, and 304 (Renewal)
FORMS: 1395.06

OMB NO: 2050-0095    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:905            HOURS:150,285        COSTS(000):$0
  Superfund Site Evaluation and Hazard Ranking System (Renewal)
FORMS: 1488.06

OMB NO: 2050-0096    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:8,498          HOURS:71,165         COSTS(000):$850
  National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
FORMS: 1463.06

OMB NO: 2050-0105    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:24,000         HOURS:255,427        COSTS(000):$0
  EPA Worker Protection Standards for Hazardous Waste Operations
  and Emergency Response (Renewal)
FORMS: 1426.07

OMB NO: 2050-0120    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:1,531          HOURS:652,312        COSTS(000):$642
  General Hazardous Waste Facility Standards (Renewal)
FORMS: 1571.08

OMB NO: 2050-0122    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:1,900          HOURS:191,028        COSTS(000):$2,211
  Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for 40 CFR Part 258 -
  Solid Waste Disposal Facilities and Practices
FORMS: 1381.07

OMB NO: 2050-0124    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:1,640          HOURS:460,286        COSTS(000):$10,011
  Used Oil Management Standards Recordkeeping and Reporting
  Requirements (Renewal)
FORMS: 1286.07

OMB NO: 2050-0135    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:10,644         HOURS:634,994        COSTS(000):$21
  Oil Pollution Act Facility Response Plan Requirements (40 CFR
  Part 112)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1630.08

OMB NO: 2050-0139    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:1,625          HOURS:56,700         COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Under EPA's Waste Wise
  Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 1698.06

OMB NO: 2050-0141    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:14             HOURS:390            COSTS(000):$83
  National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency
  Plan, Subpart J
FORMS: 1664.05

OMB NO: 2050-0144    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:4,191          HOURS:98,599         COSTS(000):$7
  Risk Management Program Requirements and Petitions to Modify the
  List of Regulated Substances under Section 112(r) of the Clean
  Air Act
FORMS: 1656.12

OMB NO: 2050-0145    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:124,702        HOURS:193,234        COSTS(000):$4
  Requirements and Exemptions for Specific RCRA Wastes (Final Rule
  for Adding Mercury-Containing Equipment to the Universal Waste
FORMS: 1597.07

OMB NO: 2050-0149    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:33             HOURS:3,005          COSTS(000):$4
  RCRA Expanded Public Participating (Renewal)
FORMS: 1688.05

OMB NO: 2050-0152    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:4              HOURS:968            COSTS(000):$0
  State program Adequacy Determination: Municipal Solid Waste
  Landfills (MSWLFs) and Non-municipal, Non-hazardous Waste
  Disposal Units that Receive Conditionally Exempt Small ...
FORMS: 1608.04

OMB NO: 2050-0154    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:183            HOURS:13,581         COSTS(000):$1,578
  Criteria for Classificatoin of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
  and Practices (Renewal)
FORMS: 1745.05

OMB NO: 2050-0161    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:176            HOURS:4,944          COSTS(000):$26
  Hazardous Remediation Waste Management Requirements (HWIR-Media)
FORMS: 1775.04

OMB NO: 2050-0171    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:3,975          HOURS:201,527        COSTS(000):$5,267
  NESHAP for Hazardous Waste Combustors (40 CFR part 63, subpart
  EEE) (Final Phase 1 Rule)
FORMS: 1773.08

OMB NO: 2050-0172    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:4,417          HOURS:15,840         COSTS(000):$1
  Distribution of Off-site Consequence Analysis Information under
  Section 112(r)(7)(H) of the Clean Air Act (CAA)
FORMS: 1981.02

OMB NO: 2050-0179    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:581            HOURS:6,063          COSTS(000):$0
  Cooperative Agreements and Superfund State Contracts for
  Superfund Response Actions (Renewal)
FORMS: 1487.08

OMB NO: 2050-0182    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:175            HOURS:14,437         COSTS(000):$588
  Standardized Permit for RCRA Hazardous Waste Management
  Facilities (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1935.02

OMB NO: 2050-0190    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:163            HOURS:642            COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting Requirements Under EPA's National Partnership for
  Environmental Priorities (Renewal)
FORMS: 2076.02 6200-01 6200-02

OMB NO: 2050-0192    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:6,101          HOURS:8,683          COSTS(000):$0
  Brownfields Programs - Revitalization Grantee Reporting (Renewal)
FORMS: 2104.02 6200-03 6200-04

OMB NO: 2050-0194    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:70             HOURS:1,050          COSTS(000):$1
  Technology Performance and Product Information to Support Vendor
  Information Summaries (Renewal)
FORMS: 2154.02

OMB NO: 2050-0197    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:271,669        HOURS:546,179        COSTS(000):$880
  Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquires (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2144.02

OMB NO: 2050-0198    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:1,500          HOURS:750            COSTS(000):$0
  CAMEO Software Usability Evaluation Survey
FORMS: 2132.01


45 4,993,262 20,621,106 $548,511
Air and Radiation
OMB NO: 2060-0001    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:123            HOURS:4,642          COSTS(000):$97
  NSPS for Beverage Can Surface Coating - 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart
FORMS: 0663.08

OMB NO: 2060-0002    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:519            HOURS:30,419         COSTS(000):$6,045
  NSPS for Asphalt Processing and Roofing Manufacture (40 CFR part
  60, subpart UU) (Renewal)
FORMS: 0661.08

OMB NO: 2060-0003    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:150,723        HOURS:5,851,126      COSTS(000):$8,613
  Prevention of Significant Deterioration Non-Attainment Area new
  Sources Review (Renewal)
FORMS: 1230.17

OMB NO: 2060-0004    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:132            HOURS:3,224          COSTS(000):$574
  NSPS for Pressure Sensitive Tape and Label Surface Coating (40
  CFR Part 60, Subpart RR)
FORMS: 0658.08

OMB NO: 2060-0006    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:40             HOURS:13,168         COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Bulk Gasoline Terminals (40 CFR Part 60, subpart XX)
FORMS: 0664.08

OMB NO: 2060-0015    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:22,846         HOURS:5,727          COSTS(000):$0
  Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS)
FORMS: 0877.08 7600-8 7600-10

OMB NO: 2060-0016    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:44             HOURS:2,306          COSTS(000):$13
  NSPS for Metallic Mineral Processing Plants (40 CFR part 60,
  subpart LL) (Renewal)
FORMS: 0982.08

OMB NO: 2060-0019    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:51             HOURS:1,290          COSTS(000):$2,468
  NSPS for Nitric Acid Plants (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart G)
FORMS: 1056.08

OMB NO: 2060-0021    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:415            HOURS:15,235         COSTS(000):$3,965
  NSPS for Kraft Pulp Mills (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart BB)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1055.8

OMB NO: 2060-0022    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:285            HOURS:14,134         COSTS(000):$541
  NSPS for Petroleum Refineries (40 CFR part 60, Subpart J)
FORMS: 1054.09

OMB NO: 2060-0023    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,572          HOURS:133,553        COSTS(000):$11,860
  NSPS Subpart Da - Standards of Performance for Electric Utility
  Steam Generating Units
FORMS: 1053.07

OMB NO: 2060-0025    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:248            HOURS:13,806         COSTS(000):$533
  NSPS for Portland Cement Plants (40 CFR part 60, subpart F)
FORMS: 1051.09

OMB NO: 2060-0026    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:1,320          HOURS:61,545         COSTS(000):$9,900
  NSPS Subpart D, Standards of Performance for Fossil-Fuel-Fired
  Steam Generating Units
FORMS: 1052.07

OMB NO: 2060-0028    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:1,070          HOURS:59,519         COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Stationary Gas Turbines (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart GG)
FORMS: 1071.08

OMB NO: 2060-0029    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:12             HOURS:1,896          COSTS(000):$26
  NSPS for Primary and Secondary Emissions from Basic Oxygen
  Furnaces (40 CFR Part 60, Subparts N and Na)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1069.08

OMB NO: 2060-0032    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:8              HOURS:246            COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Ammonium Sulfate Manufacture (40 CFR part 40, subpart
FORMS: 1066.04

OMB NO: 2060-0034    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:210            HOURS:156,362        COSTS(000):$93
  NSPS for Automobile and Light Duty Truck Surface Coating
  Operations (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart MM)
FORMS: 1064.10

OMB NO: 2060-0035    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:113            HOURS:6,214          COSTS(000):$1,990
  NSPS for Sewage Sludge Treatment Plants (40 CFR part 60, sub-
  part O)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1063.09

OMB NO: 2060-0037    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:26             HOURS:1,194          COSTS(000):$320
  NSPS for the Phosphate Fertilizer Industry (40 CFR Part 60, Sub-
  parts T, U, V, W, and X)
FORMS: 1061.09

OMB NO: 2060-0038    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:192            HOURS:60,400         COSTS(000):$290
  NSPS for Steel Plants: Electric Are Furnaces and Argon-Oxygen
  Decarburization Vessels (40 CFR Part 60, Subparts AA and AAa)
  (Final Rule Amendments)
FORMS: 1060.13

OMB NO: 2060-0040    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:164            HOURS:8,393          COSTS(000):$205
  NSPS for Incinerators (40 CFR Part 60, subpart E)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1058.08

OMB NO: 2060-0041    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:206            HOURS:26,177         COSTS(000):$464
  NSPS for Sulfuric Acid Plants (40 CFR part 60, Subpart H)
FORMS: 1057.10

OMB NO: 2060-0043    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:63             HOURS:3,098          COSTS(000):$56
  NESHAP for Inorganic Arsenic Emissions from Glass Manufacturing
  Plants (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart N)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1081.08

OMB NO: 2060-0048    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:30             HOURS:4,417          COSTS(000):$1
  Emission Defect Information Reports and Voluntary Emission
  Recall Reports (Renewal)
FORMS: 0282.13

OMB NO: 2060-0050    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:5,585          HOURS:31,026         COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Nonmetallic Mineral Processing (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart
FORMS: 1084.07

OMB NO: 2060-0054    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:103            HOURS:803            COSTS(000):$238
  NSPS for Glass Manufacturing Plants (40 CFR Part 60 Subpart CC)
FORMS: 1131.08

OMB NO: 2060-0059    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:63             HOURS:1,838          COSTS(000):$188
  NSPS for Synthetic Fiber Production Facility (40 CFR part 60,
  subpart HHH)
FORMS: 1156.09

OMB NO: 2060-0060    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:1              HOURS:258            COSTS(000):$1
  Emission Control System Performance Warranty Regulations and
  Voluntary Aftermarket Part Certification Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 0116.07

OMB NO: 2060-0063    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:82             HOURS:3,773          COSTS(000):$62
  NSPS for Lime Manufacturing (40 CFR part 60, subpart HH)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1167.08

OMB NO: 2060-0067    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:296            HOURS:21,360         COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Equipment Leaks of VOC in Petroleum Refineries (40 CFR
  Part 60, Subpart GGG)(Renewal)
FORMS: 0983.08

OMB NO: 2060-0071    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:196            HOURS:11,825         COSTS(000):$1,260
  NESHAP for Vinyl Chloride (40 CFR part 61, subpart F) (Renewal)
FORMS: 0186.10

OMB NO: 2060-0072    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:2,952          HOURS:591,389        COSTS(000):$26,775
  NSPS for Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating
  Units (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart Db)
FORMS: 1088.10

OMB NO: 2060-0073    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:41             HOURS:593            COSTS(000):$61
  NSPS for Flexible Vinyl and Urethane Coating and Printing (40
  CFR part 60, subpart FFF)
FORMS: 1157.07

OMB NO: 2060-0078    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:1,285          HOURS:1,327          COSTS(000):$0
  Highway Vehicle Activity and Emissions (Renewal)
FORMS: 0619.10

OMB NO: 2060-0079    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:93             HOURS:1,483          COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Petroleum Dry Cleaners (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart JJJ)
FORMS: 0997.07

OMB NO: 2060-0080    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:25             HOURS:38             COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Secondary Lead Smelters (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart L)
FORMS: 1128.07

OMB NO: 2060-0081    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:65             HOURS:4,053          COSTS(000):$12
  NSPS for Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturing (40 CFR part 60, sub-
  part KK) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1072.07

OMB NO: 2060-0082    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:200            HOURS:2,070          COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Grain Elevators (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart DD)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1130.08

OMB NO: 2060-0083    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:4,843          HOURS:17,318         COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart I)
FORMS: 1127.08

OMB NO: 2060-0084    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:520            HOURS:2,404,606      COSTS(000):$81,327
  Ambient Air Quality Surveillance (Renewal)
FORMS: 0940.17

OMB NO: 2060-0086    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:1,800          HOURS:600            COSTS(000):$0
  Investigation into Possible Noncompliance of Motor Vehicles with
  Federal Emissions Standards
FORMS: 0222.07

OMB NO: 2060-0088    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:2,038          HOURS:112,851        COSTS(000):$231
  Final Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule
FORMS: 0916.10

OMB NO: 2060-0092    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:166            HOURS:2,627          COSTS(000):$35
  NESHAP for Beryllium (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart C)(Renewal)
FORMS: 0193.08

OMB NO: 2060-0095    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:11,200         HOURS:15,800         COSTS(000):$1,266
  Information Requirements for Importation of Nonconforming
FORMS: 0010.10 3520-1 3520-8

OMB NO: 2060-0096    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:558            HOURS:98,183         COSTS(000):$0
  Source Compliance and State Action Reporting (Renewal)
FORMS: 0107.08

OMB NO: 2060-0097    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:114            HOURS:17,818         COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Mercury (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart E)
FORMS: ICR-0113.08

OMB NO: 2060-0101    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:121,968        HOURS:229,381        COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Asbestos (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M)(Renewal)
FORMS: 0111.11

OMB NO: 2060-0104    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:16,290         HOURS:647,176        COSTS(000):$11,335
  Motor Vehicle Emission and Fuel Economy Compliance: Light Duty
  Vehicles, Light Duty Trucks, and Highway Motorcycles (Renewal)
FORMS: 0783.47

OMB NO: 2060-0105    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:47             HOURS:1,718          COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for the Graphic Arts Industry (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart QQ)
  ( Renewal)

OMB NO: 2060-0106    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,110          HOURS:73,181         COSTS(000):$837
  NSPS for Metal Furniture Coating - Subpart EE
FORMS: 0649.08

OMB NO: 2060-0107    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:379            HOURS:15,643         COSTS(000):$332
  NSPS for Metal Coil Surface Coating (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart TT)
FORMS: 0660.09

OMB NO: 2060-0108    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,044          HOURS:6,288          COSTS(000):$5
  NSPS for Surface Coating of Large Applicances (40 CFR Part 60,
  Subpart SS)
FORMS: 0659.09

OMB NO: 2060-0110    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:29             HOURS:4,914          COSTS(000):$132
  NSPS for Secondary Brass and Bronze Production, Primary Copper
  Smelters, Primary Zinc Smelters, Primary Lead Smelters, Primary
  Aluminum Reduction Plants and Ferroalloy Production Facilities...
FORMS: 1604.07

OMB NO: 2060-0111    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:29             HOURS:1,602          COSTS(000):$124
  NSPS for Phosphate Rock Plants (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart NN)
FORMS: 1078.07

OMB NO: 2060-0114    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2007
RESPS:180            HOURS:18,216         COSTS(000):$489
  NSPS for Wool Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Plants (40 CFR
  Part 60, Subpart PPP) and NESHAP for Wool Fiberglass Manufactur-
  ing plants (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart NNN)
FORMS: 1160.07

OMB NO: 2060-0120    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:1,643          HOURS:149,174        COSTS(000):$339
  NSPS for Onshore Natural Gas Processing Plants (40 CFR Part 60,
  Subparts KKK adn LLL)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1086.07

OMB NO: 2060-0122    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,232          HOURS:17,162         COSTS(000):$22
  NSPS for Coal Preparation Plants (40 CFR part 60, Subpart Y)
FORMS: 1062.08

OMB NO: 2060-0132    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:52             HOURS:1,178          COSTS(000):$18
  Nonconformance Penalties for Heavy-Duty Engines and Heavy-Duty
  Vehicles, including Light-Duty Trucks (40 CFR part 86, subpart
  L) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1285.06

OMB NO: 2060-0135    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:30,014         HOURS:212,101        COSTS(000):$676
  Enforcement Policy Regarding the Sale and Use of Aftermarket
  Catalytic Converters (Renewal)
FORMS: 1292.07

OMB NO: 2060-0150    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:7,320          HOURS:14,810         COSTS(000):$29
  Registration of Fuels and Fuel Additivies: Requirements for
FORMS: ICR-0309.11 3520-12 3520-12A 3520-12Q 3520-13 3520-13A 3520-13B

OMB NO: 2060-0156    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:80             HOURS:13,323         COSTS(000):$16
  NSPS for Rubber Tire Manufacturing (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart BBB)
FORMS: 1158.08

OMB NO: 2060-0161    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:189            HOURS:9,728          COSTS(000):$1,349
  NSPS for New Residential Wood Heaters (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart
  AAA) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1176.07

OMB NO: 2060-0162    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:28             HOURS:978            COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for the Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business
  Machines (40 CFR part 60, subpart TTT) (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-1093.07

OMB NO: 2060-0170    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:1,860          HOURS:8,370          COSTS(000):$6
  Recordkeeping and Periodic Reporting of the Production, Import,
  Export, Recycling, Destruction, Transhipment, and Feedstock Use
  of Ozone-Depleting Substances (Renewal)
FORMS: 1432.25

OMB NO: 2060-0171    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:23             HOURS:2,017          COSTS(000):$87
  NSPS for Magnetic Tape Coating Facilities (40 CFR Part 60, Sub-
  part SSS) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1135.08

OMB NO: 2060-0172    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:270            HOURS:9,237          COSTS(000):$18
  NSPS for VOC Emissions From Petroleum Refinery Wastewater
  Systems (40 CFR part 60, subpart QQQ)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1136.07

OMB NO: 2060-0178    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:4,600,002      HOURS:6,447          COSTS(000):$0
  Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline Volatility (40
  CFR 80.27) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1367.07

OMB NO: 2060-0181    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:153            HOURS:12,623         COSTS(000):$606
  NSPS for Polymeric Coating of Supporting Substrates Facilities
  (40 CFR part 60, subpart VVV) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1284.07

OMB NO: 2060-0183    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:234            HOURS:16,626         COSTS(000):$0

OMB NO: 2060-0185    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:34             HOURS:3,138          COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Benzene Emissions From Coke By-Product Recovery
  Plants (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart L)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1080.11

OMB NO: 2060-0191    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:39             HOURS:4,032          COSTS(000):$190
  NESHAP for Radionuclides (40 CFR Part 61, Subpart B, K, R, and
  W) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1100.12

OMB NO: 2060-0202    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:546            HOURS:156,610        COSTS(000):$9,446
  NSPS for Small Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam
  Generating Units (40 CFR Par 60, Subpart DC)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1564.06

OMB NO: 2060-0210    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:103            HOURS:20,421         COSTS(000):$159
  NSPS for Municipal Waste Combustors (40 CFR part 60, subparts Ea
  and Eb) (Reneewal)
FORMS: 1506.10

OMB NO: 2060-0220    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:211            HOURS:3,548          COSTS(000):$21
  NSPS for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (40 CFR part 60,
  subpart WWW) (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-1557.06

OMB NO: 2060-0226    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:279            HOURS:8,927          COSTS(000):$45
  Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) (40 CFR Part 82, Sub-
  part G)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1596.06 126593 1265-94 1265-93(1)

OMB NO: 2060-0234    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:36,592         HOURS:1,537,784      COSTS(000):$53
  NESHAP for Perchlorethylene Dry Cleaning Facilities (40 CFR Part
  63, Subpart M)
FORMS: 1415.05

OMB NO: 2060-0243    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:17,738         HOURS:5,109,548      COSTS(000):$0
  State Operating Permits Regulations (40 CFR part 70) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1587.06

OMB NO: 2060-0247    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:25,013         HOURS:2,865          COSTS(000):$0
  Servicing of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners
FORMS: 1617.05

OMB NO: 2060-0249    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:62             HOURS:34,024         COSTS(000):$18
  Air Pollution Regulations for Outer Continental Shelf Activities
FORMS: 1601.06 7610-12 7610-14

OMB NO: 2060-0251    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:340            HOURS:6,955          COSTS(000):$113
  NSPS for Calciners and Dryers in Mineral Industries (40 CFR Part
  60, Subpart UUU)(Renewal)
FORMS: 0746.06

OMB NO: 2060-0252    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:34             HOURS:2,890          COSTS(000):$0
  Data Reporting Requirements for State and Local Vehicle Emission
  Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Programs (Reinstatement)
FORMS: 1613.02

OMB NO: 2060-0253    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2008
RESPS:42             HOURS:80,119         COSTS(000):$0
  National Emissions Standards for Coke Oven Batteries (Renewal)
FORMS: 1362.06

OMB NO: 2060-0256    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:346,244        HOURS:210,681        COSTS(000):$0
  National Refrigerant Recycling and Emission Reduction Program
FORMS: 1626.08

OMB NO: 2060-0258    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:17,855         HOURS:1,971,276      COSTS(000):$142,258
  Acid Rain Program Under Title IV of the CAA Amendments of 1990
FORMS: 1633.14 7610 7620

OMB NO: 2060-0264    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:1,008          HOURS:41,577         COSTS(000):$26
  Application Requirements for the Approval and Delegation of
  Federal Air Toxics Programs to State, Territorial, Local, and
  Tribal Agencies (Renewal)
FORMS: 1643.05

OMB NO: 2060-0273    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:2,847          HOURS:41,035         COSTS(000):$1,015
  NESHAP for Halogenated Solvent Cleaning (40 CFR part 63, subpart
FORMS: 1652.05

OMB NO: 2060-0275    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:69,538         HOURS:221,808        COSTS(000):$205
  Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives: Detergent Gasoline (40
  CFR Part 80, Subpart G)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1655.05

OMB NO: 2060-0277    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:65             HOURS:101,023        COSTS(000):$23,204
  Regulation of Fuel and Fuel Additives: Refiner and Importer
  Quality Assurance Requirements for Downstream Oxygen Blending
  and Requirements for Disposition of Pipeline Interfaces.
FORMS: 1591.21

OMB NO: 2060-0279    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:80             HOURS:15,368         COSTS(000):$0
  General Conformity of Federal Actions to State Implementation
  Plans (40 CFR Part 51, subpart W; part 93, subpart B)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1637.06

OMB NO: 2060-0283    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:236            HOURS:8,662          COSTS(000):$648
  NESHAP for Ethylene Oxide Emissions from Sterilization Facilies
  (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart 0)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1666.06

OMB NO: 2060-0287    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:1,006          HOURS:147,218        COSTS(000):$6,822
  In-Use Testing of On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines and Vehicles
  (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1684.08

OMB NO: 2060-0289    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:842            HOURS:9,872          COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Marine Tank Vessel Loading Operations (Renewal) (40
  CFR part 63, subpart Y)
FORMS: 1679.05

OMB NO: 2060-0290    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:18             HOURS:3,853          COSTS(000):$9
  NESHAP for Epoxy Resin and Non-Nylon Polyamide Production (40
  CFR Part 63, Subpart W)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1681.05

OMB NO: 2060-0296    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:70             HOURS:16,034         COSTS(000):$150
  NESHAP for the Secondary Lead Smelter Industry (40 CFR Part 63,
  subpart X)
FORMS: 1686.05

OMB NO: 2060-0297    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:4              HOURS:60,700         COSTS(000):$1,397
  Fuels and Fuel Additives - Health-Effects Research Protocols -
  40 CFR Part 79, Subpart F
FORMS: 1696.04

OMB NO: 2060-0302    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:41             HOURS:1,457          COSTS(000):$111
  Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year
  Urban Buses (40 CFR part 85, subpart O) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1702.04

OMB NO: 2060-0306    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:9              HOURS:360            COSTS(000):$0
  Clean Air Act Tribal Authority (Renewal)
FORMS: 1676.04

OMB NO: 2060-0308    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:444,110        HOURS:312,233        COSTS(000):$8,500
  Recordkeeping & Reporting for the Fuel Quality Regulations for
  Diesel Fuel Sold in 2001 & Later Years; for Tax-Exempt (Dyed)
  Highway Diesel Fuel; & Nonroad Locomotive & Marine Diesel Fuel
FORMS: 1718.06

OMB NO: 2060-0313    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:708            HOURS:154,306        COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Off-Site Waste and Recovery Operations (40 CFR part
  63, subpart DD) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1717.04

OMB NO: 2060-0314    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:544            HOURS:141,645        COSTS(000):$136
  NESHAP for Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework Facilities (40 CFR
  part 63, subpart GG) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1687.06

OMB NO: 2060-0318    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:6,241          HOURS:711,477        COSTS(000):$12,418
  Air Emission Standards for Tanks, Surface Impoundments and
  Containers (40 CFR part 264, subpart CC and 40 CFR part 265
  subpart CC) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1593.06

OMB NO: 2060-0320    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:169,594        HOURS:86,136         COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Importation of
  Nonroad Engines and Recreational Vehicles (Renewal)
FORMS: 1723.04 3520-21 3520-8

OMB NO: 2060-0321    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:218            HOURS:40,293         COSTS(000):$201
  Emission Certification and Compliance Requirements for Marine
  Spark-ignition Engines (Renewal)
FORMS: 1722.04

OMB NO: 2060-0324    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:1,053          HOURS:47,190         COSTS(000):$18
  NESHAP for Wood Furniture Manufacturing Operations (40 CFR Part
  63, subpart JJ)
FORMS: 1716.04

OMB NO: 2060-0325    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:526            HOURS:32,575         COSTS(000):$851
  NESHAP for Gasoline Distribution Facilities (Stage 1) (40 CFR
  Part 63, Subpart R)
FORMS: 1659.05

OMB NO: 2060-0326    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:17             HOURS:3,395          COSTS(000):$47
  NESHAP for Magnetic Tape Manufacturing Operations (40 CFR Part
  63 subpart EE)
FORMS: ICR-1678.05

OMB NO: 2060-0327    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:5,968          HOURS:495,774        COSTS(000):$75,300
  NESHAP for Chromium Emissions From Hard and Decorative Chromium
  Electroplating and Chromium Anodizing Tanks (40 CFR part 63,
  subpart N)
FORMS: 1611.05

OMB NO: 2060-0328    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:146            HOURS:4,705          COSTS(000):$0
  EPA's Natural Gas STAR Program (Renewal)
FORMS: 1736.04

OMB NO: 2060-0330    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:112            HOURS:28,594         COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Facilities (Surface
  Coating)(40 CFR Part 63, Subpart II)
FORMS: 1712.04

OMB NO: 2060-0335    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:508            HOURS:50,796         COSTS(000):$412
  NESHAP for the Printing and Publishing Industry (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart KK)
FORMS: 1739.04

OMB NO: 2060-0336    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:1,717          HOURS:24,077         COSTS(000):$0
  Federal Operating Permit Regulations (40 CFR part 71)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1713.05

OMB NO: 2060-0337    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:53             HOURS:2,120          COSTS(000):$0
  Annual Reporting form for State Small Business Stationary source
  technical and environmental compliance assistance program (SBTCP)
FORMS: 1748.04

OMB NO: 2060-0338    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:1,232          HOURS:146,134        COSTS(000):$6,861
  Emissions Certification and Compliance Requirements for Nonroad
  Spark-ignition Engines (Renewal)
FORMS: 1695.08

OMB NO: 2060-0340    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:489            HOURS:410,054        COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Petroleum Refineries (40 CFR part 63, Subpart CC)
FORMS: 1692.05

OMB NO: 2060-0347    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:32,734         HOURS:83,343         COSTS(000):$1,541
  Activities Associated with EPA's Energy Star Program in the
  Commercial and Industrial Sectors.
FORMS: 1772.03

OMB NO: 2060-0348    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:367            HOURS:29,613         COSTS(000):$0
  National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for
  Consumer Products
FORMS: EPA-1764.03

OMB NO: 2060-0350    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:1,000,000      HOURS:83,333         COSTS(000):$100
  Mobile Air Conditioner Retrofitting Program
FORMS: 1774.03

OMB NO: 2060-0353    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:4              HOURS:14             COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for National Volatile
  Organic Compound Emission Standards for Automobile Refinish
FORMS: 1765.03

OMB NO: 2060-0357    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:209            HOURS:9,047          COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Flexible Polyurethane Foam Production (43 CFR Part
  63, Subpart III)
FORMS: 1783.03

OMB NO: 2060-0358    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:632            HOURS:158,179        COSTS(000):$9
  NESHAP for Pharmaceuticals Production (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart
FORMS: 1781.03

OMB NO: 2060-0360    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:56             HOURS:122,607        COSTS(000):$114
  NESHAP for Primary Aluminum Reduction Plants (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart LL)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1767.04

OMB NO: 2060-0361    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:84             HOURS:1,542          COSTS(000):$11
  NESHAP for Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing and Phosphate
  Fertilizer Production Plants (40 CFR part 63, subparts AA and BB)
FORMS: 1790.03

OMB NO: 2060-0362    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:24             HOURS:3,018          COSTS(000):$9
  NESHAP for Mineral Wool Production (40 CFR part 63, subpart DDD)
FORMS: 1799.03

OMB NO: 2060-0363    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:45             HOURS:4,795          COSTS(000):$22
  NSPS for Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators (40 CFR
  Part 50, Subpart Ec)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1730.04

OMB NO: 2060-0369    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:80             HOURS:17,069         COSTS(000):$6
  Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers (Renewal)
FORMS: 1826.03

OMB NO: 2060-0370    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:402            HOURS:24,164         COSTS(000):$353
  NESHAP for Pesticide Active Ingredient Production (40 CFR part
  63, subpart MMM)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1807.03

OMB NO: 2060-0373    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:100            HOURS:36,800         COSTS(000):$4
  Control Technology Determination for Constructed or
  Reconstructed Major Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants (40 CFR
  Part 63, Sub- part B)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1658.04

OMB NO: 2060-0376    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:2,308          HOURS:63,688         COSTS(000):$1,440
  Compliance Assurance Monitoring Program (40 CFR Part 64)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1663.04

OMB NO: 2060-0377    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:316            HOURS:150,043        COSTS(000):$987
  NESHAP for Chemical Recovery Combustion Sources at Kraft, Soda,
  Sulfite, and Stand-Alone Semichemical Pulp Mills (40 CFR Part
  63, subpart MM)
FORMS: 1805.04

OMB NO: 2060-0382    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2008
RESPS:24             HOURS:13,050         COSTS(000):$133
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Under the Perfluro-
  compount (PFC) Reduction/Climate Partnership for the Semi-
  conductor Industry (Renewal)
FORMS: 1823.03

OMB NO: 2060-0387    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:409            HOURS:42,444         COSTS(000):$377
  NESHAP for Pulp and Paper Production (40 CFR part 63, subpart S)
FORMS: 1657.05

OMB NO: 2060-0390    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:98             HOURS:39,067         COSTS(000):$402
  Federal Plan Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Large
  Municipal Waste Combustors Constructed on or Before September
  20, 1994 (40 CFR Part 62, Subpart FFF)
FORMS: 1847.03

OMB NO: 2060-0391    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:7              HOURS:584            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Ferroalloys Production: Ferromanganese and Silico-
  manganese (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart XXX)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1831.03

OMB NO: 2060-0392    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:67             HOURS:17,074         COSTS(000):$1,384
  Information Requirements for Locomotives and Locomotive Engines
  (40 CFR Part 92)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1800.03

OMB NO: 2060-0393    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:855            HOURS:22,761         COSTS(000):$0
  National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for
  Architectural Coatings (40 CFR part 59, subpart D) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1750.04

OMB NO: 2060-0394    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:1              HOURS:8              COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Beryllium Rocket Motor Firing (40 CFR part 61,
  subpart D) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1125.04

OMB NO: 2060-0395    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:12             HOURS:69             COSTS(000):$1
  Exclusion Determinations for New Non-road Spark-ignited Engines
  at or Below 19 Kilowatts, New Non-road Compression-ignited
  Engines, New Marine Engies, and New On-road Heavy Duty Engines
FORMS: 1852.03

OMB NO: 2060-0411    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:7              HOURS:689            COSTS(000):$0
  Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partnership (VAIP)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1867.03

OMB NO: 2060-0414    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:4              HOURS:12,190         COSTS(000):$19
  NESHAP for Primary Lead Smelters (40 CFR Part 63, subpart TTT)
FORMS: 1856.05

OMB NO: 2060-0415    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:190            HOURS:13,042         COSTS(000):$203
  NESHAP for Polyether Polyol Production
FORMS: 1811.05

OMB NO: 2060-0416    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:418            HOURS:17,526         COSTS(000):$792
  NESHAP for Portland Cement (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart LLL)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1801.04

OMB NO: 2060-0417    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:942            HOURS:175,907        COSTS(000):$496
  NESHAP for Oil and Natural Gas Production (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart HH) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1788.06

OMB NO: 2060-0418    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:52             HOURS:757            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Natural Gas Transmission and Storage (40 CFR part 63,
  HHH) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1789.05

OMB NO: 2060-0419    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:153            HOURS:25,448         COSTS(000):$9
  NESHAP for Steel Pickling (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart CCC)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1821.05

OMB NO: 2060-0420    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:30             HOURS:4,004          COSTS(000):$107
  NESHAP for Source Categories: Generic Maximum Achievable Control
  Technology Standards (40 CFR part 63, subpart YY) (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-1871.04

OMB NO: 2060-0421    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:205            HOURS:56,605         COSTS(000):$0
  Information Colleciton Request for Proposed Regional Haze
  Regulations (Renewal)
FORMS: 1813.04

OMB NO: 2060-0422    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:645            HOURS:105,228        COSTS(000):$295,407
  New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), Emission Guidelines for
  Hospital/Medical/Infections Waste Incinerators (HMIWI), Subpart
FORMS: 1899.02

OMB NO: 2060-0423    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:10             HOURS:25,201         COSTS(000):$277
  NSPS Small Municipal Waste Combustors (40 CFR Part 60 Subpart
FORMS: 1900.02

OMB NO: 2060-0424    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:416            HOURS:186,374        COSTS(000):$3,338
  Emission Guidelines Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for
  Existing Small Municipal Waste Combustion (MWC) Units (40 CFR
  part 60, Subpart BBBB)
FORMS: 1901.02

OMB NO: 2060-0427    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:149            HOURS:27,197         COSTS(000):$198
  Production Line Testing, In-use Testing, and Selective
  Enforcement Auditing Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
  for Manufacturers of Nonroad Spark Ignition Engines At or.......
FORMS: 1845.03

OMB NO: 2060-0428    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:6              HOURS:216            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) Facilities (40
  CFR part 63, Subpart VVV)
FORMS: 1891.03

OMB NO: 2060-0430    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:173            HOURS:11,678         COSTS(000):$242
  Federal Emission Requirements for Existing Municipal Solid Waste
  Landfills (Small) (40 CFR Part 62, Subpart GGG)
FORMS: 1893.03

OMB NO: 2060-0433    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:3,430          HOURS:94,998         COSTS(000):$231
  NESHAP for Secondary Aluminum Production (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart RRR)
FORMS: 1894.04

OMB NO: 2060-0434    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:82             HOURS:24,044         COSTS(000):$16
  NESHAP for the Manufacture of Amino/Phenolic Resins (40 CFR 63,
  Subpart OOO)
FORMS: 1869.03

OMB NO: 2060-0437    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:37,818         HOURS:38,742         COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements Regarding the Sulfur
  Content of Motor Vehicle Gasoline Under the Tier 2 Rule (40 CFR
  part 80, subpart H)
FORMS: 1907.03

OMB NO: 2060-0439    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2007
RESPS:7,000          HOURS:1,833          COSTS(000):$0
  The Sun Wise School Program
FORMS: 1904.02 7620-19 7620-20 7620-21

OMB NO: 2060-0442    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:220            HOURS:669            COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS for Storage Vessels for Petroleum Liquids for Which Con-
  struction, Reconstruction of Modification Commenced after June
  11, 1973, and Prior to May 19, 1978 (40 CFR Part 60, Subpart K)
FORMS: 1797.03

OMB NO: 2060-0443    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:11,447         HOURS:2,057,270      COSTS(000):$95,360
  The Consolidated Federal Air Rule for SOCMI (Renewal)
FORMS: 1854.04

OMB NO: 2060-0445    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:3,470          HOURS:483,069        COSTS(000):$28,743
  Emission Reporting Requirements for Ozone SIP Revisions Relating
  to Statewide Budgets for NOx Emissions to Reuce the Regional
  Transport of Ozone
FORMS: 1857.03 7620-14 7620-15 7620-16 7620-22 7620-23 7620-24

OMB NO: 2060-0446    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:440            HOURS:1,533          COSTS(000):$1
  Landfill Methane Outreach Program
FORMS: 1849.02

OMB NO: 2060-0450    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:52             HOURS:16,899         COSTS(000):$18
  NSPS for Commericial and Industrial Solid Wasete Incineration
  Units (40 CFR part 60, subpart CCCC)
FORMS: ICR-1926.03

OMB NO: 2060-0451    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:276            HOURS:72,423         COSTS(000):$99
  Emission Guidelines for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste
  Incineration Units (40 CFR Part 60, subpart DDDD)
FORMS: 1927.03

OMB NO: 2060-0457    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:296            HOURS:28,845         COSTS(000):$172
  NESHAP for the Surface Coating of Large Household and Commerical
  Appliances (40 CFR part 63, subpart NNNN)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1954.03

OMB NO: 2060-0471    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:213            HOURS:39,385         COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Solvent Extraction for Vegetable Oil Production
  (Renewal)(40 CFR Part 63, Subpart GGGG)
FORMS: 1947.03

OMB NO: 2060-0476    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:45             HOURS:8,837          COSTS(000):$8
  NESHAP for Primary Cooper Smelters (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart QQQ)
FORMS: 1850.04

OMB NO: 2060-0478    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:10             HOURS:334            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Leather Finishing Operations (Renewal)(40 CFR Part
  63, subpart TTTT)
FORMS: 1985.03

OMB NO: 2060-0481    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:8              HOURS:1,296          COSTS(000):$1
  NESHAP for Friction Materials Manufacturing (40 CFR part 63,
  subpart QQQQQ) (Renewal)
FORMS: 2025.03

OMB NO: 2060-0482    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2008
RESPS:100            HOURS:5,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Request for Applications for
  Critical Use Exemption for the Phaseout of Methyl Bromide
FORMS: 2031.02

OMB NO: 2060-0483    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:40             HOURS:3,043          COSTS(000):$6
  NESHAP for Engine Test Cells/Stands (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart
FORMS: 2066.03

OMB NO: 2060-0486    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:3,408          HOURS:675,050        COSTS(000):$2,167
  NESHAP for Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products (40 CFR part
  63, Subpart MMMM)(Renewal)
FORMS: 2056.02

OMB NO: 2060-0487    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:167            HOURS:19,901         COSTS(000):$4
  NESHAP for Metal Coil Surface Coating Plants (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart, Subpart SSSS)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1957.04

OMB NO: 2060-0488    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:86             HOURS:12,088         COSTS(000):$1
  NESHAP for Cellulose Products Manufacturing (40 CFR part 63,
  subpart UUUU)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1974.04

OMB NO: 2060-0489    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:151            HOURS:13,533         COSTS(000):$359
  NESHAP for Carbon Black, Ethylene, Cyanide, and Spandex (40 CFR
  part 63, Subpart YY)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1983.04

OMB NO: 2060-0490    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:45,278         HOURS:1,152          COSTS(000):$0
  National Survey on Environmental Management of Asthma
FORMS: 1996.03

OMB NO: 2060-0496    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:32             HOURS:1,966          COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Wet-formed Fiberglass Mat Production (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart HHHH)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1964.03

OMB NO: 2060-0498    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:342            HOURS:1,632          COSTS(000):$1
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements of the HCFC Allowance
  System (Renewal)
FORMS: 2014.03

OMB NO: 2060-0505    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,330          HOURS:39,360         COSTS(000):$13
  National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from
  Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1938.02

OMB NO: 2060-0508    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:166            HOURS:14,086         COSTS(000):$15
  NESHAP for Brick and Structural Clay Manufacturing (CFR 40 Part
  63, subpart JJJJJ) (Renewal)
FORMS: 2022.03

OMB NO: 2060-0509    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:1,077          HOURS:17,740         COSTS(000):$22
  NESHAP for Reinforced Plastic Composites Production (40 CFR Part
  63, Subpart WWWW)(Renewal)
FORMS: 1976.03

OMB NO: 2060-0510    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:430            HOURS:2,176          COSTS(000):$22
  NESHAP for the Wood Building Products Surface Coating Industry
  (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart QQQQ)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 2034.02

OMB NO: 2060-0511    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:492            HOURS:11,312         COSTS(000):$852
  NESHAP for Paper and Other Web Coating (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart
  JJJJ) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1951.03

OMB NO: 2060-0513    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:16             HOURS:185            COSTS(000):$2
  Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for the Clay Ceramics
  Manufacturing NESHAP
FORMS: 2023.01

OMB NO: 2060-0515    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:22             HOURS:470            COSTS(000):$3
  NESHAP for Refractory Products Manufacturing (40 CFR Part 63,
  subpart SSSSS)(Renewal)
FORMS: 2040.03

OMB NO: 2060-0516    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:137            HOURS:12,303         COSTS(000):$3
  NESHAP for Flexible Polyurethane Foam Fabrication (40 CFR Part
  63, Subpart MMMMM)(Renewal)
FORMS: 2027.03

OMB NO: 2060-0517    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:24             HOURS:4,772          COSTS(000):$64
  NESHAP for Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2003.02

OMB NO: 2060-0518    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:576            HOURS:45,672         COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Metal Furniture Surface Coating (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1952.02

OMB NO: 2060-0519    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:2              HOURS:234            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Semiconductor Manufacturing (40 CFR Part 63, Sub-
  part BBBBB) (Final rule)
FORMS: 2042.02

OMB NO: 2060-0520    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:32             HOURS:1,962          COSTS(000):$277
  NESHAP for Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing
  (40 CFR part 63, Subpart LLLLL)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 2029.02

OMB NO: 2060-0521    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:30             HOURS:2,209          COSTS(000):$83
  NESHAP for Coke Oven: Pushing, Quenching, and Battery Stacks (40
  CFR Part 63, Subpart CCCCC)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 1995.02

OMB NO: 2060-0522    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2009
RESPS:300            HOURS:20,281         COSTS(000):$7
  NESHAP for Printing, Coating and Dyeing of Fabrics and Other
  Textiles (40 CFR part 63, subpart 0000)(Renewal)
FORMS: 2071.03

OMB NO: 2060-0528    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:1,143          HOURS:70,667         COSTS(000):$500
  Energy Star Product Labeling
FORMS: 2078.1

OMB NO: 2060-0529    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:117            HOURS:49,319         COSTS(000):$248
  NESHAP for Hydrochloric Acid Production (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2032.05

OMB NO: 2060-0532    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:70             HOURS:5,114          COSTS(000):$6
  Reporting Requirements under EPA's Climate Leaders Program
FORMS: 2100.01

OMB NO: 2060-0533    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2006
RESPS:310            HOURS:17,745         COSTS(000):$348
  NESHAP for Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing (40 CFR
  Part 63, subpart FFFF) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1969.02

OMB NO: 2060-0534    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:2,288          HOURS:341,737        COSTS(000):$2,522
  NESHAP: Site Remediation (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2062.02

OMB NO: 2060-0535    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:121            HOURS:10,139         COSTS(000):$44
  NESHAP for Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing (40 CFR Part 63
  Subpart HHHHH) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2115.01

OMB NO: 2060-0536    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:6              HOURS:731            COSTS(000):$0
  NESHAP for Primary Magnesium Refining (40 CFR part 63, Subpart
  TTTTT) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2098.02

OMB NO: 2060-0537    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:203            HOURS:42,533         COSTS(000):$45
  NESHAP for Plastic Parts and Products Surface Coating (40 CFR
  Part 63, Subpart PPPP) (Final Rule).
FORMS: 2044.02

OMB NO: 2060-0538    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:8              HOURS:1,272          COSTS(000):$510
  NESHAP for Taconite Iron Ore Processing (40 CFR Part 63 Subpart
  RRRRR)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 2050.02

OMB NO: 2060-0539    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2007
RESPS:698            HOURS:137,170        COSTS(000):$1,800
  NESHAP for Organic Liquids Distribution (Non-Gasoline)
  Facilities (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart EEEE)
FORMS: 1963.02

OMB NO: 2060-0540    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:237            HOURS:2,448          COSTS(000):$8
  NESHAP for Stationary Combustion Turbines (40 CFR Part 63,
  subpart YYYY) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 1967.02

OMB NO: 2060-0541    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:284            HOURS:7,815          COSTS(000):$1,732
  NESHAP for Metal Can Manufacturing Surface Coating (40 CFR part
  63, Subpart KKKK) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2079.02

OMB NO: 2060-0542    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:9              HOURS:2,231          COSTS(000):$209
  NESHAP for Mercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plants (40 CFR Part 63,
  Subpart IIIII) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2046.02

OMB NO: 2060-0543    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:65             HOURS:22,325         COSTS(000):$272
  NESHAP for Iron and Steel Foundries (Final Rule)(40 CFR Part 63,
  subpart EEEEE)
FORMS: 2096.02

OMB NO: 2060-0544    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:174            HOURS:7,766          COSTS(000):$377
  NESHAP for Lime Manufacturing (40 CFR Part 63, subpart AAAAA)
  (Final Rule).
FORMS: 2072.02

OMB NO: 2060-0545    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2007
RESPS:1,650          HOURS:500            COSTS(000):$0
  Motor Vehicle and Engine Compliance Program Fees (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2080.02 3520-29

OMB NO: 2060-0546    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:45             HOURS:10,343         COSTS(000):$1
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for National Emission
  Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Boat Manufacturing
  (40 CFR Part 63, Subpart VVVV).
FORMS: 1966.02

OMB NO: 2060-0548    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:6,852          HOURS:141,984        COSTS(000):$2,973
  NESHAP for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
  (40 CFR Part 63, subpart ZZZZ)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 1975.02

OMB NO: 2060-0550    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:291            HOURS:33,437         COSTS(000):$7
  NESHAP for Automobile and Light-duty Truck Surface Coating (40
  CFR Part 63, Subpart IIII)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 2045.02

OMB NO: 2060-0551    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:18,788         HOURS:1,150,245      COSTS(000):$23,504
  NESHAP for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers and
  Process Heaters (40 CFR Part 63, subpart DDDDD) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2028.02

OMB NO: 2060-0552    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:197            HOURS:4,692          COSTS(000):$36
  NESHAP for Plywood and Composite Wood Products Manufacturing
  Plants (40 CFR Part 63 and 429)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 1984.02

OMB NO: 2060-0553    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:1,900          HOURS:1,060          COSTS(000):$0
  Mobile Source Emission Factors; Populations, Usage and Emissions
  of Diesel Nonroad Equipment in EPA Region 7(Survey)
FORMS: ICR-0619-11

OMB NO: 2060-0554    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:132            HOURS:12,667         COSTS(000):$4,606
  Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Petroleum Refinery
FORMS: 1844.02

OMB NO: 2060-0558    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:1,561          HOURS:2,777          COSTS(000):$0
  Federal Implementation Plans under the Clean Air Act for Indian
  Reservations in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (40 CFR Part 49,
  Subpart M)(Final Rule)
FORMS: 2020.02

OMB NO: 2060-0561    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:1,510          HOURS:29,414         COSTS(000):$0
  Transportation Conformity Determiniations for Federally Funded
  and Approved Transportation Plans, Program and Projects under
  the New 8-hour Ozone and PM2.5 NAAQS (Final Rule)40 CFR 93,
  Subpart A
FORMS: 2130.02

OMB NO: 2060-0562    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:248            HOURS:3,803          COSTS(000):$0
  Emission Guidelines for Existing Other Solid Waste Incineration
  (OSWI) Units (40 CFR part 60, subpart FFFF) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2164.02

OMB NO: 2060-0563    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:1              HOURS:1              COSTS(000):$0
  NSPS: Other Solid Waste Incineration (OSWI) Units (40 CFR part
  60 subpart EEEE) (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2163.02

OMB NO: 2060-0564    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:2,802          HOURS:1,452          COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping and Periodic Reporting of the Production, Import,
  Recycling, Transshipment and Feedstock Use of Ozone Depleting
  Substances (Final Rule for the Critical Use Exemption)
FORMS: 2179.03

OMB NO: 2060-0566    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:225            HOURS:46,500         COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping and Reporting for the Performance-Based
  Qualification of Test Methods for Diesel Fuel (Renewal)
FORMS: 2180.02

OMB NO: 2060-0567    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2008
RESPS:5              HOURS:4,882          COSTS(000):$569
  Standards of Performance for New and Existing Stationary
  Sources: Electric Utility Steam Generating Units (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2137.02

OMB NO: 2060-0570    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:12,000         HOURS:382,693        COSTS(000):$20,579
  Clean Air Interstate Rule to Reduce Interstate Transport of Fine
  Particle Matter and Ozone (final rule)
FORMS: 2152.02

OMB NO: 2060-0571    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:2,678          HOURS:14,338         COSTS(000):$0
  Best Workplaces for Commuters Program
FORMS: 2053.01

OMB NO: 2060-0574    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2008
RESPS:500            HOURS:2,042          COSTS(000):$0
  Vehicle Service Information Web Site Audit
FORMS: 2181.01

OMB NO: 2060-0576    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:37             HOURS:2,281          COSTS(000):$0
  Secondary Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Area Source Standard
  Development Questionnaire
FORMS: ICR-2200.01

OMB NO: 2060-0577    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:403            HOURS:5,608          COSTS(000):$0
  National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from
  Plating and Polishing Operations
FORMS: 2186.01

OMB NO: 2060-0578    EXPIRATION DATE: 04/30/2009
RESPS:1,164          HOURS:3,980          COSTS(000):$3
  Reporting Requirements under EPA's Green Power Partnership and
  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership
FORMS: 2173.01

OMB NO: 2060-0581    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:90             HOURS:405            COSTS(000):$0
  Focus Group Research for Fuel Economy Label Designs
FORMS: ICR-2211.01

OMB NO: 2060-0584    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:606            HOURS:2,542          COSTS(000):$19
  Inclusion of Delaware and New Jersey in the Clean Air Interstate
  Rule (Final Rule)
FORMS: 2184.02

OMB NO: 2060-0587    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2006
RESPS:110,700        HOURS:27,675         COSTS(000):$0
  Reformulated Gasoline Commingling Provisions
FORMS: 2228.01


229 7,482,343 31,769,923 $964,013
Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
OMB NO: 2070-0004    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:36             HOURS:1,278          COSTS(000):$0
  Health and Safety Data Reporting; Submission of Lists and Copies
  of Health and Safety Studies
FORMS: 0575.10

OMB NO: 2070-0012    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:1,674          HOURS:163,791        COSTS(000):$0
  Pre-Manufacture Review Reporting and Exemption Requirements for
  New Chemical Substances and Significant New Use Reporting
  Requirements for Chemical Substances
FORMS: 7710-25 7710-56 0574.12

OMB NO: 2070-0017    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:13,445         HOURS:24,548         COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Allegations of
  Significant Adverse Reactions to Human Health or the Environment
  (TSCA Section 8(c))
FORMS: 1031.08

OMB NO: 2070-0020    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:25,000         HOURS:7,500          COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Arrival of Pesticides and Devices (FIFRA)
FORMS: 0152.08 3540-1

OMB NO: 2070-0024    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:150            HOURS:258,900        COSTS(000):$0
  Tolerance petitions for Pesticides on Food/Feed Crops and New
  Inert Ingredients
FORMS: 0597.08

OMB NO: 2070-0027    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/28/2009
RESPS:5,000          HOURS:24,700         COSTS(000):$0
  Foreign Purchaser Acknowledgment Statement of Unregistered
FORMS: 0161.10

OMB NO: 2070-0028    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:12,953         HOURS:25,907         COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping Requirements for Producers of Pesticides under
  section 8 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenti-
  cide Act (FIFRA)
FORMS: 0143.08

OMB NO: 2070-0029    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:424,398        HOURS:1,311,368      COSTS(000):$0
  Certification of Pesticid Applicators
FORMS: 0155.08 8500-17

OMB NO: 2070-0030    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:7,500          HOURS:7,450          COSTS(000):$0
  Notification of Chemical Exports - TSCA Section 12(b)
FORMS: 0795.11

OMB NO: 2070-0032    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:500            HOURS:49,500         COSTS(000):$0
  Application and Summary Report for Emergency Exemption for
FORMS: 0596.08 8570-4

OMB NO: 2070-0033    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:1,425          HOURS:203,014        COSTS(000):$0
  TSCA Section 4 Test, Consent Orders, Test Rule Exemptions, and
  Voluntary Data Submission
FORMS: 1139.07

OMB NO: 2070-0038    EXPIRATION DATE: 03/31/2009
RESPS:5              HOURS:861            COSTS(000):$0
  TSCA Section 5(a)(2) Significant New Use Rules for Existing
  Chemicals (Renewal)
FORMS: 1188.08 7710-25

OMB NO: 2070-0039    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:46,325         HOURS:155,639        COSTS(000):$0
  Submission of Unreasonable Adverse Effects Information under
  FIFRA Section 6(a)(2)
FORMS: 1204.09

OMB NO: 2070-0040    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:75             HOURS:757            COSTS(000):$0
  Application for Experimental Use Permit (EUP) to Ship and Use a
  Pesticide for Experimental Purposes Only
FORMS: 0276.12 8570-17 8570-4

OMB NO: 2070-0044    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:4,000          HOURS:1,000          COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Supplemental Distribution of a Registered Pesticide
FORMS: 0278.08

OMB NO: 2070-0046    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:327            HOURS:6,431          COSTS(000):$3
  Notification of Substantial Risk of Injury to Health and the
  Environment under TSCA Section 8(e)
FORMS: 0794.10

OMB NO: 2070-0052    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:703            HOURS:2,109          COSTS(000):$0
  Compliance Requirement for Child-Resistant Packaging
FORMS: 0616.08

OMB NO: 2070-0054    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:20             HOURS:580            COSTS(000):$1
  TSCA Secton 8(a) Preliminary Assessment Information Rule (PAIR)
FORMS: 7710-35 7710-51 0586.10

OMB NO: 2070-0055    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:350            HOURS:18,200         COSTS(000):$0
  Notice of Pesticide Registration by States to Meet a Special
  Local Need (SLN) Under FIFRA Section 24(c)
FORMS: 0595.08 8570-25 8570-4

OMB NO: 2070-0057    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:61             HOURS:64,699         COSTS(000):$0
  Data Call-ins for the Special Review and Registration Review
FORMS: 0922.07 8570-32 8270-34 8570-35 8570-36 8570-37

OMB NO: 2070-0060    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2008
RESPS:7,021          HOURS:152,974        COSTS(000):$0
  Application for New and Amended Pesticide Registration
FORMS: 0277.14 8570-1 8570-4 8570-27 8570-34 8570-35 8570-36 8570-37

OMB NO: 2070-0067    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:4              HOURS:275            COSTS(000):$0
  Chemical-Specific Rules, Toxic Substanes Control Act Section 8(a)
FORMS: ICR-1198.07

OMB NO: 2070-0072    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:1,264,123      HOURS:412,243        COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Asbestos Abatement
  Worker Protection
FORMS: 1246.09

OMB NO: 2070-0074    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:40             HOURS:1,753          COSTS(000):$0
  Recordkeeping Requirements for Certified Applications Using 1080
  Collars for Livestock Protection
FORMS: 1249.07

OMB NO: 2070-0075    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2007
RESPS:268            HOURS:415            COSTS(000):$0
  Request for Contractor Access to TSCA Confidential Business
FORMS: ICR-1250.07 FORM-7740-6

OMB NO: 2070-0078    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:13,000         HOURS:18,800         COSTS(000):$0
  Pesticide Registration Application, Notification and Report for
  Pesticide Producing Establishments (Renewal)
FORMS: 0160.08 3540-8 3540-8A 3540-16

OMB NO: 2070-0091    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:107,551        HOURS:2,485,440      COSTS(000):$0
  Asbestos-Contining Materials in Schools Rule and Revised
  Asbestos Model Accredition Plan Rule
FORMS: 1365.07

OMB NO: 2070-0093    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:82,000         HOURS:3,746,590      COSTS(000):$0
  Toxic Chemical Release Reporting (Form R) (Renewal)
FORMS: 1363.14 9350-1

OMB NO: 2070-0100    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2007
RESPS:1,900          HOURS:1,763          COSTS(000):$0
  Pesticide Product Registration Maintenance Fee
FORMS: 1214.06 8570-30

OMB NO: 2070-0107    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:146            HOURS:275,063        COSTS(000):$0
  Data Generation for Pesticide Reregistration
FORMS: 1504.05 8570-32 8570-34 8570-35 8570-37

OMB NO: 2070-0112    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:814,120        HOURS:824,778        COSTS(000):$0
  PCBs: Consolidated Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
FORMS: 7710-53 7720-12 1446.08

OMB NO: 2070-0142    EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2007
RESPS:14             HOURS:303            COSTS(000):$0
  Plant-Incorporated Protectants; CBI Substantiation and Adverse
  Effects Reporting
FORMS: 1693.03

OMB NO: 2070-0143    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2008
RESPS:4,920          HOURS:259,192        COSTS(000):$0
  Toxic Chemical Release Reporting, Alternate Threshold for Low
  Annual Reportable Amounts (Form A) (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-1704.08

OMB NO: 2070-0145    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:10             HOURS:20             COSTS(000):$0
  Correctonof Misreported Chemical Substances on the Toxic
  Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chencal Substances Inventory
FORMS: 7710-3C 1741.04

OMB NO: 2070-0148    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:9,736,179      HOURS:2,293,364      COSTS(000):$0
  Worker Protection Standard Training and Notification
FORMS: 1759.04

OMB NO: 2070-0151    EXPIRATION DATE: 11/30/2007
RESPS:12,576,000     HOURS:8,855,610      COSTS(000):$0
  Residential Lead-Base Paint Hazardous Disclosure Requirements
FORMS: 1710.04

OMB NO: 2070-0155    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:83,468         HOURS:440,813        COSTS(000):$0
  TSCA Section 402 and Section 404 Training and Certification,
  Accreditation and Standards for Lead-Based Paint Activites
FORMS: 8500-25 8500-27 8500-28 1715.06

OMB NO: 2070-0156    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:18,274         HOURS:9,136          COSTS(000):$0
  Voluntry Cover Sheet for TSCA Submissions
FORMS: 1780.03 7710.58

OMB NO: 2070-0158    EXPIRATION DATE: 02/29/2008
RESPS:2,482,000      HOURS:3,461,542      COSTS(000):$3,939
  Lead-Based Paint Pre-Renovation Information Dissemination - TSCA
  Sec. 406(b)
FORMS: 1669.04

OMB NO: 2070-0162    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2009
RESPS:3,026          HOURS:413,575        COSTS(000):$0
  Partial Update of the TSCA Section 8(b) Inventory Data Base,
  Production and Site Reports
FORMS: 1884.03 U

OMB NO: 2070-0164    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2008
RESPS:16             HOURS:28,569         COSTS(000):$0
  Data Acquisition for Anticipated Residue and Percent of Crop
FORMS: 1911.02 8570-32 8570-34 8570-35

OMB NO: 2070-0165    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2009
RESPS:70             HOURS:106,256        COSTS(000):$0
  Data Submissions for the Voluntary Children's Chemical
  Evaluation Program (VCCEP)
FORMS: ICR-2055.02

OMB NO: 2070-0166    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:1,880          HOURS:10,110         COSTS(000):$0
  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements under EPA's Hospitals
  for a healthy Environment (H2E) Program.
FORMS: 2088.01

OMB NO: 2070-0167    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2007
RESPS:360            HOURS:10,670         COSTS(000):$0
  Pesticide Registration Fee Waivers
FORMS: 2147.02

OMB NO: 2070-0169    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2009
RESPS:62             HOURS:1,404          COSTS(000):$0
  Submission of Protocols and study Reports for Environmental
  Research Involving Human Subjects (Final Rule)
FORMS: ICR-2195.02


45 27,740,399 26,138,890 $3,943
Office of Research and Development
OMB NO: 2080-0005    EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008
RESPS:19             HOURS:4,718          COSTS(000):$101
  Application for Reference and Equivalent Method Determinaiton
FORMS: 0559.08

OMB NO: 2080-0021    EXPIRATION DATE: 01/31/2007
RESPS:17,168         HOURS:180,335        COSTS(000):$3,350
  Performance Evaluation Studies of Water and Waste Water Labora-
FORMS: 0234.08

OMB NO: 2080-0068    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2008
RESPS:14,000         HOURS:5,250          COSTS(000):$0
  Health Effects of Microbial Pathogens in Recreational Waters;
  National Epidemiological and Environmental Assessment of Recrea-
  tional (NEEAR) Water Study (Renewal)
FORMS: ICR-2081.02

OMB NO: 2080-0069    EXPIRATION DATE: 09/30/2006
RESPS:1,000          HOURS:167            COSTS(000):$0
  Seven County Study of Air Quality and Birth Defects: Computer-
  Assisted Telephone Questionnaire for Subset of Study Population
FORMS: 2109.01

OMB NO: 2080-0071    EXPIRATION DATE: 06/30/2007
RESPS:430            HOURS:2,390          COSTS(000):$0
  Detroit Exposure and Aerosol Research Study (DEARS)
FORMS: 2149.01

OMB NO: 2080-0072    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2007
RESPS:216            HOURS:390            COSTS(000):$0
  Longitudinal Study of Young Children's Exposures in their Homes
  to Selectd Pesticides, Phthalates, Brominated Flame Retardants,
  and Perfluorinated Chemicals (A Children's Environmental Exposure
FORMS: 2126.01

OMB NO: 2080-0073    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:110            HOURS:963            COSTS(000):$0
  Application of Measures of Spontaneous Motor Activity for Be-
  havioral Assessment in Human Infants
FORMS: 2166.01

OMB NO: 2080-0074    EXPIRATION DATE: 07/31/2008
RESPS:20,500         HOURS:8,250          COSTS(000):$0
  Detroit Children's Health Study: Health Effects of Environmental
  Exposure among Children Living in the Detroit, MI area.
FORMS: 2167.01

OMB NO: 2080-0076    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006
RESPS:60             HOURS:240            COSTS(000):$0
  Market-based Stormwater Management in the Shepherd Creek Water-
  shed in Cincinnati, OH.
FORMS: 2178.01


9 53,503 202,703 $3,451
Office of the Administrator
OMB NO: 2090-0019    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:19,609         HOURS:2,966          COSTS(000):$0
  Voluntary Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys
FORMS: 1711.04

OMB NO: 2090-0025    EXPIRATION DATE: 08/31/2006
RESPS:3,600          HOURS:3,600          COSTS(000):$0
  MBE/WBE Utilitization under Federal Grants, Cooperative, Agree-
  ments and interagency agreements
FORMS: 2212.01 5700-52A


2 23,209 6,566 $0


399 72,687,639 145,404,323 $1,994,529

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