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July 27, 2000

S. 1912 - Electronic Commerce Technology Promotion Act
(Frist (R) Tennessee and 2 cosponsors)

The Administration opposes Senate passage of S. 1912, as reported by the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. The Administration strongly supports electronic commerce and actions that promote the use of electronic commerce by Federal agencies, and has proposed increased funding in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to work with small- and medium-sized enterprises as they adopt e-commerce technologies and to support the industry-led development of standards for e-business and manufacturing supply chains. It appears, however, that S. 1912 gives NIST a role that goes well beyond its existing responsibilities in the standards and technology area and goes well beyond the scope of the activities with the private sector for which the Administration has sought funding.

Specifically, while the Administration would support the new NIST Center providing information about technologies in order to assist decision-making on electronic commerce within the government, the Administration opposes giving the Center a role in addressing other issues relating to e-commerce. NIST's focus should properly remain on key standards and technology issues, such as computer security and interoperability.

The Administration is ready to work with the Congress so that S. 1912 could be revised to address the concerns identified above.


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