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February 13, 1997

H.J.Res. 36 - Authorization for Release of International Population Funds
(Armey (R) TX and Gephardt (D) MO)

The Administration strongly supports enactment of H.J.Res. 36, which would allow funds appropriated for international population programs for fiscal year 1997 to be obligated and expended beginning March 1, 1997, instead of July 1, 1997. The President determined that a delay in the release of these funds until July "will cause serious, irreversible and avoidable harm [and in] the balance are the lives and well-being of many thousands of women and children and American credibility as the leader in family planning programs around the world."

The attached January 31st "Statement by the President on USAID Funds for International Family Planning" addresses more fully the important reasons why these funds should be released beginning on March 1, 1997.

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