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November 15, 2001

H.R. 1552 - Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act
(Rep. Cox (R) California and 17 cosponsors)

The Administration supports Senate passage of H.R. 1552. The Administration believes that government should be promoting Internet usage and availability, not discouraging it with access taxes and discriminatory taxes.

As passed by the House, H.R. 1552 extends the Internet tax moratorium enacted by the Internet Tax Freedom Act for two years. While a five-year extension would be preferable, a two-year extension will provide additional time to analyze the impact of e-commerce on local and State tax receipts while ensuring that the growth of the Internet is not slowed by new taxes.

The moratorium expired on October 21, 2001. The Administration supports rapidly reinstating the moratorium. The Administration encourages the Senate to pass H.R. 1552, without amendment, to enable its expeditious enactment into law.

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