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September 19, 2000

H.R. 5062 - To Provide for the Cancellation of the Removal of Certain Aliens
(Rep. McCollum (R) Florida and 10 cosponsors)

The Administration strongly supports the underlying goals of H.R. 5062, which would grant the Attorney General the discretion to allow certain lawful permanent resident aliens with significant ties to the United States to remain in the United States, despite certain criminal convictions in their past. The Administration is pleased that Congress is acting to ameliorate some of the harshest aspects of the 1996 immigration laws, but this legislation is too limited in its focus and does not address several of the most extreme features of the 1996 legislation. In addition, there may be preferable alternatives for dealing with the impact of the 1996 law on completed cases. The Administration welcomes Congress' interest in ameliorating the 1996 laws and will continue to work with Congress regarding these concerns with this legislation.


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