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April 21, 1999

H.R. 999 - Beaches Environmental Assessment,
Cleanup, and Health Act of 1999

(Bilbray (R) CA and 10 others)

The Administration supports, H.R. 999, the "Beaches Environmental Assessment, Cleanup, and Health Protection Act," a bill that will help advance some of the elements of President Clinton's Clean Water Action Plan. The Administration notes, however, that funding reductions in environmental programs required by the congressional budget resolution could effectively defeat the purposes of this measure. In addition, the Administration has concerns about the funding source for this program and will work with the Senate to identify an appropriate funding mechanism.

Although the Administration appreciates Congress' efforts to codify discrete elements of the Administration's Clean Water Action Plan, it urges Congress to enact key legislation to restore and protect the Nation's waters. Specifically, the Administration urges Congress to: (1) fully fund the Administration's Clean Water Action Plan; (2) reauthorize and strengthen the Clean Water Act; and (3) address urgent threats to coastal ecosystems and other waters caused by serious gaps in wetlands protection. The Administration looks forward to working with Congress to provide the needed resources and protections for our Nation's waters.

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