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February 2, 1999
(House Rules)

H. R. 99 - To Extend Federal Aviation Administration
Programs Through September 30, 1999

(Shuster (R) PA and 3 cosponsors)

The Administration strongly supports reauthorization of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), and is proposing comprehensive legislation to reauthorize all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs through October 1, 2004. The Administration would prefer timely enactment of a long-term authorization and is concerned that interim measures, such as H.R. 99, may delay enactment of such long-term legislation.

The Administration opposes the provision in H.R. 99 that makes authorizations from the Airport and Airways Trust Fund beyond FY 1999. These authorizations are not necessary to continue funding of the AIP beyond March 31st, and would prejudge how the FAA should be funded in the long term. Moreover, such authorizations are not necessary to support other FAA programs, all of which are funded through the end of the current Fiscal Year. The Administration would support an amendment to delete this provision.

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