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October 21, 1997
(House Rules)

H.R. 2646 - Education Savings Act for Public and Private Schools
(Archer (R) Texas and Gingrich (R) Georgia)

If H.R. 2646 were presented to the President, the Secretaries of Education and the Treasury would recommend that he veto the bill because it is bad education policy and bad tax policy.

Every American child deserves a high-quality elementary and secondary education. Targeting limited Federal resources to build stronger public schools will help ensure that all our Nation's children receive the education they need to become productive citizens. H.R. 2646 would divert needed resources from these schools.

H.R. 2646 would disproportionately benefit the most affluent families and provide little benefit to lower- and middle-income families. Families in the highest income bracket that saved the maximum amount permitted by H.R. 2646 would receive more than twice the benefit of families in the lowest tax bracket that saved the same amount. Moreover, the bill would not create a significant incentive for families to increase their savings for educational purposes; it would instead reward families, particularly those with substantial incomes, for what they already do.

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