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April 23, 1997
(House Rules)

H.R. 1271 - FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Authorization Act of 1997
(Morella (R) Maryland)

The Administration has no objection to House passage of H.R. 1271. The Administration, however, will seek amendments to conform the appropriation authorization levels to the President's FY 1998 Budget and to delete:
  • Section 3, which purports to limit the discretion of the President in developing a proposed Budget for submission to Congress.

  • Section 6 (a), which contains an overly broad prohibition that, if applied literally, would inappropriately and unnecessarily limit the Department's ability to advise Congress and the public of its views on pending legislation. This provision is constitutionally suspect, insofar as it purports unduly to limit the President's authority to communicate his views through subordinates to Congress and the American people, and should therefore be deleted.

  • Section 6 (b), which would effectively negate the existing general funding authorization for FAA research programs.

  • Section 6 (c), an unprecedented provision that would establish "de facto" debarment" of certain grant recipients. (The Administration, however, supports the underlying intent of this provision, which is to provide for increased competition for research and development financial assistance.)

  • Section 9, a "Buy American" provision that could conflict with U.S. obligations under international trade agreements.

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