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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 143 earmarks totaling $39,881,000.

Agency:    Institute of Museum and Library Services
Bureau:    Institute of Museum and Library Services
Account:    Office of Museum and Library Services: grants and administration
Certifying Official:    Wayne C. Morlier
Certifying Organization:    Chief Financial Officer

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2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
an endowment fund as authorized by P.L. 108-184$397
an exhibition documenting the history of Catawba County, 1842 - 2000$25
for Jefferson Barracks$198
for MAKING WAVES: Vessel-wide interpretive exhibit planning for the Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum$198
for RADIUS, an education program for at-risk students in the community$99
for a Comprehensive Technology Enrichment Program to enhance exhibits$198
for a Cradle of Christianity: Biblical Treasures from the Holy Land traveling exhibition$496
for a Literacy thru Technology Program$149
for a digitization project for the preservation of Vermont cultural heritage materials$248
for a research and documentation project on the home of Speaker Frederick Muhlenberg$298
for an African American cultural outreach center$50
for an Oral History Program$427
for an education diorama and library develoment$99
for archival activities, exhibits and education programs for the Mayborn Museum Complex$198
for books and library materials$50
for books and technology for Harlem Library$149
for books, library materials and computers$50
for collections and techology$99
for community outreach, exhibit design and development, and educational programs$496
for community programs and community outreach$298
for computers$50
for computers and technology$12
for conservation and preservation of library materials$74
for development of exhibits for the World Food Prize$992
for digitization of Archives and Rare-book Collections at the Meyer Library$124
for digitization of old Hawaiian language newspapers and other activities to preserve the culture of Native Hawaiians$496
for education and outreach programs$74
for education and teacher professional development programs$298
for education programs$248
for educational exhibits in the newly expanded Wild Turkey Museum$248
for educational programs$30
for educational tours and the ongoing preservation of the USS New Jersey$149
for enhanced classroom curriculum$50
for enhancements to the research library$25
for equipment$99
for equipment and technology for its Virtual Worldwide Neighborhood Website Project$50
for equipment, exhibits and preservation of collections$496
for establishing networked computer database for collections management$794
for exhibit and curriculum development for the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum$74
for exhibit and program development at the Hellenic Cultural Museum$74
for exhibit design and curriculum development for the Museum of the American Revlolution at Valley Forge National Historic Park$74
for exhibit design and development$99
for exhibitions$496
for exhibits$248
for exhibits$248
for exhibits and education programs$89
for exhibits and education programs$412
for exhibits and education programs for the Heritage Discovery Center$347
for exhibits and museum programs$99
for exhibits and nature education programs at the Mill Grove Audubon Center$74
for exhibits and programming associated with the Lewis and Clark expedition$99
for exhibits based on water usage and conservation in central New York state$446
for exhibits telling the story of Josephine City and its School$25
for exhibits, education programs and outreach at its Southwest Museum of the American Indian and/or its Museum of the American West$198
for exhibits, education programs, technology and operations$397
for exhibits, multi-media collections and display$149
for exhibits, operations, and public programs$496
for exhibits, outreach, and education programs$397
for exhibits, technology, outreach and education programs$298
for expansion of collections and exhibits$149
for expansion of exhibitions$546
for faculty research fellowship and student internship programs$317
for history and heritage programs$595
for improved library technology$83
for interpretive exhibits and education programs for the Sam Davis Home$99
for it's 'Explore and Soar' education program$198
for its Motheread/Fatheread Plus family literacy initiative$99
for music education programs$347
for operations and upgrades$258
for personnel, equipment and technology for the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library$99
for preservation and management of its archives$74
for preservation of collections$99
for professional activities$645
for programs that promote Chaldean language, history, culture and teacher training$198
for reading and other education programs$273
for revitalization of the library$99
for science and mathematics education programs$312
for science education$198
for special exhibitions and educational programs$248
for strengthening educational programs$397
for technological upgrades and educational programs$99
for technology and equipment upgrades$74
for technology infrastructure$496
for technology updates to the David Bishop Skillman Library$99
for technology upgrade for the Ryan Library$74
for technology upgrades and education and outreach programs$74
for technology upgrades at the city public library, entitled "On the Leading Edge of Technology"$496
for telecommunications systems$992
for the 20th Century Soldier Project$397
for the American Fighter Aces Archive and Collection$595
for the American Indian Cultural Center$2,083
for the Contra Costa Reads program$71
for the De Young Museum's Art Education Program$99
for the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project$347
for the Farnsworth House Museum in Plano, Illinois$744
for the First White House Library$124
for the Hungarian Settlement Historical Museum$50
for the Jackson County Library Heritage Room$71
for the Live Homework Help project$174
for the Medger Wiley Evers Museum for program and exhibit design and development$198
for the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry$99
for the Promont House Museum$40
for the San Bernardino County Museum$347
for the Tools for Tolerance for Educators program to provide teacher training in diversity, tolerance and cooperation$99
for the Virtual Herbarium Project$496
for the Water Works project$99
for the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Digital Archive$496
for the Youth Pavillion to provide education programs and exhibit design and development$134
for the continuation of the Alaska Digital Archives project$248
for the development of exhibitions and programs$99
for the development of exhibitions and programs$198
for the digitization of library holdings$496
for the establishment and maintenance of an archive for materials relating to the Congressional career of the Honorable Richard A. Gephardt$1,528
for the expansion of activities, development of education and exhibition programming$992
for the preservation and digitilization of Raices Collection$99
for the preservation and enhancement of programs$99
for the protection of the current collection$818
for youth and family educational programming in science for individuals and the community$248
the Elder Pioneer Oral History Project in collaboration with the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation$298
to catalog and microfilm military base papers$50
to create a digital archive dedicated to preserving the history and accomplishments of African Americans$74
to develop a fully interactive learning center linked to their web site that will extend the reach of the museum$99
to develop and expand the youTHink education program$74
to develop and implement the HeARTland program$198
to develop curriculum for conservation education$99
to develop education programs focusing on hands-on learning experiences$942
to develop educational displays, upkeep of current displays, library expansion, historical research and operation expenses$248
to develop exhibits and support students programs$496
to develop its Shake Zone Education Exhibit$248
to develop, expand, and display science-related materials$992
to develop, test, and fabricate the exhibition, train teachers and docents and publicise the project and produce related educational materials$75
to digitize, preserve and archive collections of the Center of Puerto Rican Studies and dissemination activites$248
to enhance library collections and outreach in the area of Melle Eastern and Judaic Studies$317
to exhibit the Negro Leagues Baseball Memorial$50
to expand and develop exhibits that teach of the culture and history of east Tennesee$496
to expand arts and after-school programs for at-risk children$198
to expand interpretive activities$99
to improve exhibits and purchase technology upgrades$50
to improve the education, outreach, and exhibition of the museum$942
to preserve and restore the collection of Appalacian pioneer artifacts$496
to preserve collections and improve exhibits$50
to preserve its medical library and art collection$99
to support technology upgrades$248

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